Friday, July 02, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is...

Last night was our first night of painting in the new place. I've mentioned that there is a lot to be done-we basically have to paint every wall and most of the ceilings because of the grime the people before us left behind. I think we work really well together though, and we both are super excited that we're fixing up a place for the two of us, so it'll be OK.

I painted the living room ceiling...

While B1 went through the rooms (specifically our bedroom) and spackled. There are A LOT of holes and cracks to cover up. This is one on our bedroom ceiling:

And this is my cute boy working. Can I tell you hot he is when he's working?

And this is our view from the book nook. All of these pictures were taken with my cell phone, so they aren't the best, but you get the's prettier in person and when sun goes down and the city lights up, it's awesome...and I get to look at that whenever I'm reading or blogging from my chair in the nook.

Things I love about our apartment so far (beside the fact that it's OURS):

1. The nook-it's just my favorite spot in the apartment right now. Even when it's empty, it's unique and cute and I can't wait to have it filled with our stuff and our books (well, mine-he only has 4.*)

2. The fact that we're higher up than most people, even though we're on the 2nd and 3rd floor. That also means we're at the top of the trees-making it seem sort of like we're not in a city. You know how I love trees! It kind of makes me think of "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn"-which is one of my favorite books.

3. Birds. Because of the trees, we hear lots of them chirping. It's wonderful.

4. Our quirky light switches. Even though they are somewhat annoying, I love the fact that years from now-when we live in a nicer place-we'll look back and laugh at how weird this place was.

So, overall-as you can see-I am very happy. Not that you didn't know this already, but I am.

Oh...and the title of this post came from the first picture I posted. Which is actually a paint chip that fell on the floor when B1 was cleaning up last night. I immediately saw the heart and snapped the picture before he came back to sweep it away...the color enhancer even knew it was a heart because it make it red automatically!

Home really is where the heart is. And together, we've got lots, and lots of heart.

*Not really. It's a private joke.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


No, the title doesn't reflect the fact that I told you I wasn't going to post and now I am. (Though, that really is a bonus, right?!) The title of this post refers to something that made me jump for joy last night...

Remember when I lived in the actual city of Boston and not on the outskirts? And remember that from my living room I could see this:

And yes, that was my actual view...I looked at it everyday when I woke up and every night before I went to bed. Yes, for real. I loved it and it was the one thing that I really missed while living where I do now.


Last night B1 and I went to our apartment to sort of say "hi" and to walk around. We dropped paint and supplies off and I put water and juice in the fridge so that when we paint tonight we'll be sufficiently hydrated. While we were looking around our bedroom, B1 started playing with the window. I went over and looked out and...WE HAVE A CITY VIEW!!

We can see the Boston skyline from our bedroom window. The location of our bed is going to be perfect too, because while laying in bed at night we can gaze out at the city and dream. *sigh* I was excited before but now I am super excited.

B1 makes everything better. Yesterday I went to see the apartment after I got the keys. It was my first time in there alone, and while I walked around I got a little sad. It was clean-the landlord had it professionally done, which was nice. But it was still dingy. And it needs a lot of cosmetic work. And when I walked around by myself in that big place, I felt a little overwhelmed at how much needs to be done.

And then I remembered my B1 and how we're going to be painting together and that we picked out paint colors and talked about the book nook upstairs and all of these wonderful things-all of them, together. And not being alone in this is wonderful-being not alone with B1 specifically is perfect...

I'll be sure to post pictures sometime in the near future.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone Fishin'

To those of you who missed my Toosdae post yesterday, I am sorry...I took the day off to get some major packing done, buy paint for the new apartment (!!!) and to go to the dentist. All of those things combined meant no posting. In fact, I probably won't be posting much until after the 10th, when I actually move in.

Today I got the keys to our new apartment. I'll leave from work to go make sure that everything that was promised was done and then I'll go home to finish packing. 95% of my apartment is packed, I'd say. I'd like to get it all done tonight so that I don't have anything to worry about when I go on vacation on Saturday.

Yes. I'm going on vacation. It's my annual trip to RI for a week at the beach with my family. I'll spend time relaxing and sunning myself and then I'll drive back to MA and will move the next day. Needless to say, I'll be very occupied for the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow B1 and I start painting. We decided to paint our bedroom and the living room first because those are the 2 rooms we'll use the most, and the 2 rooms that will have the most furniture in them on the 10th. We're hoping to have them both done by Saturday when we leave for the beach. After moving in, we'll finish the kitchen, dining room and office and the hallways. It's going to be a lot of work, but this time I have help and this time, it's not just for me.

Also, we decided to add an accent wall to the bedroom. Because the ceiling is weird (it's an attic) it just wouldn't look right being all one color. So, we added "Mosaic Tile" to the "Rain Washed" and got this color combination. The darker will be the accent wall...I LOVE IT!!

So, you pretty much rocks.

I'll try to write some posts over the next couple of days and set them to self publish-but in case I don't, please enjoy the first couple weeks of July...I'll see you soon!

PS. Don't be too sad-you KNOW how hard it is for me to stay away!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Had The Best Weekend

I had little doubt, but B1 fits in with my family perfectly. Like, perfectly. It's almost as if he's been a part of the family for a long time. There was a lot of laughing going on yesterday. We ate, talked, joked around, swam, drank and had a bonfire. It was the best. I thanked God about a bazillion times.

It was my sisters fiance's birthday. To celebrate and to make him feel like part of the family, I made him cupcakes. It was supposed to be a cake, but I packed my pans like a dumb ass. The cupcakes were a hit though-banana cupcakes with peanut butter filling with chocolate frosting. Yum...

For those of you who are not on my Facebook friends list, here is a picture of B1 and I...I didn't want to post a face picture of him without permission and lucky for you, he said yes. :) Isn't he cute?!!?!?! (OMG-seriously!?! How is that hot man mine?!?!)

Speaking of littlest sister:

And her silly boyfriend:

And moving onto HOT: My man by the fire that he built us. Yeah. He's pretty sexy.

We tried to take a "Myspace" kind of photo but failed a few times. In going through the pictures, I just couldn't delete this one. I love, love, love it. Even though I'm cut out-look at how cute he is all cuddled up for a picture! ( can gag now.)

Finally I had B1 take the camera and we got the shot...

Life is so good right now. So. Good. I honestly don't remember ever being this happy and this in love-all at the same time. It's pretty amazing. I know it's all I really talk about these days, but it's just so wonderful and fantastic and unbelievable. And I feel like I'm just radiating happiness (in fact, I am-everyone who sees me in person tells me how happy I look).

And knowing that B1 fits in so well and is silly and happy and funny just like us is such a relief and such a comfort to me.

How did I get to be so lucky?