Thursday, April 15, 2010


Though it's not a huge change, I've started seeing differences in my body. Of course my clothes are too big. All of them. Except for the ones I've recently bought. My work pants almost fell off of me today. I was washing my face earlier and noticed that my face seemed thinner too. I searched my pictures to find a recent picture to compare with one I just took prior to posting. It's not huge, but this is what my face looks like after losing 18 pounds:

The picture on the left was taken when Rye Bread came to visit me (last month-2 months ago?)

Sorry Lou-no body shots yet! :)

Not Much, But A Lot

I don't really have a lot to report...I mean, I do, but you know...I'm not going to. Yet.

Things are going really, really well and last night I was told that he went into the whole group thing looking to make friends-specifically male friends-and then "I met you". He said he's glad he decided to go because he would have missed out.

So, it's nice. Really, really nice. To hear that someone is as excited about me as I am about him. Today and tomorrow's work day are going DRAG!

The cake making and creating is not going so well. Mainly because I haven't tried much of it. I didn't get home from work last night until 8pm because of a function we had and after coloring and rolling the fondant I realized I didn't have rice krispy treats. That's going to be the base for the palm tree. So I just wrapped it all up again and put it away. I have a feeling that Saturday is going to be a long day. The party is Sunday.

In addition to all of this, I have to find a pair of jeans. I'm in that weird place where all of the ones I own fall off of me but the next size down is just a tad bit too tight to look nice. I've been to so many stores over the last week. Today at lunch I'm trying one more. If I can't find a pair, I'll have to do laundry tonight which in itself, is a production. Basically, I need to stay home today to do stuff, but I can't...

I am really excited and also a little nervous about tomorrow....but things will be good. I know it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dead or alive is weird in this day and age.

$5 pants one size down is a glorious thing.

I am very excited about helps that I know that he is too.

I have never known anyone so little and yet had so many nicknames between us.

Hearing a gay man say "Vagina is a one hour show" is hysterical

Sharing an umbrella on a cold rainy night is very romantic.

Getting playdoh (green) on a first date is my kind of first date gift.

You can't cut (most) chicken with a butter knife.

When you sit at a restaurant for an hour without another person there, you start to get pity eyes.

Deleting 170 sent emails to someone you no longer love is sad and empowering all at the same time.

Hearing that B1 is getting teased at work because he was calling me makes me smile. Why? Because the means he's been talking about me just as much as I've been talking about him.

3:30 am is not a good bed time.

Did I mention that my first game is Friday? And I'm going with a cute boy who really likes me? And that it's going to be cold and rainy...which means we have to cuddle up to each other? No? Well. I am and we do. :)

"You can't just toast to herpes without a little background!"

My father might possibly be the most generous person I will ever know. For no reason at all, he is giving me a new flat screen tv and a blue ray dvd player next month when he comes to visit. For no reason other than he can.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Happy Toosdae everyone! I'm sorry I did not update you all about how things are going with B1 and I-I'm still savoring it all and just don't want to share everything yet. Just know that he's a really nice boy and we seem to have an endless amount of things to talk and laugh about. And that he has no qualms with telling me he likes spending time with me and that I'm great.

On that are today's questions:

1. If you have a significant other, do the two of you have "pet names" or nicknames for each other? If you don't have a significant other, have you ever used pet names? (If so, what are they?)

2. If you had to go naked for the rest of your life with the exception of one accessory (includes hats, shoes, gloves, ties, necklaces, scarves...etc) what would you choose and why?

3. Have you ever worn your hair a different color than your natural one? If so, what was the most outrageous?

My answers:

1. I do not have a significant other however I call B1...well, B1 and he calls me LL. While they do stand for things (specifically related to the night we met and to our real names) that's actually what we call each other. It's rather endearing, actually and it makes me smile every time he address me in an email as LL and signs as B1.

2. I think I would choose a scarf. It's one of the only accessories that can be adapted and worn a plethora of ways and can also help protect against the elements.

3. My current hair color is not my natural one. My natural hair color is very, very dark brown. In the 7th grade I was sick of it and I used peroxide to lighten it. My hair was a very light reddish blond. That was the most drastic I've done.

Monday, April 12, 2010

This post brought 2 U by the # 6

Do you know what that number represents? It represents the number of INCHES I've lost off of my waist!!! No wonder my jeans were falling off the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jump Start


It's nice to be on this end of things, for's been a long, long time since someone-a cute boy-has taken a risk to let me know he thinks I'm worth it.

I have so many things to remember from this weekend's conversations, texts and emails to keep me smiling until Friday.


I know you want details...but I'm too busy closing my eyes and smiling to type.