Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Over the River & Through the Woods

We didn't go to our grandmother's house, but we did vacation in New Hampshire over the New Year's holiday. We drove up on Thursday morning. It was only about a 2 hour drive from our house, which was a pleasant surprise because we thought it would take us 3 hours. I have never been to New Hampshire to vacation but B1 has...so he took the opportunity to drive me around the mountains as a lovely introduction. As you can see, our first day was very sunny with crisp blue skies. The temperature was a little warmer than I would have liked-high 30's.

Franconia Notch

After oohing and ahhing over the beauty, we drove over to our cabin to check in. This was our home away from home for 4 days:

It's a small, one room cabin with a wood fireplace, love seat, bed and bathroom. It was tiny, but quite good enough for what we were looking for-time away with each other somewhere quiet with a fireplace...in the mountains.

This picture was actually taken when we were checking out-it's B1 waving (or about to wave) to me because I told him to. :) You can see the beautiful view we had from our front porch.

We were tempted to raid the water slide because it was so warm, but decided against it. The first night we planned on going snow tubing at Loon but when we arrived, we found that the remaining sessions were already sold out for the night. A little disappointed, we made a reservation for New Year's Day and made our way over to a local Tavern where we sat and enjoyed the locals. And also a few beers. The tavern was cute and homey and it was a nice way to start our vacation. The stools also twirled all the way around, which was a fun realization for me.

Once our beer craving was satiated, we made our way back home to make a fire. Here is my cute boy posing.

And here is the fire he built us.

It was super relaxing just laying there in each others arms watching the flames, relaxing without anywhere we needed to be. We've been going, going, going for a couple of months, and this break was just what we needed.

We did a lot of driving around the mountains and local towns just sightseeing. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Wild Turkeys. There were at least 30 of them scattered in the woods but they all fled when we pulled up!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was on the second day-we went snowmobiling! I have to admit that when the guide was describing the terrain I got a little nervous-I didn't really think about the fact that we'd be riding down hills and around sharp corners...which we could fall off of into freezing water or jagged rocks. Luckily though I caught on quickly and found that it's really quite easy to ride a snowmobile. B1 was in the front of the pack in the beginning of our trip and my heart warmed as I saw him looking back every minute or so to make sure I was OK. How I found such a sweet man, I don't know...

Our guide has us run around a circle a few times to get used to turning. During this time, B1 ended up in the back and I was in the front. This was fun, but also worry some at first because I had to follow the guides hand signals, making sure we didn't crash into anything. Again, I caught on quickly and enjoyed zooming behind him. Later, B1 made his way back up and rode behind me. After our ride, he told me that it was quite a difference because the girl he was behind before rode slow-and I did not! I like being a little bad ass now and then. :) I will definitely do this again. It was great fun-I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

After our ride

On New Year's Eve we had reservations for dinner at a local inn. They had a special New Year's Eve menu to order from and we thought it'd be a nice treat. Unfortunately, my B1 was not feeling great that day and so we ate, and went home for a few hours to rest. I don't think he enjoyed dinner much, being that his belly wasn't up to par. Additionally, there was a really annoying, loud, drunk crowd that sat behind us and our waitress went missing for a while because she was dealing with them. I really liked my meal though-prime rib and stuffed shrimp. A splurge indeed, but it was yummy.

After dinner, as I mentioned earlier, we went back to the cabin and rested. We watched a little TV and relaxed before heading out to Loon where we had reservations to attend a fun party. There was to be a DJ, dancing, a buffet and a champagne toast at midnight. When we got there, I noticed almost immediately that we were loners-the crowd was mostly 20-somethings with a handful of old timers in the corner. The DJ was playing mostly hip hop, which is OK but not what I would consider dance music. I felt old and full and the beer wasn't making me feel like dancing. Since B1 wasn't feeling well either, he wasn't dancing. Neither of us wanted the food and we were both tired, so like the old fogies we are, we left at 11:30. We went home to the cabin and watched the ball drop and went to bed. But not before we kissed at midnight. :)

The night wasn't a total bust-we got to see this guy:

I don't know why he'd wear this many sequins, especially with a shiny head!

Party animals

Switching gears, let me share a few pictures of downtown Woodstock. It's a cute little sleepy town. While eating breakfast one morning I mentioned that it reminds me of the kind of town that would host a movie about a local yearning to get out.

B1 slamming the door in my face! (Not really)

This breakfast place was SO good. It was very local and very small...but I find that these are often the best places to eat. They have the best corn beef hash I've ever had in my life. True story. In fact, the next day when B1 was sick I went back for breakfast alone to get more!

I mentioned before that we went tubing on New Year's day. Here is a picture of Loon Mountain, where we tubed.

It was fun, though the track seemed a little short to me and didn't really have many curves. My favorite part, actually, was the chair lift! I've never been on one and it was great being high up, feeling the cold air on my face with B1's arm around me.

After changing my pants in the car (my pants got SOAKED) we jetted off to N. Conway where we shopped the outlet stores (both of us got new sweaters!) And then walked around the local shops and had dinner. It was a long, lovely day.

So, there you have it. The pictures are a little out of order, but they're all there. It was a wonderful vacation and yes, I'm sad it's over. I usually get a little sad at the beginning of the year because all of the events and holidays are over and I have nothing immediate to look forward to-event-wise. But after thinking about it, I realized that I don't have to have an event. My daily life is something to look forward to now. I get to share my life with B1. Everyday. Everyday I get to be hugged and kissed by him. Everyday he loves me, no matter what, for who I am.

That's pretty amazing and it's a wonderful thing to remember.


Daily Panic said...

hey girly! glad your holidays were special! HNY! 2011 is going to be amazing!!!

Linda said...

I recognize that last pictures - that's Zeb's in North Conway!

Sounds like you had a lovely vacation though I'm kind of surprised that there isn't more snow than there was. I would have thought New Hampshire had snow up to your kneecaps by now but I guess not, huh? I do love it up there, though - snow or no snow!

Seems to me that you've started 2011 out quite nicely and if the rest of the year follows suit, you're going to have a banner year!

Travis Cody said...

I don't know very many people who would say that 30 degrees with snow on the ground is warm enough for a water slide. Yikes!

It sure looks like a beautiful area.