Monday, May 23, 2011


Check your bank statements everyone! This weekend someone withdrew $500 from my checking account by making a fake duplicate card-they used my pin number and everything. AND I was using the card while they were doing this. Scary stuff. My bank is giving me back the money during the investigation, but not for 1-2 business days. So for now, I'm 100% broke! (I do have $6...) I've been racking my brain thinking about where I used my card and can't figure out where they would have gotten me. It had to be at 1 of 2 ATM's I use...when I filed a police report this morning, I was told not to hold my breath-they apparently never catch these guys. It's sad and I wonder how many other people they got.

Other than this horrible debacle, I've been pretty good. I still feel great-though I have had some more pain which worries me. But the pain doesn't linger like it did, so that's got to be a good sign. I still walk without wincing and can sit for more than 20 minutes without feeling like I'm dying. I'm still hopeful that this won't be a lifelong thing.

On Thursday B1 & I went to dinner with an old friend of his and then saw a midnight showing of Pirates. I wasn't going to go at first mainly because I'm not a morning person and staying out that late on a work night wouldn't be a good thing for me...but also because B1 doesn't often get to play with his friends and I thought that he'd like some time alone with them...however, one person dropped out and I ended up taking that extra ticket. I'm glad I went. I don't know many of B1's friends and the ones I have met, I don't know very well. I feel like I had more time to listen to her and to let her see who I am, and I had fun. And the movie was good too-though we agreed that it really didn't need to be seen in IMAX...normal showing would have been OK.

I spent Saturday cleaning and shopping. B1 was working on the boat all day and then had to work, so I was left alone to do my thing. Which normally would be just fine, except that we haven't had a day to spend together for over 2 months and I have to admit I was sad about the fact that he was working. I miss our lazy Saturdays with breakfast, cartoons, cuddles and random trips to wherever we wanted to go...or not. I always looked forward to Saturdays. Even though we live together, I feel like we spend more time with our coworkers than with each other, and Saturday's was my way of reconnecting, if you will. Of course we talk and spend time together during the week, it's just...different, somehow, to have a day alone. In any case, B1 surprised me on Sunday by staying home!

He had to drive to RI to bring the rigging for his boat to be fixed, so I tagged along for the ride. We looked around the boat store and then stopped by a flea market/fair that we saw on the way down. It was lame. Very, very lame. But funny and it was nice to walk around holding my B1's hand, knowing that he didn't have to go to work or be anywhere but there with me. When we got home, I made us dinner (homemade paste w/ sauce), we took a late nap and then watched a movie.

I really missed days like that.

Unfortunately this morning started with the both of us getting parking tickets because we didn't move our cars (street cleaning) and then I had to go to the bank and to the police station...and already, I could use a nap!

How was your weekend?

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Linda said...

My weekend was busy and dreary and busy and ...! I was in Massachusetts on Friday and Rhode Island on Saturday but I stayed in Connecticut on Sunday!