Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cake Reveal

So, it's done...cake #9. And overall, I'm happy with it. There were a couple of snaps-one was that I ran out of buttercream so I had to buy a tub of store bought frosting. No big deal. The other was that I ran out of black fondant, which made the finishing touches now so great...mainly the pocketbook straps. They're thin and not as long as they should have been and also, they're turned around the wrong direction because of their length. But no one really noticed and everyone did a double take when they learned that it was a cake. This one was not as difficult to make as last years-it only took about 6 hours to make while the parrot took over 15. The hardest part for me was working with fondant as this is only the 2nd cake I've ever made using it. I always work magic with buttercream-so it was tough. Also, hand painting the zebra strips was nerve racking and time consuming...but it all worked out in the end...and special thanks to my B1 for designing and building the cake stand-made to look like a girly pink dresser top with crown drawer pulls. Thanks baby! We make a great team. :)

I think next year's cake will move.