Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bunny Hill

I went skiing for the first time on Sunday. It was a nice sunny day; cold, but nice. B1, my friend Jill and I piled into my car and we drove 1.5 hours to the nearest nice ski resort. I wasn't nervous. I was excited. I've been feeling good lately-only a few minor aches and pains. It never really goes away, but it's not as bad as it has been, so I felt OK to finally go.

I worried a little about my knee. I brought my brace but forgot to put it on. I should have put it on. My knee is swollen now. It was worth it though.

I had a frustrating morning because Jill and I took a group lesson and I was at the back of the group. By the time I made it back up the hill, the instructor was already teaching the class something new. He didn't watch anything I did and I was flying down the hill while others were slowly meandering in nice zigs and zags. Finally, when the entire class was ready to go all the way up the bunny hill, he told me to stay down at the middle and he'd work with me in a few minutes. When he finally came back, he quickly assessed what I was doing wrong and we corrected it. He then told me how to do something else and turned his back...not watching again! I was tired of walking sideways up the hill and tired of being the only one down at the bottom still "learning". And the most frustrating thing was-he wasn't even watching me. So he'd tell me to do something but then he'd turn away. I felt a little cheated, I'm not gonna lie.

I finally made it up to the top and was able to ski down without incident. I had to stop a few times, but I felt that was OK for my first time. The second time down, I fell and took my skis off, got up and put them back on. The next time I managed to ski down but ended up going way too fast again-repeating the problem I had on the bottom. I had to stop after that because my knee was swelling from the fall. I felt sad because I wanted to keep practicing, but I knew better. This knee has been a problem since 6th grade. I know when not to push it.

I liked skiing. I liked trying something new and liked feeling like at some point, I can be good at this. I hope. I think it's incredibly relaxing (even when I was flying down the hill yelling "Get out of my way!" or "I'm gonna hit you-I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!") I wish it wasn't so expensive. I'd go again this weekend if I could afford it.

Next winter I'm so gonna rock.


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I have the same problem with my knee...the instructor was an a**hat...he is paid to teach the whole class, not just part of the class. I would have complained to the management.

It is a tough sport and DANGEROUS if you are not given proper instruction

"Lois Grebowski" said...

I can imagine how fun it was to try something new. Isn't it exhilarating!?

My one and only downhill skiing excursion was going down the bunny hill during a lesson, my hat flew off my head and hit the instructor in the face, and then I ran into a lady at the bottom of the hill and messed up my knee.

I stuck with Cross-country skiiing after that. LOL

Take a chance and go again. I think you'll love it.

flipper said...

-sorry about your knee
-thats awesomeeee that you guys went
-i wanna go!
-miss u