Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out of the Closet

When my B1 comes up to me with his hands behind his back and a certain smile on his face, I worry. It's not so much that his hands are behind his back-it's more about the sly smile that's plastered on his cute face that does it. He's had ice in his hands before and it's ended up down my shirt during what seemed like a loving hug-until the shards of ice rained down on me.

So naturally, I am suspicious when he approaches in such a manner that could mean more ice. The other day while doing dishes, B1 approached me and yes, his hand was behind his back and he was wearing his mischievous smile. Quickly, I jumped back and asked him what he was doing and what he had behind his back.

He pretended to wonder why I would react in such a way but then gave in when I reminded him of the ice incident. "Fair point", he said. And then he showed me this:

He's kind of a dork.

One of the first times I visited B1 at his apartment before we were living together he'd go into his closet and come out with a crazy sweater, or a hat or...a different hat. When Rye Bread was visiting us, a pair of cat-eye glasses (with rhinestones!) materialized. One just never knows what B1 will come up with from his closet so this weird googly eyed hand puppet thing didn't surprise me. But it did delight me.

He kinda makes life more fun.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

awwwww..... that's cute.... You just gotta love that dork. Dorkiness and all!

LceeL said...

My mind keeps going to all the things that *I* would do in that situation. heh, heh.

SilverNeurotic said...

My little cousin's had a set of eyes like that. Cute.

Linda said...

I can see that he definitely makes your life more fun - ice and all!

Mags said...

Lois-Yup, in fact, I love him MORE because he's such a dork. :)

Lou-I don't even want to know! LOL!

SN: It's funny that your "little" cousins have the same toy that my boyfriend does!

Linda: More fun, indeed...interesting too!

Travis Cody said...

One can rarely go wrong with silliness.