Friday, January 28, 2011

Parking Markers

The picture above is not my neighborhood, but it is my city. This neighborhood is in much better condition than mine. Our street is so packed with snow, parking on the non-emergency side isn't going to happen for quite some time. Probably not until spring. It's getting pretty tiresome having to get out of the car before pulling away (or before parking) so that I can remove the step stool that I am using to hold my place. But at least our neighbors don't seem to be jerks and they haven't stolen our spots. least not mine. Someone stole B1's spot when it first snowed and put their own cones in the spot. Can you believe the nerve? He's so funny though-he promptly took the cones out of the spot, parked there, and then left this note: Dear neighbor. Do not park in a spot that you did not shovel. Thanks, B1.

I worried about what they'd do to his car after that, but so far, nothing. In fact, they just park in front of him now. (I think they stole that spot too-can you believe?) It's an unwritten law of the hoods in this city that you don't mess with someone else's shoveled spot-if they've marked it. If not, well,'s fare game. But if there's a bucket, a barrel, a chair or in as in my case, a ladder, in there-leave it alone!

Ah, the wonders of living in a city in the winter. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Cold