Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Hair!

So...I've pretty much decided that I'm going to be a flapper. I've always loved the 20's (I mean, c'mon...gangsters?!?!) and the flapper style and when else am I going to get to dress like this? Really, only on Halloween. And we're going out, so I want something I'll be comfortable in. Plus, I wanted to buy a wig, and this was the perfect excuse. This is how I am greeting B1 when he comes home from work in a few minutes:

Hopefully he'll like the idea! I also bought the fishnets and will go back for the boa probably tomorrow during lunch just to be sure I get one. I'll order the costume later tonight, I think too.

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Wedding Recap

So...the wedding...

B1 and I started our day of Friday very early.  My sister wanted all of the girls to get our nails done together and because the rehearsal was at 4:30pm in New Haven, CT, we had to leave around 9am from Boston.  This might not seem really early to you, but that long of a drive first thing in the morning isn't easy.  For me, at least.  In any case, we made it down in time and I left B1 to do his own errands (shopping for new shoes, for example) while I rode with the girls to get our nails done. 

At first, the nail thing seems like a fun idea.  However, the salon was pretty slow with service and my sister (the one who was getting married) ended up being the last one done.  We actually had to leave her there so that we could go home to get ready.  The drive to New Haven from my parents house is about 45 minutes-1 hour so we were really cutting it close.  Sadly, there was a TON of traffic on 95 and we ended up being late.  Once we got there though, everything went very well.  The venue is gorgeous.  I am very jealous that she had her wedding at such a pretty place.  It was on the beach-which in itself is pretty.  But what I really loved was the garden patio area.  It was so pretty!  There were tables scattered throughout and little pockets of chairs-and the coolest part was the fire pit!  I really loved that and so did the guests. 

My littlest sister and I tend to crack ourselves up at inappropriate times.  We can't help it.  And usually she is trying to hold it in while I'm not.  This usually ends with her telling me to stop it because now I have her going.  I tell you this now because the wedding planning was hysterical.  But not in a "I'm trying to be hysterical" kind of way.  More like me asking "are you seriously trying to pretend you're normal" kind of way.  He was delightful and I really liked him, but really, he was kind of nuts.  So there was that.  He took us down to the beach and we had a lovely time laughing with the groomsmen and making jokes-while freezing our asses off because it was so windy!

We didn't eat all day.  So by this time, I was ready to eat my arm off.  The dinner was back in the town I grew up in-which, if you remember-is 45 minutes away from New Haven, where we were.  Needless to say, when we got to the restaurant, we were all really starving and we gobbled up the appetizers quite quickly.  I had a really great time at the rehearsal dinner.  I got to sit next to B1 which always makes me smile, and across from the groomsmen-who I just met (all 3 are chefs, incidentally).  They were all very funny and I was grateful to have that time to get to know them a bit before the big day.  My littlest sister and her boyfriend (who we joke is B1's boyfriend because they love each other so much!!) we just across from us and this also made  for fun times.

My sisters boyfriend is like family to us.  He vacations with us and spends holidays with us.  So of course, this means we know him well and pretty much treat him like he's one of us.  Which means, when I play games with him, I don't try to let him win. :)  So...basically, every game I have ever played against him, I've won.  This also includes, incidentally, tequila any case, this is a continuing joke with us and we tease each other all of the time.  The one thing he can beat me at, though, is eating.  That boy can EAT.  And, after several glasses of wine and him prompting me by pointing to his plate and saying, "I WIN!!!!!!!!!!" I exclaimed-very loudly, I might add:

" can eat me under the table." littlest sister wasn't really paying much attention up until that point but when she heard this, she turned her head and asked why I told her boyfriend that he could eat me.  Probably due to the wine, I didn't get it right away (when I said it) but as she turned to ask what was up, I did, and I broke into hysterical laughter.  As did everyone else at the table.

Nice.  At least I make people laugh.

Over the rest of the night, we all shared lots of laughs and just enjoyed celebrating my sister and her fiance.  They also gave us gifts.  I got a lovely silver necklace with a diamond in the center.  I'm psyched because almost all of my nice jewelry (excluding 1 ring and 1 necklace) was stolen my Jamie when he broke into my home that one time.  So I was really excited that I now have another piece of nice jewelry because let's face it-nice jewelry is expensive (boo!) and I don't buy myself any. 

The next morning B1 and I took advantage of the fact that we had the morning to ourselves and went out to breakfast.  I took him to a place I've been going to my whole life.  It's not outstanding food, but the atmosphere is fun and it brings back good memories, so I was glad to finally bring him there.  We ran more errands and headed back so that I could join the girls for our hair.  While I am happy with the way my hair came out, it still was nothing like the picture.  It seems like no one can get that style right.  It kind of makes me want to try to keep doing it myself until I get it and then go to a salon to tell them how to do it.  Maybe some day I can wear my hair like that for MY wedding.

