Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm exhausted.

Everyday I go home and see boxes and disarray and I wish for a magic wand that would make it all go away. I want to go home and relax or paint-or do anything other than unpack boxes and put its contents away.

So I sit down and tell myself I deserve to read a chapter of my book or that watching a stupid re-run on TV is OK. And then I look around again. At the boxes. And I put the book down and unpack one. That leads to two. And by the third (they're big boxes) I'm really, really sick of it.

But it needs to get done. I miss knowing where everything is. I miss having a place that seems put together and homey. I know that I just moved on Saturday. I know that I am impatient with myself-with everything-and that I should relax and know that it can't all get done right away...but I so want it done. I hope I can finish most of it up by Sunday night.

The other reason why I am exhausted is because we have a little friend who plays on the roof. A squirrel, it seems, lives up there. He scampers and scratches and generally acts like a puppy on crack.

At like, 4am.

The other day I told B1 that I was worried we had rats. I was in our bedroom and I heard the scratching and it sounded like it was in the wall. This morning we both heard our friend the squirrel and I jumped up out of bed and exclaimed, "See!?!".

This lead to B1 getting up, getting dressed and proclaiming that he was going outside to see what was up there. He didn't go out, but instead, leaned out of the window in our nook. This confirmed that it was a crazy squirrel with beady eyes. It also lead to B1 proclaiming that he was going to get a sling shot. Or a bb gun. And then saying that it probably wasn't a good idea because the neighbors would call the police about the crazy man hanging out the window with a gun.

Did I mention that all of this took place at like, 4am? Well, it did...and that, my friends, is why I'm exhausted.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Breakfast with my B1 in our new city before work is blissful.

Also blissful: Having a boyfriend who looks at you like you're the most amazing person he's ever loved.

Vacation was nice-but not as wonderful as it normally is. We stayed in a condo this time instead of the house we usually rent and it was just too small. I like to be able to spread out every now and then.

Rye Bread fell in love with B1 almost immediately. It was strange how it happened, actually, but I'm thrilled that she took to him so quickly.

She asked me if I was going to marry him. She said she wants me to because he's funny. :)

We know how the new dean will be-but it's not been formally announced. At least I know that I'll have a job. Hopefully I'll still like it.

I'm so very sick of boxes. And having boxes around my apartment. And smelling boxes because it's so humid. Yeah...I'm just sick of boxes.

Pudding tastes good no matter where you eat it.

I felt like a domestic goddess last night. I fixed a sticky lock, added a tap light to the hall, took out the garbage, made dinner using leftovers and did dishes-all before B1 got home.

But then we shared a bottle of wine over dinner and I was rendered mostly useless...

Did I mention that pudding is good? No matter where you eat it?

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Back...But Not

I'm alive! I am exhausted. Vacation was fun but I couldn't relax 100% because I knew I had lots to do at home. Everything got done and I am in the new place. I'm too tired to recap my week right now, but I wanted to share some pictures with you. I'll be back soon...

My Love

Rye Bread & I. How is she so grown up already?


I'll explain this one later.