Monday, January 30, 2012


When I first moved to Boston I made a point of getting out there, doing new things and going out of my way to meet new people. And it was great. I had so many friends-more friends than I've ever had in my life-and could have been considered a social butterfly. It was wonderful. And then, slowly, Boston became home. And that is wonderful, too. But what that means is I'm caught up in the everyday life...I started hanging out with a smaller group of friends and started going to the same places (because I love them though, which is just fine with me!). I still try to go to new places every time we dine out but exploring Boston has sort of dropped off of my agenda.

Also, I've recently noticed that I miss having more than a few people to call when I want to go out to do things.

Part of the problem is that my best friend here in Boston is the type of person who you can only take in doses. I talk to her everyday via email, but if I hang out with her for more than a couple of days in a row, I feel as though I need a break. She's not happy with her life and while I try to keep my happiness wrapped up, it's kind of obvious that I love my life. I mean, I found and am marrying the greatest man I've ever met and he loves me more than I could ever have thought possible. I really enjoy my job and recently got a promotion and I'm planning a wedding and an really cool future. So sometimes, she kind of brings me down. But it's not because she's unhappy with her life, it's because she doesn't do anything to fix it. In fact, she kind of sabotages it.

Which is too bad because she's a fun girl.

As you can probably guess, I've been feeling like I need to expand my horizons again. I've started looking for events to attend and social groups to join, much like those I joined when I moved here. I've also reached out to a few of the old friends I lost touch with in hopes of getting back in touch. And as luck would have it, a couple of weeks ago one of those friends invited me to a party. Where I wouldn't know anyone but her.

Of course I was nervous. I always get nervous in those situations, worrying that it'll be awkward and no one will talk to me and I'll be left out. Which, I know, is kind of an odd fear considering that the last few years have shown me that I'm a pretty likable kid and that most of the time, I'm in the center of the party, making people laugh. And I've also learned that when in doubt, I should tell people I'm planning a wedding. People LOVE to talk about that.

The party itself was sure to be a fun night as it was a martini and tarot card party in Salem, MA. She brought in a reader for each of us to have 15 minute private readings, which was totally cool. Perhaps I'll write a separate post on that later. (It was awesome!) Most of the people there knew each other already but somehow, I just stepped right in and joined them. I haven't laughed that hard with someone other than B1 in a really long time. And I stayed out longer than I've been out in a long time too...and without B1. Which I normally don't do-not because he won't let me or I don't want to, just that we really enjoy spending time together and most of our friends invite both of us to things.

And the best part is that after I left, the hostess wrote to me and told me how great it was to see me again and that everyone really enjoyed meeting me. And one of the guests "friended" me on Facebook! AND I've been invited to visit again for a night on the town with her friends.

Which is exactly what my goal yay! My horizon's are broadening as we speak...


Travis Cody said...

It's great that you enjoy being together and doing stuff as a couple. But it's also healthy to have your own friends and do your own thing once in awhile. I think it makes being together much more fun.

LceeL said...

As easy as it is to fall into a rut, it's just that hard to remember to keep it fresh.

Well done, you.