Saturday, May 14, 2011


On Thursday I had my first ever cortisone shot in my back. It was painful and not pleasant but when I woke up yesterday, my level of pain had decreased. By end end of the day I had a spring back in my step and it only hurt when I bent backwards. That pain is still there and this morning I do feel it a little, but overall, I feel good. The doctor told me that it might take a few days for it to fully take. I'm hopeful. Already B1 noticed the difference in my mobility and commented that my smile is back. I feel good. I'm hoping it lasts...

Last night we went out on the town with my friend Jill. Weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a free Scotch tasting. B1 and I like whiskey so I thought it might be a cool and interesting thing to do on a Friday night. And it was free, so that was a plus too. Beforehand, the 3 of us made our way to Chinatown for dinner. This excited me, because I've only eaten in Boston's Chinatown once. After asking around and checking Yelp reviews, we chose to eat here:

It wasn't glamorous or trendy-but none of them really are. But it wasn't gross and dirty-which some of them really are! It was pretty well full even though it was early. Most of the patrons were of Asian descent, which I always take as a good sign. I'd heard that the lobster dish was good but I didn't feel like picking it out of the shells, and that was how it was served. Later, I decided that I should have gotten it and done the work because it looked really good.

What I did get was beef with ginger and scallions. It was tasty but there was WAY too much ginger and after I was done, I was still hungry. B1's dish was good-he chose roasted duck with some sort of thin noodles. Jill's dish was the main attraction. She ordered "#181 Seafood" without asking what it was. My friend Jill isn't someone I'd describe as an adventurous eater. She's not picky, but I wouldn't say it was characteristic of her to order something without asking about it...but she did. And she paid for it.

The funniest moment at dinner was when our dishes were placed before us and she scoffed at the seafood dish telling me to eat up and enjoy in a sarcastic tone. Her face fell when I told her that it was her meal!! The plate was indeed piled high with seafood but it was in a thin, clear sauce that looked sort of like semen. The seafood was mostly squid but there were some shrimp (not cleaned-she didn't that!) and a couple of scallops. This little guy really grossed her out:

Now, I love squid and calamari but in this dish, on that plate, I have to admit, it was kind of a turn off. I plucked it off of her plate for her and there it sat in the corner the whole time. Overall, I'd say it was OK but I wouldn't go back...there's bound to be better places in Chinatown for sure. Since we were still hungry, we walked across the street to a Chinese bakery for some treats. I chose this, a coconut butter bun:

It was delicious. In fact, I wish I had one now! It was sweet but not too sweet and buttery but not in a greasy sort of way. The bun itself was soft...overall, a huge win for only $1!

After we filled our bellies with Chinese delights, we made our way to the tasting. It was held in a club/theater in the theater district. B1 had been to this place recently to see a show with his brother so I was excited to see the inside. It was, indeed, pretty. And when we walked in, we were greeted by pretty people. Girls in tight black dresses-of course-were waiting to check us in. Our picture was taken and we were told it'd be emailed to us...however, this is what I had in my inbox this morning:

Clearly not Jill and I!! Hopefully these guys enjoyed our silly picture that we took...

And so the night proceeded and we tasted several different Scotches made by the company hosting the event. They were very good-one was a little too strong for me (I think it was the 12 year old?) but the others were nice. I would have liked it if they gave us a flight of the Scotch so that we could compare them side to side though. It would have helped me taste the differences. I don't think Jill enjoyed herself but I know B1 and I liked it (though the presentation was a little bit boring, it was interesting nonetheless). Afterward, we went to a local dive bar that B1 wanted to take me to. There, we promptly ordered Jack & Gingers!

Our night ended with us getting snacks at a piano bar on the edge of Chinatown. A friend of mine suggested we go here a while ago but I'd forgotten it was a piano bar, so that was a fun surprise. While we only stayed for a little bit, it was fun to eat our pretzels and fried pickles while singing and watching people have fun.

I love feeling normal again. I love my city and my B1 and my friend Jill and I love all of the out of the ordinary things that living here has to offer. My life is so much better than it ever could have been if I had stayed in CT and nights like last night remind me of that.

...and now, I'm off to the gym! Hopefully I won't keel's been a while!


B1 said...

just the overall tone of this post is wonderful! Welcome back my love!

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Awww,,,, so glad you're back to your smiling, happy self.. pain be gone!!!

Big hugs... I missed you (that's why I sent that photo the other day)...