Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Snowed!

Last night it snowed in our's our first big snowstorm of the year and our first snowstorm on the boat!  B1 finished making our door to the shrink wrap.  Thank God, because if we didn't have it, I think our cockpit would be filled with snow!
Our fancy door.  :)  I'm pretty sure I'm going to do something fun with it on the painting it or plastering it with pictures.  Then again...maybe not.

It was quite pretty while it was coming down.  And it was pretty cool being inside our boat while it was snowing.
The snow was sticking pretty well.  This is our neighbor's boat.

Snow on the shrink wrap.

After a little while, I went out into the cockpit and shook as much snow off of the cover as possible.  It was neat hearing the splish splash into the harbor.
...and the next morning.  This is our finger dock, which comes off of the main dock and is how we get onto our boat.  The marina snowblows the main docks but we're responsible for our finger docks.  Thank God we have that railing (we had to buy steps and a railing-they are not provided), even if it's covered in snow at the moment!  All it would take is one slip on the ice under the snow and we'd falling into the drink, as B1 says.

Quiet morning in the harbor.

This is what it looks like inside our shrinkwrap currently.  The frame is very tall so that once we clean the stuff out (Christmas tree for example) we can put some cushions out there and sit and/or entertain on the more mild evenings.  Those with larger boats have heaters out here which makes it quite usable and cozy.  Our tree looks very sparse at this angle!

It's ugly, but I kind of love it.  It's already helped cut down on the wind in the cockpit and made it warmer to sit in there.  I can't wait to see how it is on a sunny day!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas...a little late

Hello there!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday-whatever one you celebrate. We've been very, very busy...which is nothing new.  We had a battery problem which basically caused us to lose about $500 and the ability to use our water.  But we're on the way to getting it all fixed, and thanks to a few Christmas presents, we won't have to shell out as much money as we thought. 

I don't have the energy to write much (what's new?!) but thought I'd share a few pictures of the boat decorated for the holiday.  They are horrible pictures because the weather was bad, but it gives you the idea.  

Stocking hung by the lantern with care...that's our only big wall.  The lantern is coming down by the way, because I hate it.  Which I know is bad because it's expensive and brass and boaty, but I hate it.  Instead we're hanging B1's guitar there.  Which is far more "us" than this lantern.  And also, I never realized my stocking was so much bigger than B1's until this picture.

Our tree.  It's a real one and was originally about 5 feet tall, but we had to chop off the top because of the shrink wrap.  We also didn't use any of our "good" ornaments because it's outside (but inside the shrink wrap) and we wanted to see how they did...did they break with the rocking, etc.  Next year I think we'll use our real ones.  Which is good, because this one feels a bit...generic.  But oh!  Look at my new boots. :)  And also, our dead battery, which is 2 months old!  Yay!

And this is the boat all lit up.  We have the light going all the way up the boat, but I couldn't stand far back enough to get it all (without falling off of the dock) and the weather wasn't nice enough to walk up top to take it from afar.  But this gives you the idea of how cool we look. :)  Going over the bridge, it's our boat that stands out.  So everyone looking at the marina sees us.  It's fun.  Tourists must have pictures of her for sure.  Neat, huh?

That's all I've got for you now...except this:  May you have the happiest new year ever!

So long, were good to me and I thank you!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Galley

It's almost done.  We just have to seal the counters and I have to get smaller bottles for our "bar"...which is the glass bottles in the center there.  Above that is a large area where I have all of my spices.  To the very right where you see the pitcher is where we are keeping the fruit bowl, bread and snacks.  As you can see, there is not a lot of cabinet space.  That's because IN the counters there are huge lockers.  One on is used for my pantry and one is used for all f my pots, pans, and toys.  Maybe one day I'll take a picture and post it here.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I've Learned

The other day I posted on Facebook that contrary to what I think is popular belief, living on a boat is not for the lazy. And I followed it up by saying it's also not for people who want to relax after work. This shit is hard work!  Nothing is easy and everything takes at least twice as long to do.  For instance, this is how we store our clothing and dirty laundry:

These are large plastic bins (they go 2 deep, back) which we slide in out out of the space whenever we need clothing.  Which, you know, is everyday.  We are sitting on a sofa like bench (without cushions) which are to the left of the picture.  It's like a huge shell game, only with big heavy bins.  When you're in a hurry, it can be quite frustrating, which is why we mostly chose our clothes the night before work.

