Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you have a special person to share the day with, but if not, I hope you treat yourself really, really well...everyday and especially today!  I made these cake pops to bring into work today.  So far, everyone loves them.  I wanted to test them out because we're thinking of making these for part of our candy buffet for the wedding.  Judging on the reactions of everyone, I think it's a go.  And they didn't take me that long at all to do.  A couple of hours tops.  If I double the recipe, I think that'll be just perfect.  What do you think?

On days like today, I breath a deep sigh of relief...because I don't have to wonder whether or not B1 is going to propose!! :)  It used to be that every major holiday or event I would wonder, "Is he going to do it today?  Is NOW the time?".  It was exhausting.  But now I KNOW and I don't need to think about it anymore.  I just get to gaze stupidly at my pretty ring and dream about our wedding.  (Which by the way, is 7 months from today!)  Yippee!!

Things are coming together.  We decided a while back that we were going to send out electronic invitations but I'm slowly starting to wish we had more traditional invites.  It's not too late to get them, but we didn't budget for them and with our recent trip to the pet er, we're a little short on extra funds.  So I'm not sure if we'll end up going that route.  But there are so many cute invitations out there!  And I do like the idea of having one as a keepsake.  I am also contemplating making them myself.  I could totally do it, I just don't think it would be more cost effective.  Paper and supplies are expensive.  By the time I got everything I'd need, I would probably surpass the price of some invites out there.  We'll see...I still have a month or so to figure that out.

Do any of you have any special plans for tonight?

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Travis Cody said...

Someone brought in CAKE pops over the holidays and they were delicious. I guess it's "the next thing" in bakery sweets, and I can tell you honestly that I don't mind at all. Anything with CAKE is fine by me.

CAKE on a stick? Genius!

P.S. It might just be me, but the word verification is kind of hard to read. It took me a couple of times to get it right.