Friday, April 08, 2011

Today's mood: Sad, frustrated, bored...

So far today I have checked the news (twice), the weather, looked up and researched local craft fairs & their booth fees, created business labels (for my own business) and checked airlines for cheap flights to Orlando.  Oh-I also wrote of list of things that I need to do around the house, things I want to buy for the house and things I want to do this summer.  All while the other girls work on projects for an event coming up-one that my dean sponsors.

I did have a frustrating conversation about a certain task that needs to be done this summer while my co-worker is out on maternity leave.  Yesterday I basically told the director in charge of this task that I would love to take the lead on this, but I will not do it if I have to pick up the pieces next month when she goes away.  In other words, I do it from start to finish and not in between.  She agreed.  This morning she came in to talk about it with me and my co-worker heard and came out to say she talked with our boss and she wants to do it all by herself.  The director told my co-worker that she explained things incorrectly to my boss and that she (the director) and I are meeting with my boss next week to talk about this.  My co-worker has given me the cold shoulder the entire rest of the day.  Which is OK but everyone thinks she is a goddess and that makes me look like the bitch.

All I want is work.  Why is that so hard to understand?  Why are 2 people basically in charge of doing all of the work?  Why have I had to fight to get ANYTHING and then fight to keep it once I have it?  Talk about control freaks!  You think they'd be thrilled that I have less work to do by design and that they could unload a crap load of it on me.

Needless to say, I am updating my resume and cover letter this weekend and making an appointment with HR next week to talk about the other job on campus.  I'm tired of this ongoing battle.  It's time to move onto a place where I am appreciated and where I can make a difference.


LceeL said...

I can't wait until the day that they wake up and realize that it's YOU who is the Goddess. HUG

Travis Cody said...

Go for what you want. You deserve it.