Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Yesterday could have potentially sucked for me. I only got 2 hours of sleep so I called in sick to work so I could catch up on sleep...which of course, did not work. Instead of just laying around trying to sleep again I decided to call a friend who only works part time to see if she was free to go shopping. She was, and so I showered and got ready to hit the road.

Our intention was to only go to IKEA, but I needed a new pair of jeans because the ones I have are starting to get too big and the only pair that fit OK were dirty. Yes, I could have washed them, but the fact is, having only one pair of jeans that fit is a pain in the ass for someone who doesn't have a washing machine. So I asked if we could stop to look. Of course this ended up with her piling dresses up on me to see if they fit (they did!) and her buying a dress herself. I did not find jeans, so after IKEA we went to Kohls. It was during this time that I mentioned that there was an event at the bar we wanted to try next (with the group I go out with now and then). I asked if she wanted to go and she did! So, because it was late and I couldn't go home to change, we found me a shirt (for $3!!) and jeans and stopped by the fragrance counter so I could spray on a little Chanel and drove back to her house. Luckily she has the same size feet so I borrowed a pair of her cute shoes and put on some of her jewelry and we were off. It was actually the most "normal" girl friend experience I've probably had since college. It felt nice.

We walked in (to this very cool downtown place) and looked at the crowd. I think we just stood looking for a few minutes until I saw someone I knew and we went over to chat. She was playing pool though, so it was awkward. Luckily the host saw us and came over to introduce himself (which was cool too, because in the 2 years I've been going to these events, I've never met him!). He was great-he took us around to every group and introduced us. As we were standing with one of the groups, a new guy walked over and joined.

He was very, very cute. And tall. And he had the prettiest eyes I've seen in a long time.

Somehow, it was decided that my friend and I would play him in pool. So we went over to an open table and started playing. While my friend was shooting, we started to chat and I quickly realized he was someone I would like to get to know and hang out with. We were joined by one other man (who is kind of a weird guy but nice) and we played a few rounds of pool. It probably would have kept going like this, but someone came over and started asking us about ourselves so we formed a little circle and talked for a couple of hours. We looked around at one point and realized that our entire group was gone! We were the only ones left of the original event! While my friend and the weird guy were in the bathroom the cute guy asked if we wanted to go somewhere else. I asked if he ate dinner he said no. SO it was decided that we'd go out for food. We thought the weird guy would drop out at this point (because he's a little older and, well, weird) but he didn't. Which wasn't a problem but we were surprised.

The cute boy drove his own car so he followed my friend and I to the place we went last week (the place with the giant meatball). Before we parted for the cars, I put his phone number into my phone. :) He immediately said-text me now so I have yours too. :) SO I did and we were on our way.

I have to interject a little here to say that it's weird when there is one cute guy and 2 single girls. There's a lot of underlying competition, I think, to grab the guys attention so he remembers you more. Especially if he is cute and interesting. And tall. While she was at the bathroom, he did mention eating food that I cooked, which I took as a good sign, but I've been known to read into remember my recent 4 year debacle, right? Anyway...

We arrived and were ushered in fairly quickly because we wanted to eat instead of just listen to the band. This is the cool part. At least to me. My friend went into the booth first. I sat opposite of her. And the cute guy sat next to me! :) He slid over a little closer than normal, too. We shared a menu which meant a lot of leaning in, which was nice not only because he's cute, but also because it was cold! Throughout the night and leaned into me quite a bit, playfully teased me and mentioned that he'd text me something or he'd call me to say this or that. He asked about the cafe I wanted to open, too. Which was nice, because he initiated trying to get to know something more about me. (Which he did not do as overtly with my friend). At one point he got up and went over to her side of the booth (as a joke, because I said I didn't like a song that everyone else did) and then quickly came back over to me. That's a good sign, right? Another fun thing is that we discovered that we both like tequila. So he ordered a shot for him and a shot for me. So, technically, my streak has been broken. Even though it's not really "a drink" it is a drink and it was bought for me by a cute boy in a bar-who I didn't know before going out.

He also bought our food for us. Which was very nice. At the end of the night he hugged us both and said he had a great time and he was glad to meet us. We skipped back to the car (well, not really-but I felt like it!) and drove home, gushing about what a great day we had. She asked me if I thought he was going to call or text and I said that I honestly didn't know. She then said she saw that he was leaning into me a lot and thought that was a good sign.