Tonight when I came home from work, I had an epiphany.  When we first moved in, I categorized all of my bins in what I thought would be the most organized, efficient way.  However, when I was putting away my sweater in one bin, my dress in another and my blouse in yet another bin, I realized how dumb I am.  This weekend I am totally lumping all of my work clothes into one bin, casual clothes in another and everything else in the 3rd.  (PJ's, workout close, dirty work clothes-which is not lingerie...that goes in an a drawer. ;) My sweaters will still have to be in their own bin, I'm thinking of placing my most worn sweaters into the work bin so I only have to pull the sweater in out on weekends.  Oh, and I have one whole bin for shoes.  But I'm finding that because they are in the back (way back) I'm only wearing a few pair during the week.  And that's because I have less clothing now that we live here too.

So, anyway, I'm going to fix my bin and make my life easier.

*This morning I learned that you can't easily have an impromptu wardrobe change.  In fact, it'll throw your whole morning off, especially when you're taking public transportation to work that day...said the girl who had to walk 25 minutes to work (up a huge hill-really) because she missed one bus and the next one wasn't until 50 minutes later.

Another thing we learned last night is that filling our water tanks in the winter is NOT easy.  And actually, could be dangerous.  The marina has something called "winter water" when it gets cold.  Which essentially means they shut off our individual spigots near our slips and instead hooks up an insulated communal hose which they tie to a long rope and submerge under water.  And if you want to use it to fill up your holding tanks you have to pull up the scuzzy wet rope and cleat it off so you can connect it to your hose.  And, you know, it's cold in New England.  So a submerged wet hose on your fingers is quite cold.  And also, it sprays a little bit.  And sometimes, it sprays a lot.  And therefore, it instantly makes the dock a slippery mess. And the docks are wide, but not that wide, so there's a chance you could slip, fall into the water and die.  Or just get very, very cold.  And maybe lose a limb.

Obviously I am being a little dramatic.  But not really.  If you were to fall into the water and you were alone, it could be very problematic. 

We live on the edge.  We're bad ass.

Other random items:

*When your head is full, you can't pee on board.  Which is very inconvenient and allows for a little...creativity.
*You can't hide any beauty regimens from your husband anymore.  They're all right out in the open.
*You also can't hide the sounds your body makes in any given situation.  It's just that we share the same exact space, even if we're in a different room.
*You have to get along with your partner very well before you even consider moving onto a boat.  Because if you hate each other, even just a little bit, it will never work.

All this said, it's still pretty fun most of the time.  We're very much looking forward to having most of our projects done soon so that we can maybe relax for a few days before something else happens.

Tonight though, we're doing something FUN.  Since we're within walking distance of the Common, we're walking over to see the official tree lighting ceremony.  It'll be cold, but deliciously fun.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Head

B1: "This is probably the weirdest thing I've ever asked you but...would you like to use a funnel and a milk jug instead?"

Life on a boat is amusing.  It's a good thing we've already snagged each other!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Honey, You Shrunk Our Boat!

We're almost shrunk! During the winter months, live aboards generally shrink wrap their boats to add an extra layer of insulation between the boat and the elements.  It also stops the snow-which will inevitably come-from getting on the boat. 

B1 built a frame and then he and a bunch of our neighbors covered the frame with plastic.  Tomorrow, a propane heated gun (with fire) will be swooshed along the edges which will shrink the plastic tight.  This is what our home looks like today:
It's kind of amazing how much room we have in the cockpit.  It's like a huge greenhouse/enclosed porch.  I'm told it gets so warm in there during the winter, that we'll be sitting inside with shorts and tshirts on...I'm not sure about that, but we'll see.  Either way, I'm psyched that it'll be done tomorrow and we can begin to hang out in our greenhouse.  Kind of cool, huh?

I've also begun decorating. This has been put off up until now because we've had to do things like pump out the diesel that spilled and fix poopy toilets and water tanks.  But now, I get to make curtains, recover pillows and paint counter tops.  YES!  Paint counter tops!  The previous owners refinished the laminate counters with an ugly pinkish-tan faux finish spray paint.  It's OK, but really, really boring.  It's the same tone as the cushions (which they also re-did-and we like them) so it's very...vanilla inside.  So not us.  This is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looks like now:

It's appropriately called "safe harbor" and it's very turquoise.  There are two other surfaces (a dining table and a little ledge) also painted this color.  It really adds a bit of whimsy to the place.  I have a few more coats to do before it's really done, but I think it's really going to rock.  And I guarantee that no one else will have turquoise counters.

This weekend we also strung up some Christmas lights and bought a wreath.  I'll take and share photos once it's all done.

