Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (They Keep Fallin')

Today is not the best day for me to have forgotten my umbrella.  The severe thunder storms they predicted would start after 3pm today actually started around exactly the moment I was supposed to get out of my little black car and walk across campus to my office.

Cats and dogs people.  Not fun!  Luckily my meeting doesn't start until 9:30am so I was able to sit in the car for a bit to wait to see if it passed.  It didn't 100% stop, but there was a brief period when the down pouring stopped and I ran to dryness. 

Is that a word?  Spell check didn't poo poo it.


Last night B1 and I went to a Sox game.  We sat in the bleachers, which was new to me.  I liked the seats themselves but I learned something the hard way:  Bleacher seats are NOT the place you go to actually watch a game.  The people there really could care less about the baseball game they came to "watch".  It made me sad.  There were a few times when we had a good play and I felt like I was the only one clapping.  It was a nice night and I was with B1 (and there was a funny section of time where pink balloons were coming out of our section like crazy and the cop was perplexed) so it wasn't a total loss, but I really feel like I wasted my money.  I could have just watched that on TV.  Next time we're going back to standing room or expensiver seats.  (That word did NOT make it through spell check!)

Off to a meeting-have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Let me first start this post by telling you that I am exhausted! This has been a jam packed weekend...but a good one. I got some quality B1 time in AND got to hang out with my sisters AND got some sun and water. Oh-AND had a BBQ. See? Busy.

It started out with a drive to the new marina with B1 to see the slip where the boat will be housed (hopefully soon!). It was such a nice day we drove with the top down around the city and ended up in East Boston where we might end up living next year. This would be the view from the house we might buy next year (if it's still for sale):

Awesome, no? It's so awesome b/c this is the house:

Yes, it's a floating house! In April B1 told me about how the owner dropped the price again. I told him that when it hit a certain price, we could go to the bank. The stipulation was that he couldn't talk her down to the price I mentioned. That night (I think) he went home and contacted the owner to find out if she'd rent it to us for a while. She said no but he keeps an eye on it. Last week I mentioned how it was odd that he hadn't taken me to see it in person so when we started driving toward this area, I smiled to myself b/c I knew where we were headed. I kind of really liked it. And the view! Holy moly! And there's a park right next door. Which is kind of the perfect place to have our wedding.

Stop-don't freak out-nothing happened...we just know we want to get married outside, near water and hopefully with a view of Boston in the background.

The minute I walked into the park I could envision the tent and the lanterns in the trees and the lights and the pretty people mingling over cocktails.
The fog rolled in pretty good-but honestly-that's Boston!

It only costs $100 to rent, too! Why? Well, b/c you can't serve alcohol there. So having a wedding reception there would kind of be a drag for the guests...but man-it's so perfect! Green space, trees, water, boats, and Boston. *sigh*

Sunday we drove down to CT for a family picnic. We had TONS of food, beer, sangria, tequila, the pool and a fire. We played Boccie and wiffle ball-oh-and drinking games, which was fun! We also had the first bonfire of the season (for B1 and I anyway). It was loads of fun. When we woke up the next morning I saw this:

These are the shoes of my sisters boyfriend. B1 left him a little surprise for when he woke up. Hysterical.

Yesterday we stopped in Newport to pick up the rigging for the boat and then went to hang out on the dock. (LOL...I just wrote a funny typo..) We put dangled our feet in the cool water, ate sandwiches and drank a few beers. It was very relaxing and nice to just sit there with B1.

Needless to say, I dropped quickly when I went to bed. Truth be told, I'm still majorly exhausted. We have a Red Sox game tonight though, so hopefully I won't drop before it's over!

What did you do this weekend?