This morning, he texted me! That is, without a doubt a great sign!! Whether it'll end up as a romantic connection, I don't know. But I can tell you it felt great to be out and to be flirted with (by a fantastically cute boy!) and to have follow up. Maybe I should have more sleepless nights!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

5 on Friday

Every now and then I remember to play along with a friends weekly posting...this week I remembered Trav's 5 of Friday feature and made a playlist to post. This one is just comprised of 5 songs I've purchased on ITunes. Some of them recently, others not so recently but all have been played several times (many time over and over!). I might be playing wrong because I don't highlight a certain singer/artist but I'm more of a random music lover anyway, so it fits...I hope you enjoy it!

Get a <span class= Standalone player Get <span class=

Soul Mates

According to a quiz on a popular dating site, my celebrity male soul mate is:

Leonardo DiCaprio

You and Leo are both romantic, loyal, socially conscious and very cool!

While I like the caption and think he's talented, I actually don't find him attractive. Then again, I've dated some guys who aren't what society as a whole would call attractive and have fallen for them, so I'd give it a try! You know, if we ever met and he liked a taller girl with a little junk in the trunk.

*I'm having a bout of insomnia right now and am not really thinking clearly...which is why this post is so short today. Going to find the sandman so I can kick his ass and then steal his sand.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Remember my new shiny cute car? It's in the shop. Why? Because I took it to the dealership for an oil change. This is how it went:

Monday, my lunch break. I drive to the dealership and get an oil change. It's the first oil change this car has ever had. I brought it to the dealership instead of my regular guy because they detail the car and it's closer to work. I wait outside on the bench reading in the sun. Oh happy day-I'm so super smart for doing it this way.

Monday, after the oil change. I get into my car and notice it is not vacuumed and has not been washed. I contemplate going back in but realize I'll be late so I opt to call instead. I say, "When I bought the car Mike told me that you detail the cars when you do an oil change." He says, "Yeah, that's right." I say, "Well, I just got one and it's not vacuumed or washed." He says, "Oh, the guy was probably at lunch." I pause and then say, "Someone could have told me that-that's the only reason I took the car to you for the oil change!" He says, "Come back tomorrow and we'll get you back in." I reluctantly agree and go back to work.

Tuesday, my lunch break. I drive to the dealership and have my car washed and vacuumed. I drive away and notice a weird noise. I drive back to work where I have a message from the dealership asking if the mechanic left his cell phone in my car. I explain that I didn't see one but I'd look after work. I am so flustered I forget to mention the noise. An hour later, I get another call, asking when I get out of work. At this point, I get a little bitchy. I tell him I get out at 5pm and that I will drop the phone off if it's there. In other words: Stop calling me at work.

Tuesday, after work. I look in the car and the phone is, indeed there. I drive BACK to the dealership where I finally tell them about the noise. They say come back tomorrow morning.

Wednesday morning, I drop off the car. 8:45am I walk to work because they have no one to drive me there. Even though they told me when I bought the car that they DID have someone who did this. Did I mention I was wearing dress boots and a skirt and that I forgot my gloves?

Wednesday afternoon. I call to find out what's up and they tell me they haven't even looked yet. Did I mention it was 2pm and I told them I would pick up the car at 4:30pm? They tell me they'll call me. When they finally do, they say they'll keep the car overnight and they'll pay for a rental. I scoff and tell them how disappointed I am because I brought my car in early so this wouldn't happen. He says he'll get me in and out before 5pm so I'm not late for cooking. I mention that for someone who just bought a car, I'm at the dealership with a lot of hassles. He agrees.

Beside the fact that the rental place did a credit check and put a hold on my card for $200, I was out in time for work. But it doesn't make me happy because I have to miss more work tomorrow to go drop the rental off and then pick up the car. I'm pretty sure I never had to do this with the old car. And while I still love my cute little new car, I'm a little upset that I went through this the entire week.

The only saving grace was when I walked into The Families house, The Mom said, " don't know how much we appreciate you-especially after all of the people we've been meeting. It's more than the cooking,'re just so great."

So, I'm sorry this was a bitch fest and a ramble about my car. But it's just really, really annoying.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I might have cheated on my diet a bit this weekend, but at least I don't have to wear size a million pants.

Stephen Colbert reminds me a little of Bob Saget.

It doesn't feel good to finally be completely left behind. In fact, it feels pretty shitty.

This is the dress my mother bought for my sister's wedding. It's a night wedding and she'll look very elegant in it. Though this picture is a little weird with the teenie bopper, it's still a pretty dress:

Maybe one day I'll look good enough to wear a dress like that.