In other news-we really love that we are within walking distance of the "little Italy" section of our city.  It's marvelous being able to walk over for dinner.  And pastries. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sharing is Caring: Wedding Pictures

There are literally over 1500 photos...and countless breathtaking photos.  They are large files though, and I don't have the memory stick from the photographer yet, so I have to just rely on what's already downloaded...I thought I'd share them.

Monday, November 05, 2012


So.  Boat living.  Someday in the not too distant future, it will be lovely.  Right now though, it's kind of hell.  And we're so tired.

The sellers left the boat in an atrocious state.  It has taken us days to empty out the crap they left on the boat, and then to scrub the mold and dirt from the walls.  They also did not empty the holding tank, so the boat reeked.  And if we had flushed one more time, we'd be overflowing in their shit.  Literally.  We still don't have running water.  And that is because when we came home from a family wedding in NY yesterday, we walked into a boat which reeked of diesel.  We have a fuel leak.

So my husband, the wonderfully patient and competent man that he is, had to pump gallons and gallons of diesel and dirty water out of the holding tanks last night, instead of cleaning the water tanks like planned.  So not only can we not shower and cook in our own home, it smells like diesel.

These people are really making me angry.  I feel like they duped us.  Like they are laughing at us at the fact that they got away with all of this.  We had a survey and the question needs to be asked why the surveyor didn't see this leak.  But I wonder more how people like the sellers can live with themselves.  I'd be mortified if someone found out I was so filthy and deceitful.  It's really sad.

The only real saving grace so far is that our neighbors are so welcoming and kind.  It makes me happy to know that once we get to know them better, they are likely to become good friends.  And even if they do not, they are there for us if we really need them.  And I know that when everything is put away and the smell subsides, and we can shower in our own place, it will be lovely.  But right now, it's just hard. 

We're adventurous, but we didn't expect to have to be dealing with the old owners' stuff.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taking Her Home

This Saturday B1 and I picked up our new boat in Salem, MA and sailed her home to Boston Harbor.  It was a beautiful, sunny day in the high 60's and light winds.  For most of the trip, we were the only boat on the open water which was lovely.  We took turns at the helm and arrived without incident.  It was the first time I've sailed from point A to point B instead of from point A to point A (a circle).  And the new boat is so much easier for me to sail, even though it's a much larger boat.  You know why?  It has a wheel instead of a tiller.  SO MUCH EASIER!!  In any case, here are some pictures we took along the way...

Even though we didn't do the official christening of the boat (and re-naming), we felt it was a good idea to provide an offering to the sea before we sailed her for the first time.  Which, you know, was really just an excuse to buy champagne. :)

A little for the sea...
A little for me...

 And a little for she...

You can't leave a girl out!

 Ready to go!

 Our home in the (far) distance...


There were 2 rainbows that followed us home that day.  When sailing, there was one on either side of the sails.  The camera didn't pick it up too good though.


Lobster boat!

My cute sailor husband...

I'm pretty cute at the helm too, if I do say so myself.

Almost there!

Once we arrived, we had to take the train back to Salem to get our car.  In the cab to the train, someone had written <3 boston="boston" day.="day." especially="especially" fitting="fitting" it="it" on="on" p="p" that="that" the="the" thought="thought" was="was" window...i="window...i">

 It's a good thing we moved the boat on Saturday, because this is what the sky looked like early Sunday morning. 

We didn't get to move in just yet, because of the storm. We plan on sleeping there tomorrow night for good. Of course I'll post pictures once the weather is better.  We have a pretty kick ass view of Boston. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

She's Ours

We are boat owners.  We have a home...we set sail for Boston on Saturday and move in on Sunday.

Yikes and yay at the same time.

We'll name her "Just Married" and of course I'll share pictures.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jewelry Box

Mine is blue.  With hot pink duct tape stripes.  And I'll probably add some more bling to it too...

I have a lot of jewelry.  I love big chunky necklaces and I have A LOT of them.  And I have ton of earrings too, and rings and bracelets.  I love to accessorize.  In the past, I've hung all of my necklaces on the wall with pretty hooks and my earrings hang from a pretty stand.  My rings are stacked up on a porcelain hand.  And when we started talking about living on a boat, my mind when to two places:

1.  Shoes
2. Jewelry

Where the heck was I going to store all of my pretty stuff!?!  I've since stopped worrying about this because I know that we'll figure it out.  I decided last week that I'd just buy a whole bunch of beading boxes (plastic, snap closure boxes with little compartments) for my jewelry.  I figured that I could store everything securely in a drawer and still have everything organized and untangled.  It worked pretty well, too, except that I have a few necklaces with large pendants and also a bunch of big bracelets-and they didn't fit.  Discouraged, I accepted that some items would either have to be given away or stored in a bag somewhere until I wanted to wear them.  Until...

