Friday, April 02, 2010

Dirty Dating

Yesterday I ended up in the urgent care unit because of a stupid twisted knee. It's my "bad knee" and it has happened before but this time I can't think of why it flared up. In any case, it hurts to walk and I can't bend my knee just yet. I have an anti-inflammatory that I'm taking and will hold off on going to the gym until it goes down. Which is annoying considering it's my first week not cooking, but that's know why?

He asked me out!!!!!

Last night we were chatting and before he said good night he asked if I'd like to meet up next week. He did not say, "Let's go on a date" but I'm treating it as such until he says, "Let's just be friends". Or until he shows me that he's not interested in another way. But honestly, at this point, I am kind of leaning toward thinking that he does like me. But we'll see. Honestly, he's a fun person so if I end up with a good friend out of it, then I'm blessed. Of course I'll be a little disappointed, but it'll be OK...

I don't know where we are going or what we are doing. He said I should go to sleep and he would call me. I'm OK with that too.

In other news, SUNDAY IS OPENING DAY!!!!!!!

I am so excited. On the way to work today I listened to a station that played songs typically played at home games...which made me remember that today is Trav's 5 of without further ado, here is my Dirty Water 5:

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I love it when someone you think reads your blog proves over and over that, in fact, they do not. Nothing more on that-it's just funny to me....and now onto today's post.

Last night was my last night cooking for The Family. It was a great night, but also sad. During the day, they sent flowers to the university thanking me for all I've done for them and telling me they will really miss me. It choked me up. As I was cooking I thought about how much I really do love them and how I've enjoyed cooking for them. The girls came over asking me what I was making for dinner, as they usually do, and hovered near almost the entire time. I brought them 2 new books as a goodbye gift and The Mom sat and read them in the kitchen while I was cooking. She also read the inscription I wrote in one of them and when she did, the youngest looked at me and said, "Aw...Maggie!" It was really funny-she's only 3.

After I was done cleaning up we all went into the living room and they piled onto my lap and I read them 2 last stories. They clung to me and it was obvious they really did not want me to go. I told them that if the new person ever gets sick or goes on vacation that they could call me and I'd come right over. The older girl also mentioned that I could babysit for them sometimes too, which I thought was funny. "We wouldn't even NEED food!" she exclaimed. Very cute...

As I was leaving they ran up to me one last time and gave me big hugs. The Mom was sad too and The Dad told me how much they were going to miss me and thanked me. He's actually been quite nice over the last month....

I left and almost immediately felt a huge loss. They were so much more than a cooking job to me. Those 2 little girls really got me through some hard times the fall. On days when I didn't even want to continue breathing, they made me laugh. They gave me hugs without me even asking for them. They brightened my life in so many ways and I will miss them greatly. Of course I will probably see them again, but I'll miss seeing them on a regular basis. But this is was time...

On my way home I was teary eyed and sad. And then I got a text message...

It was from B1! He contacted me again first!! I didn't have to worry about whether or not he was thinking about me or if it would be weird for me to call because HE did it first!! Instantly my face changed to a huge smile. It really, really felt good to have someone-especially a very cute boy-show interest in speaking with me.

We text'd back and forth for about an hour. And then he called! I am not sure I've smiled that brightly in a long, long time. He said, "That was too many questions to answer in a ARE you?!" I don't want to get my hopes up, but I really, really like him and I would love it if he liked me that way too. Right now, I feel like he does. But he hasn't asked me out on a date yet, so it's still up in the air. We talk really well with each other and have great chemistry. There's not been a lull (even when we first met) and he's shown me several times that he listened to every word I said that first night. He remembers little things. He's funny, too, which is a major prerequisite for me.

The good news is that now that he's called and initiated contact (each time) I can now feel comfortable about calling him back. Or texting for no reason. And there's no pressure for me to rush into seeing him because I know that I'm already in his brain. (That was the whole point of me trying to ask him out so quickly-so he wouldn't forget me.) So, that's good...this might be the start of something fun. :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


*Today is the day I'll text B1. Or maybe it'll be tomorrow. I don't know yet. I'm a chicken.

*There are lots of roads closed around here due to flooding. I'm so thankful that it's going to stop raining later today!

*I'm actually quite busy at work these days. I love a crazy busy day!!

*Today is my last day cooking for The Family. I am sad and excited at the same time.

*I've been trying to think of a good gift for The Girls, but I haven't come up with anything. I wanted a book about missing them but still loving them but all I could find were books about death.

*I should not know the medical problems of my boss. Those things are personal. And not university related. And I don't like making those appointments, especially because I am not his personal assistant.

*I have finally made it under that milestone weight I was telling you all about. It took an extra week-but I had a fun weekend so it's OK.

*Next week I'll try on those skinnier jeans that I bought at the beginning of the month to see if they fit. I have a feeling they will!

*I have a little bit of a headache today and am having trouble with this randomivity post...I should have written it last night. Sorry!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dream Boat

I've been waiting patiently to see if pictures of Fridays event would be posted and sadly, there are only 3. A picture was taken of us but I'm not sure where it is-it may not have come out well. In any case, this photo was taken of people I cropped out because he and I are in it...see below:

Isn't he cute? LOL!! He really is dreamy. Even this muddled picture of him gives me the butterflies.

Toosdae ?'s

Well hello there my lovelies! How are you all doing on this...rainy, gray day? I sure hope that wherever you are you don't have to worry about flooding and that you stay dry. If you're here in New England-stay strong, warmer, sunnier weather is just around the corner.

1. When you are pumping gas, do you "top it off" or just stop when the pump automatically stops? If you top if off, do you have certain number you round it up to?

2. If you could only see the world in black and white with the exception of one color, what color would you choose?

3. Did you have a teacher who picked on you when you were in school? If so, what did they tease you about?

My answers:

1. Yes, I top it off-I generally round it up to the next even number, but I don't have a specific number I aim for.

2. Oh, what a terrible life that would be-to only see one color! But if I had to choose...I would say...the color of the ocean in Mexico.

3. I did, but it was in a good way. He picked on everyone he liked but he did it in such a way that you felt special. He also made a point to ask us if we were OK when we were down. It was nice.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Plans That Friends Made...

My friends have it all planned out-how I'll ask B1 (that's the cute boy) to go out with me, if he doesn't initiate it within the next few days. At first I felt comfortable with it. And I suppose I still do. But now things are getting far fetched-like me asking him to take a small road trip (to a place he and I talked about), asking him to go on a hike (which he mentioned he liked doing, but I don't want to do at first because of my face problem) or asking if he wants to go to the Sox game in a couple of weeks (which my friend was supposed to come with me to but now can't because of a family obligation).

None of these things, I know, are far fetched. In fact, they seem pretty normal and if I knew him a little better, I'd be all over it. But you see, I'm not sure where I stand yet. And I know that the worst thing that can happen is he says "no". But I want him to say "yes!" (yes, with an !) and I feel like there's a fine line between showing him that I'm interested versus making him think I'm crazy. Which, you know, is also true, but I have to hide that for now. ;)

The plan I think I'm going to go with at the moment is one that my littlest sister and I talked about. It's the one where I contact him around Wednesday or Thursday (if he hasn't contacted me again before that) and ask if he's planning on going to a future planned event. Since we met at one of these events, it wouldn't seem too crazy that I'd ask and it wouldn't seem pushy since we had a good time together. That way I'll have time to further investigate his intentions and I can hopefully gauge whether or not he's thinking of me as just a friend (which is OK, but obviously I'd like to go with option #2 which is:) or if he likes me, likes me. At that point, if I'm feeling the vibe (which I have to say, I was feeling on Friday night) I can ask him to go out again if he doesn't ask me.

Why am I thinking about asking him? Well, in one of our group conversations the other night he mentioned that he can talk to anyone, but he's not the type of guy who can actively ask someone out if he likes them. Was that a hint? I dunno. But I'm not about to wait around just in case it was. Which is why I'll wait a few days and then put the moves in place if he doesn't do so first.

I just really hope I don't get played for a fool again. I'm just sort of emerging from the last time I was played for a fool and I really don't want to get put back into that place.

What do you think? Is it too forward of me to ask him to go out if he doesn't ask me by mid-week? Do you think it's a good plan to ask him to go to the public event as opposed to say, dinner or drinks alone?

Lemer out.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday I really, really wanted to eat bad things like pizza and Chinese food. But I didn't. Why? Because of the results I see:

...and because I can't wait until I can just walk into a store-any store-and buy a cute shirt or pants-or dresses-without having to dig through racks of old lady clothes. I can't wait for the confidence I'll have walking into a room when I don't have to realize I'm the biggest person there.

That chart is a year's worth of weight tracking. Granted I did not actively track which is why there is such a drastic drop in the middle. But the weight are accurate, and only a year ago I was way up there. I'm looking forward to another big drop soon...