Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Today I got sad about my family again. I wish someone would reach out and tell me they are sorry they hurt MY feelings. And that they still love me.

While relaxing during my lunch break I thought about how it would feel to be stranded on a desert island with B1. I thought it would be lovely and I'd be so happy that I was with him of all people. And then I thought about how we'd both get sad about the rest of the earth that we weren't touching and the people left on the rest of that earth...and I thought that it's sort of what I feel like now, with my family. I'm on an island.

I've already picked out my wedding band, but haven't purchased it yet. Since we have time, we're waiting until it goes on sale to buy it. It's pretty tedious to watch ads. I kinda just want to buy it now.

Someone at work gave their notice today. I am not surprised and also not very sad. This person is nice, but very up and down and very hard to figure out.

My employee came to work today dressed like a cowgirl minus the boots and the hat. It was odd.

Does anyone have a secret family recipe for jewelry cleaner? Specifically diamonds?

I love Human Planet. Even when (especially when?) they show things like women who breastfeed the monkeys because they feel that they are family.


LceeL said...

Are you okay? You seem a bit down lately.

Mags said...

Thanks Lou...As I wrote this last night I thought, "I don't have anything funny in this randomivity post." Obviously you noticed, too.

I am OK...just been tired this past week and still a little sad from last week too. But on the whole, OK.

Thanks for asking.

Ivanhoe said...

Am I glad you are posting again! I started again last fall after almost a year break.
I had to catch up reading your few latest posts. Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding! I'm so glad B1 & you found each other! Do not let anybody dictate how your wedding should be. No babies is pretty resonable and pretty common. Sorry for your sister trouble :(
Hope to see you around :)

katherine. said...

Perhaps you and B1 can go to a stranded island for your honeymoon?

Will he then be H1 ?

Ahhhh Family. Our love from them is part physiological instinct that we can not deny. Somehow we let them get away with behavior we would never let anyone else inflict. And they have the capacity to hurt us more than others do. I'm sorry they are being [ fill in the blank ] right now.

Did you ask about the cowgirl outfit?

Diamond Cleaner? My Mama used a pen with a sponge tip that had some special solution in it. She bought it at a high end (not chain) jewelry store. She didn't like to take off her rings ever. So she would have soap and lotion and whatnot on them.

apparently I've had too much coffee already.

Mags said...

Ivanhoe: I'm glad you found me again!! Are you posting at the same place? Last I tried the link didn't work. Gotta try again. :)

Katherine: Yes, family...I thought of you this morning as I was thinking of them, actually...thinking about how YOU handle these things.

B1 will remain B1. The "B" is for his first name, not boyfriend. :)

Yes, diamond cleaner. I'll have to search around for that. I am now soaking my ring in warm water and dish soap and then I scrub it with a toothbrush. It works, but doesn't get it super shiny like when I have the jeweler clean it.

Thomas said...

I'm also very pleased to see that you're posting here again, Mags. I was on Rocket's site; he hasn't posted in months and about spit out my coffee (if I drank coffee) to see you posted something new yesterday. All the best to you this year, one of the biggest of your life. :)

Mags said...

Thomas! Yay! I'm glad that you found me again. I think I just might be getting back into the groove of things over here. I don't want to promise, but I am enjoying writing here again. :)