The rest of the afternoon pretty much flew by after that.  We had a quick lunch, did our makeup and helped my sister get dressed.  Before we knew it, we were in the limo on our way back to New Haven-but this time, it was for the wedding!  My sister did pretty good.  She didn't seem very nervous and when we asked her how she was, she said she was good.  When we got there, B1 was out front (looking hella hot!) working on the centerpieces.  When he called me over to him, he told me I looked great and then told me he bought 2 big bottles of wine for the after party.  He said it in a way that made me feel like he was going to use it to get me drunk and to take advantage of me.  I laughed and told my sister this and said "Which is weird, b/c I'm already pretty loose with him!".  Just as I said this, I turned to see that my father was behind her.  Yet another moment in which I said something inappropriate in front of the wrong people!

The ceremony was lovely and the singing went OK.  I was doing well until I looked over at my sister.  I started to cry, and then my voice cracked, and I bent over and cracked up!  So...that wasn't so good.  I was able to bring it back in for the last verse, but I am disappointed that I messed it up by crying.  Someone told me that it was the best part of the ceremony and that I made them cry-but I don't buy it.  That's the kind of thing you tell someone who messed up a solo.  (The next day my father took his guitar out and made us do it again in front of everyone-so I redeemed myself.)  Once the wedding was over, we had a cocktail hour and the party started!

Have I told you that I hate dancing?  If not, I do.  I envy people who have fun doing it but usually I'm out there thinking that I'd rather be watching.  But this time, thanks to wine and tequila, I suspect, I had fun.  I didn't catch the bouquet, but I was volunteered by my entire family (aunts and uncles) it seems, to do the garter thing.  Rye Bread caught the bouquet and they didn't want her to do it, so they asked her to pick who was closest.  LOVE that my family volunteered me (not!).  But I had fun and find it funny to see B1's face in the background in the pictures.  :)

It all went by so quickly.  My sister had a wonderful time and I think that all of her guests did too.  It was a really great wedding-perfect, I'd say and I'm glad it went that way.  She looked beautiful and very happy and her husband also seemed to enjoy it.  It's weird that it's over...

After the wedding, B1 and I went to the hotel and fell asleep.  We woke up at 1:30am wondering what happened-because we were all going to have an after party...just as we decided that we would go to bed instead, we got the phone call...they were in my sisters room and we were summoned there too.  So we went, had some drinks and stayed up until 4am.  I believe this is why I am still tired today.

The next morning the group of us still there (my parents, the bride and groom, a few of my cousins, my in-law's parents, sister and son and my aunt and her boyfriend) all went to a diner in the area down there for breakfast/lunch.  I got to sit with my 2 favorite cousins, so I really enjoyed that.  The last thing we did was hang out with all of the same people at my parents house.  We had more food, more wine and lots of laughs.  B1 and I were exhausted and we still had the 2 hour drive ahead of us, but we powered through and made it.  The next day, we slept until noon.  As I mentioned, I'm still tired and can't wait for it to be Saturday so I can sleep in.

So there you have it-my wedding recap.  It was wonderful and I'm both happy it's over, and sad.  Happy because I don't have to spend any more money and sad because it was a fun party and a really fun time.  But there are lots more fun things to look forward to, and so, for now I'll just remember with a smile how happy my sister and her husband were and how nice it was to dance with my love.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Pictures

Before the stories, here are the pictures...there are several in here that I am in love with.

1. The picture of me avoiding the torch on the way back down the aisle.
2. All of the ones with my dad and I singing
3. Rye Bread giving her speech
4. The stolen picture of B1 and I dancing together for the first time ever.
5. The one in which my vagina came out to play
6. The picture of B1 and Rye Bread getting down on the dance floor (this might be one of my all time favorite pictures ever)
7. The 4 of us dancing (sisters and B1)

And now, the show...

Slideshow: Christina & PJ's Wedding - Slideshow

I'll try to write something about our weekend soon...

Wedding Update

Hello my lovelies! I'm back from the weekend wedding extravaganza! Yesterday was spent catching up on MUCH needed sleep and then running errands-so there isn't a blog post about it yet. I hope to be able to do that at some point today.

In the meantime, if we are friends on Facebook, go on over and check out the photos. I'll post them here later for those of you who don't have access. I don't have many good ones b/c I focused more on having fun than on taking pictures (I'm hoping that the photographer got a bunch!) But here is a sneak peak: