Friday, September 03, 2010

...And I'm Back!

When I got into my car to go to work the other day, this is what I saw:

I thought, "What the heck did B1 put in my car?!? And WHY?" And then I realized what I was looking at...Since then I noticed that the mounting arm and the charger to my GPS were stolen. Luckily I keep the GPS in my pocketbook so they didn't get that, but I currently can't use it b/c the battery is dying.

The window is now fixed too...

That same morning we woke up to no cable or internet. This was mildly annoying because I was stuck at home waiting for the insurance company to come take pictures and to give me an estimate. It's amazing how cut off from the world you feel when you can't look up a phone number or the name of the person you talk to at the insurance agency.

The cable guy came today-it's all fixed, but he told me that the line was cut. As he said this, an eerie feeling swept over me. It's probably a coincidence that my car was broken into the same night my cable was cut, but it's still a crappy feeling to think that someone is specifically targeting you. (We really do think this is random-nothing in my car has my current address on it and also, the number of wires coming into this apartment is astounding. They couldn't know it was "the" wire.")

Anyway, I'm glad it's fixed. Hopefully this'll be the last of the violence against our household.

I've been working on my little sisters wedding veil. I'm supposed to be giving it to her today when I go pick up Rye Bread, but I'm not quite done. (Almost!) I'm going to bring it down so she can see it and then give it to her finished on Monday when Rye goes home. I've forgotten how long it takes to bead things. I still have some finishing work to do on it too-like snipping little threads and putting a drop of no-fray stuff on each knot. It doesn't look like much in my pictures, but it's really sparkly...

Today I had to have a little minor outpatient "surgery". I say this in parenthesis because the doctor doesn't really consider it surgery, but it involves cutting, needles and this time stitches so I'm calling it surgery. It's in a very...delicate area. And it's the 2nd time I had to have this done. If it comes back again, I'm going to have to go in for real surgery in a real operating room. Pray that this doesn't have to happen! I'm hoping to feel better by tomorrow and that the stitches stop hurting by the end of the day.

B1 and I have Rye Bread for the weekend-so I'm not likely to be near the computer much. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend-and if you're near the storm, be careful!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

9/2/10: Creative Title, I Know...

Still no internet or cable at home. I have no idea what could have happened. It worked when we went to bed one night and the next day...nothing! I picked up a modem from the cable company so that we'd at least have internet until tomorrow when they come, but that doesn't work either. Which means there's a problem outside the house. It's rather funny to realize just how much internet I use while at home. It's not nearly as much as when I lived alone (B1 shares my laptop so my time is cut by that-and also, why would I have my face in a computer when I can have my face touching his?!?) So, anyway...that is why I haven't been around to read (even in reader) lately.

I meant to bring my camera to work so that I could show you the damage the punks in my neighborhood (I should probably refer to it as "the 'hood" now, huh?) did to my car. Of course I forgot it at home though....

For those of you with GPS-I highly recommend taking the arm off of your window every night. This, I believe, is why they broke into my car. Luckily I keep my GPS in my pocketbook so they didn't get it. But the damage is done...and they stole the arm! Bastards!

I've been doing pretty good on my diet. This is week 2 and my scale at home shows a loss again. Of course it's their scale that gives me the number I report, but I weigh myself in the morning before I eat and I think that's more accurate. In any case, I'm doing really well and I'm happy with my progress. I wanted to lose 10 pounds by the time I had to have my dress altered (for a total of 40 pounds lost at the start of this whole thing). But I'm not sure I'll make that. I have to get my dress altered in the next couple of weeks. I'm still aiming for that goal though-losing 4.2 pounds last week sort of fueled my fire even more.

My new gym is pretty awesome. It's one of those "economy" gyms where you pay $10 each month. I don't usually expect these gyms to be super nice and they don't have classes and such, but the equipment is usually newer and in good condition and the people there are usually fairly nice. But this gym-this gym is super nice. It's all of the same stuff but laid out differently. And it's in an office building and the locker room is sort of fancy-ish. AND there's a salon connected to it. It just feels more expensive than a $10 gym-and certainly more expensive than the one (owned by the same company) near my old place. Basically what I'm trying to say is, I love my gym.

