Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pain in the Ass

I don't honestly remember how much I've told you all about my back injury, so bear with me if I repeat myself. I know I told you that I fell last January, down a flight of stairs, head first on my back. And I know that several of you know that for the past year, I've been struggling...constant pain, gaining the weight I lost back because it hurts to be active and just generally not in a good way.

I went to physical therapy when the accident first happened, but it didn't really help. I realize now that it was because the therapist was horrible and not doing what she was supposed to be doing...in any case, I started receiving cortisone shots in my back to relieve the pain. The first shot was amazing. People I hardly knew commented on how my demeanor changed and how happy I looked. B1 welcomed me back. It was lovely. I felt good. And then it wore off.

The second shot didn't do a damn thing except cost me a sick day and a bruise. So when I made the appointment for my third shot, I told the doctor the last one didn't work. He upped the dosage and tried a new steroid. And boy did that one do me good! In fact, my entire left leg was numb the entire day (which never happened before) proving to me that this one was good. It lasted just about 3 months.

And now I'm in pain again. I saw the doctor last month after a follow up MRI and he confirmed that the discs had gotten worse. I teared up immediately and asked him what we could do. He told me that it is probably time for me to consider surgery but suggested that perhaps we try PT one more time-with a highly regarded therapist this time.

That's where I am this month. The PT is helping to break up the massive amounts of scar tissue built up in my butt and back muscles. Tonight the therapist told me that while I'm not the worst case he's ever seen, I'm definitely up in his top 10. Normally I'd be thrilled about topping a list, but this time it just means I'm broken.

Dr. Craigslist Killer* called in a referral for me to talk to the surgeon. I'm hoping to hear from them by tomorrow.

*Did I tell you all on this blog that he looks like Philip Markoff?


LceeL said...

So. Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?? huh?huh?do ya, do ya?

No, huh? Besides, you're a long way away. Lips won't reach that far.


Ivanhoe said...

Well, I hope PT really helps. If you need surgery though, don't be scared. I know a lot of people who got so much better. Back problems usually do get worse with age so just don't say no to a surgery yet :) And hang in there, k?

Travis Cody said...

If the PT can get you feeling better, maybe surgery won't be so scary.