Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's been a while. Again...

1. I had back surgery and took a medical leave of absence for a month. Surgery was a success as far as we can tell, but it will take a while to know 100%. I was just released to go to PT and after a week of therapy, I'll be able to go back to the gym. Win!

2. B1 and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by taking a trip to Maine. It was a small coastal town which is one of our favorite places to be. We spend the days exploring back roads, finding hidden bluffs and inlets and stalking lobster boats. At night we ate. We had seafood and visited a restaurant that was featured on No Reservations. It was great fun.

3. I proposed to B1. We finally found his wedding band and when it arrived, I proposed by hiding the ring in a box of truffles. When I gave it to him, he had no idea the ring was in there. He's now wearing his "engagement ring" on his right hand and when we are married, he'll switch it to his left. I love that he wants to wear it early.

4. We are actively looking for our boat. While we won't purchase it until after the wedding in September, we are looking for great deals and hidden opportunities. You never know when someone has to practically give their boat away due to illness or financial struggles. Sadly, their troubles will be our gain.

5. Our wedding shower is being planned and invites will go out in a few weeks. It seems very early to me, but considering it's in June, I guess that makes sense. And people like to know ahead of time when it has to do with summer plans. B1 will be attending the shower with me. I don't understand why the men are excluded anyway.

6. We tasted cake. 3 times. And had a little drama. But we prevailed and our cake is set. I can't wait to see how it comes out.

7. Planning, dreaming and acquiring little items for the wedding. That' s my life right now and I love it. Here is a collage of a few inspiration pieces. The cake is the design we'll have, only our color is navy blue. The necklace is the actual necklace I'll wear, and I'm in love. Starfish wine stopper is our favor, the lobster trap is our card box, the rope know (called a monkey's fist) will be on each table, as well as a lantern, a sailboat (table numbers) and flowers. The bouquet is the inspiration for it all...and the beach is how the chairs will be set up for our ceremony...



Ivanhoe said...

You sure been busy. Good busy :) Hope your back is better soon and all your plans go smoothly. Love your collage and wish I was there :)

Travis Cody said...

Sounds like it's going to be gorgeous. I hope you'll share some of the photographs with us.

Have fun and best wishes that you'll walk down the aisle free of any issues with your back.