Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm still home due to my careless fall down the stairs on Monday. And let me tell you-I. AM. BORED. I planned on going to work this morning however when I woke up, I was SUPER drugged. Before bed I take 1 pain pill and 1 muscle relaxer and I guess because I haven't had to get up early for work (and therefore been able to sleep it off) I didn't realize how zonked it makes me. Tonight I won't take the pain pill. In fact, I think I'm done with them all together now.

I'm not in nearly as much pain as I was the last couple of days. I am still bruised and sitting up strait does put a strain on things, but I feel better. My shoulders still hurt a lot, but no more than they usually do when my back gets out of whack. I'm going to the chiropractor yet again today, so hopefully this crack will get it back in shape and I'll be on my way to really healing.

I feel so lazy and gross. I've been just sitting around for days. It's horrible. I was really looking forward to going back to the gym on Monday too. Maybe by this coming Monday I'll be able to go. I'm going to try it anyway. I've got to get back into my routine and back into losing weight. I'm not done and I lost momentum after I moved in here. Gotta get moving.

I applied for a refinance on my car loan and was approved. I drive a Saturn and the bank asked me this information on the application. They approved me for the full amount at a certain (good) rate and I was psyched. Then I talked to them and they said that b/c it's a Saturn they'll only give me $9K. Um....why? It's not like I told you I drove something else on the application. I'm so bummed. I was really excited about having an extra $25-$75 a month to pay off my other bills. I'm so confused about it too-oh well...I guess I'll just keep plugging along with what I have.

Most of my debt will be paid off by May. I don't have much debt, but I do have a few medical bills I'm paying and a Target credit card. I paid off one credit card last week already and that feels pretty good. I've also opened up a higher interest savings account and though that won't give me a huge yield, it's better than having the money accrue nothing. After my bills are paid, I'll talk to a financial planner to see how and where I can invest my money. I don't want to live like this forever. I have plans-travel, family, house, cafe...I can't do those things with my current financial status and so I'm formulating a plan. Hopefully it'll work! :) to do...nothing. Thank God I can go back to work tomorrow! (Just in time for the weekend!)


Lisa said...

Hope your feeling better. I wonder if the bank was worried because Saturn has gone out of business that the car won't hold the value for resale should they get stuck with it? Or something like that? I can't believe they can do that based on the type of car? Strange.

I paid off my truck last week, it is a great feeling! I am not debt free, but I am closer than I have ever been in my life.

We're both on the right track!

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Yay for conquering debt! Woo hoo!

Hope you're back and active soon. I know you don't like just hanging out. Glad to hear the pain is going away.

Travis Cody said...

I'd say you're right on track financially. You've recovered from the long stretch of unemployment. Now you're thinking about a safety net of savings.

Keep that up and you'll be planning all the fun ways to spend that savings in a comfy retirement!

Thomas said...

Oh, man. Your mention of a Target credit card reminds me of something I did there a few years ago.

While I was checking out, they asked if I'd be interested in signing up for one. I said I would if I could get it in purple (I'm a big Prince fan). She said they weren't available like that, which is great as I wasn't interested in it, anyway.