...our trip to Sports Authority.  B1 suggested that I look in the fishing aisle for boxes with larger compartments.  He's pretty smart.  While they didn't have boxes with bigger compartments, they DID have a bunch of tackle boxes on display.  At first I think B1 was kidding, but then we looked inside this sucker and it rocks!!  The top opens up to reveal a huge top compartment-big enough for all of my large bracelets and chunky necklaces.  Then...and this is the cool part-that front wall folds down and inside, there are 4 boxes with re-sizable compartments!  Snap closure!  4 of them!  It rocks.  So now I have earrings and rings on the top 2 and necklaces and smaller bracelets on the bottom 2.  And it's all secure.  And movable.  And boat worthy.

I'm sure we'll be finding lots of creative ways to store our stuff over then next few months...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Purging

In the past couple of weeks, we've gotten rid of a lot of material objects.  We decided early on that we were only going to keep the things that were really important to us or that we really loved.  Everything else we'd sell, donate or give away to friends.  Our storage unit is only 5x10 (I think) and it'll be just enough room for the two chairs, dresser, chest and books we are keeping.  Oh, and our camping stuff and B1's snowboarding stuff.  We've purged our:

Dining room table
8 Dining room chairs
1 Kitchen cart
Kitchen table & 2 chairs
Filing cabinet
Corner curio cabinet
Small dresser
12 Lanterns (from our wedding)
1 Lobster trap (also from our wedding)
Glass sea balls, monkeys fists and candle holder (you guessed it, from our wedding)
An entire wall of picture frames (really-a huge wall of frames)
5 mirrors
Heavy mixing bowls (glass)
Tupperware (I gave it away by giving people homemade squash bisque with the condition they had to keep the container!)
Used bath products (yes, really-I was amazed!)
Coffee table
2 Lamps
Half round side table
1 Large kitchen cart
Bags and bags (and bags and bags) of clothing
Oh...and one of our cars!

We still have to get rid of our sofa and chaise lounge and our tv cabinet and lots of little things that I'm sure we don't even know we have yet!  It amazes me that we have so much left even after giving away all of that crap!  It is funny around here though-we have no tables and chairs, and no lamps or side tables.  So putting things down (like my purse, grocery bags, MAIL) when we come into the house is...interesting.

So, if you're in our area and you need a sofa and chaise lounge, please come take it. :)


We have our slip in Boston Harbor paid for, most of our furniture has been sold along with little knick knacks and collectibles, our storage unit is ready for our boxes, we've paid for the parking garage in Boston where we'll keep our car and our address is changed (and PO Box acquired).  We've bought our stove, our refrigerator, bed slats for under the mattress and unbreakable dishes.  I picked out fabric to recover our throw pillows (B1 won't let me buy any more...I kind of have a problem).  Everything's set to go...

...except we don't actually, technically own the boat yet.

We're still waiting to find out when our closing will be.  We can move into the marina on the 25th, but we have no idea when we'll get to sign the paperwork that says we're allowed to move the boat yet.  So we're just sort of waiting anxiously for that one last (major) piece.  It's a little frustrating because I don't like not knowing, but at least we know that we will own it by the end of the month for sure. would be nice if we could move next week.  Cross your fingers for us!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Now We're Cookin' w/...Propane

 Today is our boat survey.  B1's over at the boat taking care of things and making sure everything goes smoothly.  I'm so anxious to hear how it went.  We aren't anticipating anything crazy to be wrong with the boat, but this is pretty much the point where we know 100% whether we're still going to buy this boat.  It'll also be the jumping off point for scheduling our closing.

Because we don't anticipate any problems, we went out and made a major purchase for our new home.  It's this beautiful new and shiny stove!  Isn't she beautiful!?!

I am pleasantly surprised at how big it is.*  My largest (and very new) pan fits easily on the big top burner and all of my other nice pans also fit.  AND they fit in the oven too!  The only thing that is too big are our cookie sheets and honestly, it was time to get new ones anyway.  I can't wait until it's installed so I can cook our first meal in our new home!  What do you think our first meal should be?

So, cross your fingers that everything is going well over at the boat today and that our closing will be scheduled in a timely, hopefully within the next two weeks!

Hope you're having as much fun with your life, as we are with ours!

*That's what she said.