Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coloring in the Lines

It was the 1st grade when I realized that I had a paperwork problem. I had piles and piles of papers stuffed in my desk, all half finished. Upon its discovery, my teachers pulled me aside and told me to stop trying to color in the lines so perfect and to just worry about doing the actual work.

This sped things up quite a bit, but I missed the coloring. It's easy to see that I still get wrapped up in piles of paper, little notes or half full (pretty) notebooks.

I have been working on the cookbook rather feverishly over the last few days. Overall things are going smoothly except for when I run into a paperwork problem. That problem, in this case, can be very time consuming. You see, when I want to cook something, I usually use a base recipe and then modify it as I see fit. Most times, the recipe easily becomes my own because, well, I've changed basically everything but the meat and overall feel of the dish (a curry will always be a curry, for example). The trouble is, I don't often write it down. Or worse, I write it down on a random piece of paper without making a note about what recipe it was for. So I'll find little post-it note sized paper with things like:

1 t. cinn -->2.5

Cook with pickling spice, add lemon

Which is great and all, but...what was I making when I wrote that? Why didn't I write it on the actual base recipe? Why didn't I write "Shrimp Bisque" on the top so I could make the changes later?

I don't know why. But it's a stupid habit that has cost me some time. And it's made me laugh at myself when, I tear my desk, kitchen and cabinets apart looking for clues to help me figure out these cryptic notes.

The good news is that this time I figured it out...but I wonder how many other little notes are floating around out there and whether or not I'll ever get a handle on paperwork.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

at least you write things down. I don't and when I want to recreate the wheel, I forget. Oh well...

Travis Cody said...

Two words...tape recorder.