Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Compass Rose

It's been a hard couple of days for me. I'm extremely frustrated with being stuck inside. Today is one week since I had surgery. It's not horrible and I can move around now, but I just can't take laying down all day. Yesterday I did a lot more than I was supposed to, I think, and today I'm paying for it. My back hurts and the strain on my leg is worse. Every time I feel like that, I worry that I messed it up or that it didn't work. In reality, I just won't know until later, when I'm healed. Which stinks.

In other news, I've been doing more wedding stuff. We decided that we're going to actually send out real invitations as opposed to the online invites we originally chose, and I am making them. I've designed all aspects of the invitations including the inserts and want to get started with the pocket folds and the wrapping. The printing and assembling I can do later, but I'd really love to have that project to do over the next week and a half while I'm at home. Trouble is, I can't go buy ribbon. I looked online at several sites and none of them have all 3 ribbons that I need. Yes, I need 3. And I don't want to pay shipping on two orders. So I'm waiting until Saturday when I finally get to ride in a car with a boy. :)

We've also decided on a cake-we just have to choose between two bakeries. I thought it was a slam dunk, but the one we went to already kind of dropped the ball and still hasn't gotten back to me. So I'm not really confident in their service at this point. But the other is also a very well known and respect bakery and we're going to our tasting with them on Saturday. So we'll see. This is a picture of how our cake will look-I made it black and white because the original picture is two tone and ours will only be white. The intricate scroll work will be navy blue. Which will be stunning, I think:

This is what I'm going to be doing with the ribbon. Our pockets are navy blue like this one. The difference is that I'll use coral ribbon instead of the yellow because that's our accent color. Also, instead of just tying the twine all willy nilly like they did, I'm going to tie an actual nautical knot, which goes along with our theme wedding. In fact, instead of a unity candle or sand ceremony, we're actually tying a knot. You know, because we're sailors. :)

The main invite. It will go on the left side of the pocket fold with a coral mat behind it. We keep flip flopping between our names being coral or just having them navy like the rest. For obvious reasons, I've blocked out or erased several specifics on all of these:

These next pieces are the inserts, which will be stacked on the right in the pocket. All people will see at first are the coral titles and the navy borders, all lined up. I've also purchased an anchor punch and will be adding a coral anchor to the bottom of the inside pocket because right now, it's too plain.

I think the celebration events insert is my favorite, mainly because that is the know we will tie during our ceremony. It's two pieces of rope combined to make this beautiful knot.

I'm also a huge fan of the anchor insert. I just love that it's huge for some reason. And leaning against the border.

What do you think?

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Travis Cody said...

Very nice. Looks like you're taking charge and putting together something classy.