Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Stuff

This is my new haircut. It's 6 inches shorter than it was before. The layers were really messed up and no one could fix them so I just chopped it off. I really like it, though it's weird to blow dry. I'm happy to have had enough hair to do this-if my hair was shorter I would still be stuck with crappy layers!

Also in this picture is my new coat. It's a bright blue pea coat with sort of a baby doll bottom. It's really cute and I'm psyched I found it. After my Old Navy debacle I worried I'd be stuck with my old, too big green coat. But this one popped up at Marshall's and I decided to get it. I feel cute and pretty in it, and so far, it's pretty warm. And, it fits!!

The last new thing in this picture is the wall color. This is our dining room which was a gross dingy cream color. It was so dirty and disgusting-much like the rest of the apartment when we moved in. But that room in particular was dirty, for some reason. In any case, it's a bright clean yellow now. It won't be long until B1 and I can have friends and family over for dinner. :) We bought a China cabinet and were gifted a dining room table-I think by Sunday evening the room will be mostly put together. I'm really excited about it!

This is the weekend we're going to Philly. Yes, we're going to Geno's and Pat's. It seems that many of you have been to both and it might seem silly to go but we watched Food Wars (or some show like that) and were inspired. Plus, it's a great excuse for us to hang out with my littlest sister and her boyfriend (or, should I say, B1's boyfriend!). I think we're going to have a blast.

Stay tuned for pictures and our verdict....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Overheard at TJ Maxx the other day:  "I don't like small balls.  Big balls are the way to go.  I hate small balls."

She was talking about earrings.  I let out a guffaw and walked away.

There is always a name.  With everyone of them, there is always a name.

I cut 6 inches off of my hair last weekend.  If most people noticed, they haven't said anything-maybe they hate it!  (B1 noticed right away!)

I really, really hate when someone who thinks they know it all tells me to do something so obvious like, "Check in her desk."  Really?!  Thank you oh all knowing buttinski!  (I really have no idea how the world revolved before you were born!)

I am sorry if you like them, but brown diamonds are disgusting.  Doesn't it seem like the jewelry industry somehow pulled a fast one on us by trying to sell them?  They're just really, really dirty diamonds.

I might have to write a song called "Dirty Diamonds".

We have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day.  I'm very happy about this but it's weird to have a Thursday off.

This weekend is the great Philly cheese steak taste off trip with my B1, my littlest sister and her boyfriend.  We're driving to Philly on Saturday morning, comparing 2 cheese steak locations and driving home.  (Oh-and running up the Rocky steps, apparently!)  I can't wait. :)

Hard habits are hard to break.  I apparently still don't believe I'm worth loving.  Even though when I'm in a normal state of mind, I know this is untrue, when I'm having a rough day it sneaks back in.  I need to find a way to squash those thoughts.  Because I'm good enough, smart enough and doggone it-people like me!

I forget that people don't always know who "B1" is.  All of the important people do's still fun to re-tell the story. :)

Yellow is a wonderful color for a dining room.  And I can't wait for ours to be all put'll be done by Monday WITH a new-to-us China cabinet!!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

I don't have my Toosdae badge here so I thought I'd use a picture of me doing my Rye Bread's makeup the day of the wedding. I had just put some lipstick on her and told her that she had to blot we kissed. :) Such a sweet girl...

1. What is the best movie you have seen in the last year. Did you see it in the theater or at home?

2. What is your favorite "movie snack"? How often to you indulge in said snack?

3. Do you typically cry at movies? If so, what movie makes you cry the most?

My answers:
1. I think the best movie I've seen this year so far is Inception. It was just very different and it challenged my brain a little bit. I liked that. Plus, I was on a date with a very cute boy. :) (At a theater.)

2. Popcorn is my favorite movie snack...I really love it but don't often buy it. Nothing beats eating movie theater popcorn with a cold drink (Code Red is my favorite) while watching a good film.

