Friday, July 23, 2010

Ms. Grumpy Pants

I am really very grumpy this morning. And my allergies are kicking my butt...I really hate being grumpy and allergy-y.

You know when your morning has a long string of not so serious accidents but because there are several of them, they all add up and voila! You're grumpy? Well...that's what happened to me. And I can't kick it, which is even more disturbing. I really want to go home and go back to bed.

I'm also a little sad today. I've mentioned to you that people always leave me, in one form or another. Every best friend I've ever had, I've lost. Either due to moves or fall outs-they've always gone away. (This started as early as 4th grade! Every year, they'd move!!) At my last job, I connected with a woman who was very fun and energetic and we got along really well. We hung out a few times and it seemed like we'd become really great friends. And then she moved to CA. While I made other friends from that job, I found it horribly annoying that of all the people I connected with, she was the one that left.

And you know why I don't currently have a best friend...if you don't know, go back to September posts. I'm over that by leaps and bounds now, but the hole where that friendship lived is still there.

So why am I a little sad now? Because my favorite person here at work-the one that cracks me up daily, that provides me with witty banter and reprieve from annoying people-is leaving. He'll still be in the area and he still lives in the same city as I do, but he won't be here. Working side by side with me. And while people always say that they'll keep in touch and that we'll remain friends, I'm not always optimistic about that. I do, after all, have reason to doubt that.

He and I are having lunch together today off campus right now all I can do is enjoy that we're friends today...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wet Paint

There is so much going's hard to focus on just one thing-but it all has to do with the apartment.  When I first looked at it, I loved the layout and the unique feature of the spiral stairs leading up to the bedroom/ well as the landing on the top of the stairs.  BUT...I hated the dingy, very dirty walls, the horrible smells and the thought that WAY too many people lived there.  Still, it had great bones and I didn't discount it. 

I think you remember that overall, I went back 3 times before deciding that it could be salvaged.  I took B1 with me to make sure that I wasn't crazy and that he could also see the apartment's potential.  Of course he could, and the fact that the landlord said she's pay for $200 worth of paint sealed the deal.

Some people scoff when I tell them that last part.  They say that she should be paying us to do the work of that it should be much more than $200.  While I see their point, I also know that we're both creative people who like color...and that we probably would have painted anyway, even if it wasn't a dingy, dirty apartment in need of repair.  So getting the $200 off of the rent for a month really sort of rocks.  I'm not sure why a landlord would not paint prior to renting an apartment-especially this particular one-but I'm glad that she recognized that it needed help and that if we were willing, she'd allow it.

I would bet that if she had painted prior to showing the place, she would have rented it more quickly.  And could probably charge a bit more.  Lucky for us though, she didn't, and our home is slowly becoming a wonderful place of our own.

We painted the kitchen last night.  It's green, naturally.  B1 actually (almost) insisted that we choose the color we did.  I didn't get to really enjoy the kitchen in my old place (which was green) because I have to move so quickly.  He thought that I should have a green kitchen again (because it's my favorite color).  I was hesitant but as we covered up the ugly baby blue dirty walls, I smiled.  I have a painting partner-a B1 painting partner-and a green kitchen.  And it looks fresh and clean and 1000 time better already.  It's really amazing what a little color (OK, this is a lot of color!) and fresh paint can do.

Pictures will follow soon...I want to put the kitchen back together before I show you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"You can't squirrel hump my butt!"

I am still amazed at how talented my boyfriend is...who saws a couch apart and then puts it back together again-so that we can actually sit on it???

There is a really mean stupid lady at the IKEA here in MA. I hate her.

It's nice to be told by someone who hasn't seen you recently that you look good and that they can tell you lost 30 pounds. Especially when you are feeling particularly ugly and bad about yourself and how you've not been going to the gym.

Going on a date in the most wonderful city with the most wonderful boy eating the most wonderful rainbow cookies...wonderful.

I write reviews on Yelp from time to time and one of my reviews is very well read. It's also very negative due to my experience (it was at the place I got the ghetto mani/pedi). The other day I got an email asking me to take it down. She claimed to be the mother of one of the tech there and said that her husband died and she can't feed her 4 kids. She also rated the spa at 5 stars in a I contacted Yelp, flagged her review and updated my review sharing the email, the discrepancies in her name and highlighted the fact that employees here are known for writing their own reviews under false names. Her review is gone....

