Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Got Back

I thought that I'd give you all an update on my back. You may recall that a little over a year ago, I fell down a flight of very hard stairs and slid on my back, head first. Since then, I've had extreme back pain and have been getting cortisone shots to ease those symptoms. About a month ago, my doctor sent me for another MRI to see how we are doing in terms of healing, only to find that the discs had in fact gotten worse!

I was so upset. He explained to me that we could try PT one more time but if that didn't work, we'd have to start seriously considering surgery. I was skeptical, but of course I want to avoid surgery if possible, so I agreed to PT once again. This time, however, I asked for a specific therapist who I'd heard about from a trainer at my gym. Insurance did their thing and contact was made and about 3 weeks ago, I began seeing him twice a week.

And let me tell you, he's kicking my ass...almost literally! You see, after the fall, major scar tissue developed in the left gluteus maximus...aka, my ass! When I realized that this was going to be the focus of therapy, I was a little self-conscious...after all, it was a man who was going to be touching my bare ass. And this man was not my B1. The left side is so tender but I've been telling him to really dig in to break that stuff up as quickly as he can. Yowzers did he ever take me seriously! BUT, he did tell me today that it really feels like it's starting to break down, which means that hopefully the pressure I'm feeling will ease up a bit and I can start exercising again...which will lead me to losing the weight I've gained back since falling last year which in turn, will relieve pressure on my discs.


Really the whole reason for this long update was to tell you this. Tonight during PT I almost starting laughing hysterically but thankfully was able to control myself. Had I started laughing, randomly, I would have had to explain what, exactly, I found to be so funny...which was this:

My pants are always on, but the left side of is pulled down exposing my left cheek. My lower back is also exposed as there is also trouble in that area. Today, without warning, he applied warm jelly for the ultrasound machine. By squirting on me. From behind. And it made me feel a little uncomfortable and I got nervous at the hysterical nature of the situation which led me to almost laugh hysterically.

See? It wouldn't have been good for me to explain that.


LceeL said...

Yeah. Uh huh.

It is my usual 'thing to do', when being made aware of "painful parts", that I offer to "kiss it and make it better".

If you don't mind, I'll pass on this one - but if you stop and think about it, for YOU, the expression "Kiss my ass" now takes on new meaning.

Palm Springs Savant said...

LOL. I love that you have such a good attitude about it all Mags. Hang in there

Travis Cody said...


I hope the PT continues to work. Back trouble is just no fun at all.

Mags said...


I made sure I told B1 about this post before hitting publish...he's not a huge fan of my therapist, LOL!