Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wedding Wood

I told B1 that it's what he's going to have when he sees me in my dress on our wedding day...but you'll see what the title really refers to a little later in the post.

We love the ocean and the beach and being on or near the water, so we are psyched that we are having our wedding where we are; right on the harbor in a sleepy New England coastal town. We've been waiting on the edge of our seats to find out if we would be able to have our ceremony directly on a private beach in said town and I'm so happy to tell you that WE GOT IT!!! We get to say our vows to each other here:

Isn't it gorgeous!?! I love that there is a lighthouse right there in our backdrop and I love the rocks that jut out into the ocean. It's flawless in my mind and I couldn't be happier!

Love Rocks

The sandy part, where our guests will be

On our wedding beach

We decided to take a drive to this beach because the restaurant we're using for our reception was having a wedding open house. And they serve brunch, which I've been wanting to go to for a while. So we combined the two and had brunch before walking over to the open house. I am so excited we went! I remembered the space being much smaller (even though I knew it wasn't small at all) and it was great to see the set up, since it will pretty much be the same when we have our wedding there. It's so simply beautiful. I love that three of the walls are all windows which look out onto the harbor. And I love the open ceiling with the beams, too.

We'll be seated at our own "Sweetheart Table" right near the windows...perfect

Our guests will have lots of room to move around-look at how much space there is between tables! (And look at the boats in the harbor!)

Another great feature of this room is the awesome fireplace. This thing is HUGE and it just anchors the room. If it rains (boo!) on our wedding day, we will be married in front of the mantle. For the reception, this will be our dance floor. It's actually quite a lot of space. And we won't have those trees on the sides, we'll have two pots of sea grass which we'll use from our ceremony "alter".

One of the things we are doing at our wedding is having a candy buffet. It's trendy now, but I love the idea. I'm not a fan of giving our guests gifts with our name and date on them and can't really afford it anyway. So this will not only serve as a colorful treat, but also our wedding favors. This one is all one color pallet; ours will be more colorful...

After we visited our wedding beach, we drove around the area, which is something we really love doing. We love driving up the steep ocean side hills looking at the houses and dreaming of being able to live there. It's a lovely way to spend time together and today a gorgeous day! We drove with the window down so the sea air blew in our faces, invigorating us.

On one of the side streets, we passed this pile of junk:

One of our jokes is the B1 loves free stuff which usually sits on the side of the road. Luckily he doesn't take things home often, but he could easily become a dumpster diver if I let him! :) So anyway, back to this pile of junk. We saw that long piece of driftwood and had to stop. When we got out of the car, I knew we had to have it! Part of our centerpieces will include wood and having such a beautiful, long piece of authentic driftwood appealed to me. B1 said that it wouldn't fit in the car though, so we drove off. A little way down the road I said, "We could go buy a saw!" I knew there was a small hardware shop down the road and I knew B1 knows how to use tools. I said it a couple of times, and B1 just laughed, commenting that I truly am that girl for him, but he never said yes. We continued along, looking at houses and on the way back through town, he pulled over and we bought the saw!

I told him I loved him for indulging me in my crazy ideas and whims-but I know that he's just as nuts, so really, I don't think I needed to twist his arm ALL that much. :) So we drove back to the pile of junk on the side of the sea road, and B1 got to work cutting the driftwood in half.

My hot, strong man, cutting the driftwood on the side of the sandy road

We popped those suckers into the back of the car and happily headed home...with what I have now dubbed "Our Wedding Wood"...

I can't wait to see what he does with it.


Travis Cody said...

I told Pam about the driftwood and the saw, and she said, "Well of course!" LOL!

It's good to see that you both are having so much fun.

Ivanhoe said...

Simply gorgeous! Going back to our wedding beach this fall. I can not wait :)