Even if there weren't so many discrepancies in her email request/review...I wouldn't have taken it down. I'm not about to lie about the service I neglected to receive and wouldn't want someone else (with not a lot of money) to get suckered in!

I'm hesitant to say this-but we haven't hear Sammy in a while.

It's hard to get my family together.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Good morning my lovelies! Before I say anything else, I need to wish my littlest sister a very happy 22nd birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day today!!

Now, onto this weeks questions. Sorry they are up a little late...I was busy living last night. :)

1. You pull into a parking lot and are faced with 2 identical spaces across from each other-1 that you have to turn left into and 1 that you have to turn right into. Which one do you choose?

2. Would you rather be able to hear any conversation you wanted to or to be able to take back something you said?

3. Chocolate or Cheese? Specifically what kind?

My answers:
1. I usually pull in left unless something is obstructing my way-so in this situation, I would definitely choose left.

2. I have been unlucky enough to have heard conversations I wasn't supposed to in the past (and gotten very hurt by them!) so I'll choose to take back something I said. I try not to hurt people's feelings or say stupid things, but...I'm kind of a little too human and don't always do this well.

3. CHEESE!! Almost any kind...Italian table cheese, provolone (the stinky kind!), extra sharp white cheddar, white American, blue, goat...I could go on, but you get it. :)

Craigslist Ad of the Week

I've been scouring Craigslist over the last week for a few things:

1. A wooden cabinet with shelves and doors for the bathroom
2. A China cabinet for all of my dishes/glasses/platters for the dining room
3. A captain's bed, queen sized, for the bedroom

I've not found any of them. However, I did find this:

It would make a great addition to my already large collection of cake pans...


Friday afternoon I got an email from B1 entitled: "Urgent". I've never received an urgent email from B1 before, so at first, I was a little worried. Luckily, he was just telling me that I was not to enter our living room upon coming home from work because he was working on a surprise for me! That's my kind of urgent message!

I think I mentioned that when we moved in last weekend, the sofa didn't fit. This was after B1 cut the sofa so that it would. I was really disappointed and actually sort of sad that I lost my sofa. Not only do I like my sofa, it's rather new. And also, I couldn't afford to buy a new one. Well, I suspected (hoped?) that this was the surprise he was working on-but also realized that this might not be the case. In addition to the sofa being cut apart, it was also heavily rained on and stored in a basement for a week.

But, because I have the most amazingly awesome boyfriend in the world, I HAVE A SOFA!! :) B1 and his brother brought it back to the apartment on Friday, worked some freakish magic and managed to get it into the apartment. B1 then put it back together and reattached the fabric! Seriously. He's awesome.

B1's handy work

New spiky strips of death

Pretty awesome, no?

This weekend I did a lot of work, even though it doesn't feel like it. I unpacked a lot of boxes and put things away. The kitchen is pretty much all done but we still have to fix it up. I was feeling very disjointed with the bathroom being undone, so over the past couple of days I painted it and put up some shelves. I also bought an ivy plant (with a purple plant holder for my B1!) to warm it up a tiny bit and put some things in the cabinet. I'm really happy with how it came out. I'm not sure if I have a "before" picture-but it was pretty nasty. This is 1000 times better! Take a look at the "before" pictures...

Notice the mold on the ceiling. B1 washed the entire place down with bleach and then we put 2 coats of Kilz on it.


Not so ugly

The only thing that is sort of perplexing me right now is this shower curtain. Because of the slope in the ceiling, the curtain rod is very small. This means that we can't fully close the curtain when we shower-which is really annoying. It also hangs funny. I've already cut it and am planning on hemming it-but keeping it closed enough is going to be a creative endeavor. It works for now, but within the next couple of days, I would very much like to get it fixed.

I think that our place is going to being really fantastic when it's done. Already, it really feels like home, even though there are so many things still left to be done. We have a lot of painting still-and my closet will be redone soon too-also b/c B1 rocks. Everything else is just cosmetic and organizing and I feel like by the end of next week, it'll be done. Hopefully.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying cooking dinner as much as possible and making it feel like home.