Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Smooshed Into 1

I took pictures of the stairs in our hallway before the landlord fixes them just in case I need them for a lawyer down the line...the closeups show crumbling plaster which falls onto the steps. On the left, you'll see that the railing is smooshed up against the wall, making it pretty much impossible to be useful when falling.

Friday night my friend Jill got last minute tickets to the Sox game. We were already supposed to be going out to dinner, so we just went to the game instead. I was having trouble with my contacts, so I wore my red glasses...you know, since I don't own red socks. :)

They were really good seats...

On Saturday B1 and I drove to CT for Rye Bread's dance recital. It was good, but they are so long. After the first song, which Rye Bread was in:

I decided to start keeping track of the acts to help make it less painful...

At one point, there was a song that said, "Dirty Bitch" really fast. I was shocked and thought I heard it wrong but then it said it again...so I wrote "Dirty Bitch" on the program and pointed to it while miming "REALLY?!" to my sister and B1.

I'm kind of appalled that they used that song for a kids dance recital but then again, that school isn't the best, so I guess it goes right in line with that. Here are some pictures from after the show:

On Sunday B1, his brothers and I raised the mast on the boat and B1 and his brother sailed it to the new marina. Last night after work we went down and had dinner there. It was nice, just floating in the boat with B1, especially because living in an apartment means we have very little outside space.

This weekend I hope to pick up some sailing skillz, but I have a feeling it's going to come slowly. I'll be sure to include you in the (hopefully) amusing details.