Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I did a run through of my makeup last looks good in person but I'm not happy with how it translates to pictures so I'm glad I had B1 take my picture. I'll go find non-reflective white eyeshadow today on my lunch break. I'll also have on false eyelashes and will darken my eyebrows a little too.

I definitely like myself better without bangs.

Tonight we're heading to Salem to see 2 bands and a movie (?) and tomorrow night we have a Halloween party. Sunday I think we're going trick or treating with B1's Goddaughter Maggie (not making that up!)...the weekend is going to be FUN.

Today I'm wearing my feather headband. It's the one I made initially when I didn't think I'd get my costume in the mail. To go with it, I wore a funky dress that I bought last month-the funny thing is, people think it's a costume! Which is kind of funny because, well, it's not.

I was going to put crazy makeup on today for work too, but I thought that because it's not really a costume that people might just think I'm slutty. And I don't want that!

Have a fun weekend everyone-I'll post pictures for sure!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snuggle Time/Vacation

B1 and I are going on vacation. :)

We're going to New Hampshire over New Year's and staying in our own little cabin with a fireplace. :)

We'll go either skiing (if I like it when we go before then) or snowmobile riding (which I might want to do even if I do like skiing because it sound cool and might be cheaper), shopping, exploring and out to eat. I am so super excited!!

Not only will I see a new place, it'll be winter, and cold and I'll be with the most amazing man ever AND we'll have a fireplace to snuggle next to. I'm so excited to have plans for New Year's eve too-we don't actually have anything specific planned, but just the fact that we'll be away is wonderful. Even if we went to dinner and then went home to snuggle by the fire with wine, it's something. :)

I want to go now.