Friday, June 11, 2010


I made some changes to my used to look like this:

But some things have changed...and so I changed it to this:

I just didn't like looking at that poor little swan all alone. And while life will always have its lows, I have more sunshine than rain now...and of course, a love in my heart.

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The Truth

Yesterday I posted 6 lies and 1 truth.  Thank you to those of you who came by to guess!  Of the 6 people (I'm counting B1 who guessed in person), only 1 of you got it right!  Here is what YOU thought:

GW & Bond think I am a hooligan who pulls fire alarms.

Thomas believes that I, like Sarah Silverman, wet my bed a lot longer than I should have.

Lucy, a new reader (Hi Lucy!) guessed that I was a sucker but then saw that I am a chef and changed her guess to Thanksgiving turkey.

Daily Panic-who tagged me for this-also thinks that I was a sucker.

B1 narrowed it down to 2, did some thinking and rationalizing and then exclaimed that he could totally see me milking a cow and drinking its milk...."even though you don't like milk.".

I chuckled after writing yesterday's post because even though I know which answer is the truth, it also seems fairly obvious.  A while back I read an article that talked about people who lie or make excuses a lot.  Often times, when someone is desperate for you to believe them (even though what they are telling you is a lie), they will add to the story, hoping these details will make the story more real.

Without even realizing I was doing it, I did that.  Only 2 of my statements were short and to the point.  One of them came out that way because it was my last lie and I simply could not think of anything else to write.  The other is the truth...

So...which one of you is right?  Which answer is the truth? 

Lie: I have milked a cow and drank its milk.

Though I actually have always wanted to milk a cow, I have not.  And even though I don't like milk, I would probably drink its milk too.  Though there are some health risks involved in that-especially for women.  But I'd probably risk it.

Truth: I wet the bed when I was a little girl. For a lot longer than most kids.'s true.  I wet the bed for a disgustingly long time.  I knew who my true friends were because they were the ones who kept my secret.  And they were the ones whose Moms had a special set up for me so that I could sleep over.  As I got older, I tried to stay awake for the entire night so that I wouldn't have an accident but I always ended up giving in and waking up disappointed.  Nothing my mom did worked.  I'd go hours-HOURS-without liquids before bed, she'd wake me up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and she enticed me with stickers and rewards.  Nothing worked...just one day, I woke up and was dry and then next and the next and the next...and I could sleep over without worrying I'd lose a friend or end up the laughing stock of the school.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lies....All Lies...Well, Almost!

The other day I was tagged by Daily Panic to tell you 6 lies and 1 truth. My first truth is that telling 6 lies is HARD! Thanks Daily Panic, for this "Creative" Writer award. :)

Can YOU tell which one of these is the truth?

1. I love chocolate. I love it so much that one year for my birthday my friends created a 5 course meal made entirely of chocolate for me. We had fondue, chocolate raspberry truffles, a chocolate and hazelnut tart, chocolate bread pudding and chocolate gelato.

2. I have always loved to cook and knew early on that I wanted to be a chef. The year I turned 6 I cooked our family's Thanksgiving meal almost on my own. I prepped and seasoned the turkey and basted it when needed, stuffed it with homemade stuffing and mashed the potatoes. The only thing I needed help with was cutting the veggies and lifting the turkey into and out of the oven. I also made the pumpkin pie.

3. I am a very tactile person and have often gotten in trouble for touching things I am not allowed to touch. This includes pushing buttons, turning knobs and pulling levers. After many, many years of wanting to pull a certain lever (but refraining for fear of being caught) I, along with a group of friends, pulled the fire alarm in our dorm. It didn't feel as good as I thought it would.

4. I have milked a cow and drank its milk.

5. I wet the bed when I was a little girl. For a lot longer than most kids.

6. I did not suck my thumb when I was a little girl. Instead, I would suck on the shirt of the person holding me or the blanket I was wrapped in. You could always tell who had just put me down because they always had a wet spot the size of a quarter on their shirt.

7. When I was in elementary school I loved climbing trees. I once climbed so high that when I looked down I panicked and fell what equated to 2 stories down. When I stood up I told my mother that my shoulder hurt-even though my head was cut wide open (to the skull) and was bleeding profusely.
I suspect this is what my version of heaven will look like...only my chair will be closer to the other one*...

*And I wouldn't be wearing a hat. My hair would blow freely.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


"You should have given the Ethiopian a chance-he would have gone the extra mile...or 26.2"

Some bruises really DO mean "I Love You"

Some camping trips must be banned. Unless I'm invited.

$14 drinks should be delicious, not disgusting.

I should not take afternoon naps during the week. No matter how tired I am.

My neighbor told me that the landlord is coming by tomorrow to take a look at the roof-with a roofer. I almost told him that I'm moving, but since I haven't told the landlord yet, I thought I should keep that info to myself for now. He's a bit of a gossip.

I think I want to try to own an indoor tree again-and keep it alive this time.

A date is set for B1 to meet my family. I'm very excited.

Updated from this morning: I am NOT going to eat at a really fabulous restaurant that I've wanted to try for years with a good friend because I got an unexpected medical bill in the mail today. I can pay it on Friday when I get paid, but I won't have enough money to pay for a really expensive dinner. Which sucks. We're both really, really bummed.

Some priests need to love and be loved. That's a direct quote from NPR.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Update: I'm still disgustingly happy. *shrug*

1. Would you rather lose all of your hair or all of your teeth?

2. What is the worst kind of storm you've ever experienced in person?

3. Do you have any superstitions or rituals you rely on before going on a big trip?

1. This is probably going to shock you all mainly because of my fear of bald men...but I'd rather go without my hair. I'd rock some fabulous hats and scarves to combat the shine.

2. When I lived in Florida I watched the most fantastically scary lightening and wind storms ever. One in particular was really horrible-and it turned out to be a tornado that leveled the street next door.

3. Yes, I do. When I fly I always had Chapstick in my pocket. This is so that if I crash I won't have to deal with chapped lips. Yes, really.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Verys

My boyfriend received a Dean's stamp of approval. "B1 seems like a very nice boy." she said to me this morning.

*sigh* :)

He is...he is a very very nice boy. And he's all mine. And I often still can't believe it. Life continues to get better, almost every second that I am with him. I love finding out little nuggets of information and hearing his stories and seeing the look on his face when he shares them with me. I love being goofy and silly with him and bursting into laughter together. Or sharing a secret look across a table. And I love talking about our future and making plans that assume we'll be together for all of the "verys". Yes, I think we are going to have a blissfully happy life together...and there are no words to describe how that makes me feel.

I met people who look like my B1 yesterday. I met his Dad and his brothers and sisters and lots of other people who have known him for a long time. It was so neat to see who he came from and who he grew up with. It just added another dimension to how much I love him.

I'm sorry this blog is currently a big gush fest about how wonderful B1 is. He just makes me feel so alive and free and loved and happy that pretty much anything else in my life right now doesn't compare enough to write about it. I am content and excited and so in love that it's just oozing out of my very being and when I sit down to write it's all I can think days, I am sure something else will come about...