3. I never used to cry at movies-especially sad ones. I did cry when someone had an extremely happy moment of overcame a personal though, I do tend to tear up. The last movie that made me sob was "My Sisters Keeper". Man, that was rough. Another movie that always makes me cry is "The Notebook".

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fancy Pants Dinner #1: October (In November)

A few weeks back I asked you all to vote on what B1 and I should have for a fancy dinner. As you might recall, I had this idea so that I could actively use some of the bazillion cookbooks I own and so that I could cook a "fancier" meal once a month. I started by asking B1 to pick a protein; he chose fish. From there, I selected a few recipes for an appetizer, a main course and a dessert and created polls for each. Then you, my dear readers, decided on what we would eat....for the most part. (I switched the dessert because quite frankly, I wasn't feeling the chocolate part this weekend.)

You chose:

Appetizer: Crab Cakes w/ Tomato Ginger Jam
Main Course: Coquilles St. Jacques
Dessert: Raspberry Chocolate Pudding Cake Pineapple Foster

I have to admit that I love this idea and am excited to have these dinners once a month with my B1. It was lovely. B1 was very sweet-when I asked him if he'd like to have our nice dinner he said that he didn't know what I meant because I cook such good food all of the time, they're all nice. :) He also set the table and lit candles...such a cute boy.

Even though I had enough to cook, I decided that we needed rolls to sop up the yummy sauce from the scallops so I whipped up a batch of these lovely, soft dinner rolls. I was worried they would not work out so good because the last couple of batches of bread I've made have failed. The yeast is dying due to the way the market stored it but I was able to feed it and make it grow with some sugar and lots of love. ;)

Next, I made the crab cakes with tomato ginger jam. The crab cakes were not fantastic. B1 liked them, but I didn't care for them much. The flavor was good, but the consistency of the mixture was very moist and because they were baked, the didn't have that buttery crispness that I love. The tomato ginger jam, however, is outstanding. I really enjoyed it and am even thinking of making some for Christmas gifts this year. It went really well with the cakes and added the balance this recipe needed.

Onto the main course-Coquilles St. Jacques! It was so delicious. The creamy, rich sauce was warm and comforting and the delicate, sweet sea scallops just melted in our mouths. And nothing beats buttery, cheesy breadcrumbs on top of was just heavenly.

Lucky for B1 I couldn't finish all of my scallops. The sauce was so rich it just filled me up. But it was SO worth fact, because it's so yummy, we scraped the ramekins clean and saved the extra for dipping later on.

Initially I was going to make Cherries Jubilee for dessert because B1 has never had it and he wanted something flaming. :) I couldn't find cherries though, so I thought about doing Bananas Foster, but I didn't have any ripe bananas. Luckily we had a pineapple in the house, so I cut that up and made traditional Foster sauce (butter, brown sugar and rum) and added the pineapples. Because B1 wanted flames, I set it on fire before spooning it over the ice cream. It was, to say the least, delicious.

So thank you for voting last month-you chose well! Stay tuned for another poll to decide what we will eat for our next fancy meal!

Here is my favorite recipe from our meal. If you would like any of the other recipes, please email me.

Tomato Ginger Jam

2 T. Butter
1 Shallot, minced
1 T. Ginger, Peeled and finely chopped
1 Clove Garlic, Minced
3/4 t. Salt
1/4 t. Black Pepper
1/8 t. Red Pepper Flakes
1 T. Sugar
1 1/2 # Chopped Tomatoes
1 1/2 T. Lime Juice
2 T. Cilantro*

1. Melt Butter. Add shallots, ginger, garlic, salt and both peppers. Cook 5 minutes.
2. Add sugar and stir to dissolve.
3. Add tomatoes. Increase heat and simmer 10-15 minutes until mixture is thick and jam-like.
4. Cool to room temperature. Stir in lime juice and cilantro.

*I omitted the cilantro for this recipe as I did not think it went with the rest of our meal.
Recipe adapted from The Gourmet Cookbook