Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh, the Excitement! (I Couldn't Sleep!)

Today we:

are taking a road trip

to this place (this is a very accurate painting of my town...though this antique store is no longer there)

to meet these people...

and this guy...(he was taking the picture above so I had to include him!)

And this give me...a happy heart...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Stupid Excited

Tomorrow is going to be a FUN day! B1 and I are driving down to CT for the first time together...he's meeting my family. I can honestly say that I have never been this excited to introduce someone to my family before. It's kind of weird, actually, but in a good way. I think he's going to fit in perfectly and I know they are going to love him, probably instantly. :)

We're leaving a little bit earlier than planned because I want to drive him around town a little bit to show him where I grew up. It's a really special place to me and the town itself is rich with my family's history. I spent my childhood wrapped in dreams of fairies and far away lands and I know it's because of where I grew up-surrounded by ancient trees that towered over me and let the sun shine through their brilliant green leaves. I can't wait to point out my favorite rock on the highway (yes, I have a favorite rock on the highway-it's a beautiful shade of peach/orange/rust and the way it's cut is so pretty), the lake that we swam in (and stood out in the middle on a secret rock pile-until we realized that where all the eels lived!), the little area by the creek where my friend and I used to day dream...yes, it's going to be wonderful to share all of these things with my B1. (If you have time, go read "Green"'s about one of the places I want to show him.)

We're also leaving early because Rye Bread has a sleepover birthday party to go to...and won't be with us at all. I'm hoping to catch her for at least an hour so that he can meet her too. If not, he'll meet her next weekend when he comes to the beach with us.

It's kind of stupid how excited I am!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It Has Begun...

Packing, that is...I took yesterday afternoon off to pick up some boxes and to pack. Because I am going on vacation on the 3rd for a week, I really have very little time to get everything done. Yesterday I managed to clean out my closet (4 bags of clothes-including shoes-ready for Goodwill) and to pack most of my clothes. I also packed all of my cookbooks (6 wine boxes), the bathroom closet and some of my hanging clothes in my attic closet. Oh-and some of the pantry items, too. Overall, I think it was a very productive afternoon. Today I'm going to try to pick up some more boxes down the street during my lunch break. Tomorrow I will start packing breakables. (I don't have enough padding yet-have to wait to buy some tomorrow.)

I also rounded up a bunch of collectibles that were scattered around my house. It very quickly became comical to me:

Yup. I love elephants and collect them-there are still a few more around the apartment that haven't yet made it to "Little Africa" (aka, my kitchen cart) yet, but they will.

And now for a sneak peak at where I am moving...keep in mind that it's going to look completely different once B1 and I have our way with it!

From top left moving clockwise: (1) The living room (2) Looking from the kitchen into the office-the living room is off of that (3) The bedroom-sloped ceiling (4) The nook-my favorite part of the place. There will be storage to the right, bookshelves to the left and straight ahead-a chair for reading!

Missing is the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Those rooms were too small to get a good picture while the realtor was breathing down my neck. He's a nervous one, that guy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My last name has a "c" in it. It is not capitalized. I hate it when people automatically make it a capital when they spell it.

Some friends are just not good for pouring your heart out. Either because they try to fix the problem (when all you want to do is vent) or they have really, really, stupid advice.

I hate when people give someone who is not my boss tasks that need to be passed on to me. It sort of makes the work colleague non-existent.

Some bugs make a nasty bite.

B1 is sick with strep and to be proactive I took my temperature. It was 101.6. I started to freak out until I realized that I had just eaten a hot ravioli. After a sip of cold water, my temperature was back to normal.

As I packed boxes last night I marveled at how funny it is that I started planning my life to be single forever. And then all of a sudden, I am not.

Some pants tent...and outline your junk.

I am surprised that Listerine has never used the tune Glycerine for their advertising. I think they should.

I had a really horrible night last night. I got lost going home from work (I had to take a detour) then I dropped my dinner. When I finally sat down, I stepped on broken glass, stabbed myself under the nail with a shard and bled all over. I then went to pack and realized I have no small boxes yet. (I'm getting boxes from a friend who just moved.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Hello! As you know, my boss is officially gone...which means I have nothing much to do during the day until another dean is appointed. So...take a few minutes to play along so I have something to read...k?

1. Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen or Chocolate Mint. Which is your favorite and how do you like to eat it?

2. How many times have you moved in the last 5 years? Tell me where you moved to.

3. What color pants (or skirt, shorts etc) are you wearing today?

My answers:

1. I'd have to say my favorite is spearmint. I love the sugared jelly spearmint candies. The texture rocks and I often eat way too many and end up with a belly ache. Truth be told, though-my actual favorite is fresh mint out of my Mom's garden. I love picking it and eating it right off of the vine.

2. I moved from Chester to Windsor to Boston to my current city and am moving in a couple of weeks again. So that makes it 3.

3. I am wearing a white skirt with big blue polka dots. It's very cute.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Apartment

Remember last week when B1 and I went to pick out paint colors? Well, this is what we chose for our apartment:

Putting it all out here like this makes me realize how blue it is. I'm OK with that, but we did pick a lot of it! What do you think?

Initially I was going to wait to tell my parents that B1 is moving in this fall. They are meeting him for the first time on Saturday and I thought it might be smarter to wait until they realize how awesome he is before I told them. But when I was there yesterday I felt myself wanting to talk about it and I realized there is no reason why I should hide it. Not only am I happy, but I'm also almost 34 years old. I can do whatever I want!

My Mom had the exact reaction I knew she would. She asked how long I knew "this guy". My father did his looking out into space thing and then later told me he was happy that things were "really working out" for me. He then expressed his happiness that I'll now have someone to share rent with-also something I knew he would say. I feel good about the fact that they know.

Saturday is going to be a fun day-though I'm pretty sure they are more excited to meet B1 than they ever were excited about me coming to visit. Everyone asked what we should cook, if we should do something special, what he likes and dislikes...there may or may not be a welcome parade...

I'm really happy that everyone is so excited for me and excited to meet the boy who's made me so happy. I'm excited to show B1 where I come from and for him to meet my family and to spend time with them doing the things we do when I visit. I told my family not to do anything special-I want it to be exactly what it is. Us. Having a BBQ, playing in the pool...that's fun. And with B1 involved, it'll be even funner...

Yup. I'm excited. About life, in general, but also about Saturday.


I'm sorry I've been MIA the last few days-I'm busy enjoying life. :)

I set my alarm clock 1 hour late so my day has started off kind of crazy, but I hope to come back later for a real post.

Happy first day of summer!!