Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I Like

Yesterday the money was put back into my account! While this doesn't make me rich by any means, I suddenly felt a lot more free. I was able to buy us proper groceries (as opposed to the tiny bottle of milk, cheese and bananas that I bought the day before with what was left of my livelihood!). While I shopped, some annoying man parked his ridiculously huge SUV next to my little car. But he parked outside of this white lines, so that I had to squeeze in the door and back out really, really slowly.

This is a major pet peeve of mine. I dislike inconsiderate people. It's one of the worst offenses in my brain, if you knowingly do something that will affect others in a negative way but just don't care. I have to believe this is the case with people who drive disgustingly big cars but can't park them. In any case, while I was getting angry (the guy came outside while I was pulling out and I seriously considered stopping to yell at him-but I had to go to the bathroom so I just drove away.) I thought about how pretty the day was and how lucky I was to have a sunroof. This led me to thinking about things I like...which is a good change from being angry at the stupid man with a small penis. (I have to assume that's why he drives such an enormous car and acts like an idiot.)

So...with that, here are a few other things I am liking these days:

I know that I posted this picture of my cute B1 the other day (yesterday?) but it really makes me smile. Look at his cute little face! And his beautiful smile (which I get to see everyday!!!) and the funny yellow banana pants which he tried to put on with shoes in the middle of the store!

"I figure that if the weather is so bad that I have to wear these, they have to be bright so people can see me."

So. Cute.

The next thing I like also has to do with boating. It's the super cute plaid boat shoes that I found the other day. I haven't bought them yet because, well, I didn't have the money, but I think I'm going to. Since I'll be keeping B1 for as long as I live, that means I'll be on a boat at least a few times every summer, so I think I should have the proper shoes. :) And how freakin' fun are these? B1 confirmed that they are a good brand and he also confirmed that they were cool. Mine would be even cooler though, because the ones I saw were GREEN on the inside!!! So I think I'm going to get them.

Yesterday after work I went to the mall. I shopped and found these:They've very comfortable and were on sale for only $15! I have to admit, I look pretty cute today wearing them with my blue and white polka dotted skirt.

I like that it is sunny and warm out today.

I like that on Tuesday night B1 and I are going to a Sox game. We're sitting in the bleachers which, believe it or not, I've never done. I'm pretty excited.

I like that I'm taking Wednesday off to spend the day with B1. I thought that maybe we could go on the boat, but I don't think it'll be ready yet. But honestly, the fact that we will both have the day off to just spend time with each other is enough.

I like that next weekend we're going to CT to see my family and hopefully to swim in the pool. I like that we're going to see Rye Bread dance and then to see my good friend for dinner.

I like that the sky is blue and that there is a breeze.

I like that we have new towels, bowls and a rug in our bedroom.

I like that we are a we.

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