Last night I had a particularly good work out. I opted to go home first to eat dinner and then go to the gym. This is always a dangerous thing to do because, well, who wants to go back out after dinner? Especially to sweat and work hard? Usually, not me. Luckily I set my mind to it and got it done. AND it rocked. I was really proud of myself when I left.

The only annoying part of last night was 2 girls standing next to me at the elliptical. First, they were perfect. And they knew it. And you could tell by their attitudes that they've never in their lives had to worry about extra tonnage (as my Papa would say). They're the girls who go to the gym because it's cool, not because they want to sweat their asses off (literally). They were dressed up in cute gym attire (while my pants were falling off of me and my shirt was 3 sizes too big), were decked out in full jewelry (complete with huge hoop earings) and makeup. And they were wearing freshly squirted perfume.


I wear perfume every day. I fully understand that for some people it makes you feel pretty and that you just really like to smell good. But I apply it in the morning. Once squirt. That's it. I do not reapply when I go out (unless I'm going to dinner or something and I've showered and stuff) and definitely don't do so when I go to the gym. So annoying. I wanted to karate kick them off of their machines. And they were LOUD! I had my iPod turned all the way up and I could still hear their annoying voices. This helped me work ever harder though-because I thought about how it'll be when I am hot and how I'll still be nice because I know what it's like to have to work for something.

Luckily, they only stayed there for about 15 minutes. Wimps. (B1 used a better word, but I won't use it here so as not to offend anyone!!)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


"I don't know how you react to apples, but wow!"

It's hard to know what to say when words can never make it right.

Date nights are fun. Especially when they start with a lazy day, breakfast and end with a blue sweater.

When I am frustrated I am unapproachable. I must work on this.

Living with someone requires slight modifications. It's easy to forget that my actions now affect the person I love and while I might think what I am doing is OK or not annoying, he might think otherwise.

My car go broken into Monday night. They didn't get anything, but the window is smashed and the glove compartment is ripped off. What a frustrating ordeal! There's a lot of waiting around for people to call you back, then waiting around for people to come take pictures...and being stuck home is not my idea of OK.

Looking into my car yesterday morning, I was disorientated. It didn't register what happened. It was kind of like picking up a coffee cup thinking that coffee was in there but instead it's filled with Coke. Except in this case the other thing was bad, so instead of Coke it was curdled milk.

I don't it when people try to take over my tuft and control things that don't have to do with them. I can do it.

Having B1 cook me dinner is marvelous. Especially when its breakfast for dinner and especially when it's blueberry pancakes (with a smiley face!) and spicy potatoes that rock.

I lost 4.2 pounds last week. Rock. On.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

1. What spice do you use most?

2. You are saying an important person's name wrong. Do you want someone to tell you or would you get annoyed they corrected you?

3. Has anyone ever told you that you snore?

1. Garlic. No doubt.

2. For sure, I would want them to tell me. It's so embarrassing to say a name wrong, especially when it's to their face!

3. Yup. Apparently, I snore. Lovely.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Office and Hallway Before/After

This weekend B1 and I painted. We've been going back and forth about what colors to choose and finally came up with the plan. I showed you last week that we chose purple for the accent wall in the hallway and a tan-ish color for the office. Both came out really, really well and I am very much looking forward to hanging up artwork and such this week to finish it up. We're slowly getting there and it feels wonderful. All we have to do is get B1 unpacked completely and paint the dining room (and the nook) and we're done.

As I posted these, I realized that I never shared "after" pictures of the kitchen. I was waiting for the wine racks to be hung and just never took pictures. I'll do that this week (maybe after we've hung things up!) and share them later...for now, here is a slideshow of the work we did.

(It shows up really small on here-if you click it, you'll go to their site and it's better)

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Tomorrow's Gate: Repost

Tomorrow' Gate: Posted 2007

At tomorrows gate they all walk past
not knowing what's in store.
But onto bigger-better-things
their hearts ready for more.

Upon the downy green grass lies
a tale that's not been told.
And at any minute the fireflies
may spin their fiery gold.

The tale begins and spreads its wings
and magical things ensue.
Surprised? Indeed! That mystical
girl inside the tale is you!

The story now is off the grass
and in the wind, you know.
And wherever it blows, wherever it lands
those are the places you can go.