I feel bad-my friend and I planned to go to a certain restaurant/lounge soon because we've both wanted to go for a while. I just remembered though that I am going with some other people. It feels kind of like I'm cheating on her.

Giant meatballs on crispy bread with fresh ricotta rock.

So do places only locals know. And being one of those locals.

I took my car in for its first oil change and it came back with a weird noise. I brought it back to complain and now the engine light is on. It has less than 4K on it! It should NOT be having problems. I dropped it off today. Crossing my fingers it's nothing major.

I would like to have a date for my sisters wedding in October and I would like it to be with someone I'm in a relationship with. Which means I need to find a man! This is where I wish you all were local you could set me up with other local friends! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Good morning! Is it raining where you are today? (That doesn't count as one of the questions!) It's raining pretty hard here and it took a little while longer to get to work today because of it. It's called rain, people. DRIVE IN IT! It was very frustrating. I'm always amazed when New Englanders fail to drive in the weather we have. are today's questions. Answer 'em, k?

1. What was the first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up?

2. Do you still have your tonsils?

3. In your opinion, what is the best thing since sliced bread?

My answers:

1. My ceiling. It's raining again here in Boston and it's supposed to get heavier. I'm wondering if my ceiling will leak and at what point it will actually cave in.

2. Yes, I do.

3. Though I never eat them and especially not now, I think that the Bagel Dog is the best thing since sliced bread. Mmmmmm....

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Long Weekend

Boy am I exhausted! This was a busy, busy weekend, even though there were no plans for it to be. Friday night I went out with my friend Jill. We went to a hole in the wall bar in Boston-the kind you would pass if you didn't know it was there. I loved it. The food was good and the drinks were tasty and while I spent too much money and had one too many drinks, it was fun. There was a live band and after dinner we walked over to the other side of the place to listen.

Every now and then I get a weird feeling that someone recognizes me from the blog. I know that it happened with at least one reader in my old neighborhood-we rode the T together on a night where I was gross and sweaty and probably smelled like beef because I just came from the ball park and cooking. So anyway, I sometimes get nervous that this is the case. When I lived in CT lots of "strangers" read my blog, but none of them really seemed to live around me. Being here in Boston has changed that. I have many local readers now (most of you are lurkers) and whenever someone stares at me for just a few seconds too long, I start to wonder if they'd know what Randomivity is or if they've ever wanted to answer Toosdae ?'s. I also worry that they'll be disappointed in who I really am in real life. The reason I bring this up is that Friday night someone glanced over at me several times, almost as if they thought they knew me. I was waiting for my cover to be blown, but the group left and I was safe.


Saturday my friend and I planned on taking a crazy road trip-the kind where you just get in the car and drive and wherever you end up is the place you were meant to be. We thought it would be an adventure and during the first 1 1/2 hours we drove around through back woods and up hills and around corners and away from the highways. We didn't know where we were and around noon we decided to stop at the next interesting town to have lunch. That's when I took a left and cracked up. Somehow-and I couldn't do this again if you paid me-I ended up in the exact same place we started! Right down the street from my apartment! We laughed and laughed about how this happened and then we decided to eat lunch there, since this street has bunches of restaurants. We settled on Mexican, which is always a good choice for food and travel.

During the lunch conversation we chatted about dating and the people we've encountered since the last time we hung out. Somehow, he started talking about a quiz that he took which revealed that "With the right person" he'd be open to cross dressing. This is hysterical to me! If you knew him, you'd secretly wonder if he didn't already do this but then say, "Nah...". But the best thing about this story is that he didn't tell me quietly. Instead, he said it in an "outside voice" and the man at the table next to us looked over and laughed. My friend did not notice this, but I did and it made me giggle.

Just as we were ending our lunch my dad texted me and asked if I wanted to go down for dinner the next day. Because my road trip was so short and it was such a nice day, I decided to head down Saturday after I dropped my friend back at his car. The trip down was great-I listened to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" which is one of my favorite Saturday things to do, and drove with the sunroof wide open. When I got to CT, we chatting on the porch and got ready for dinner out.

The next day, yesterday, my mother and I went shopping. This is huge because she's a shopacholic and can't get through a store without buying something. Her goal was to get some tops for the spring/summer season but I also wanted her to look for dresses for my sister's wedding. Sadly she didn't find a dress but I managed to find a my new perfume! I wanted something classic and not too floraly because I tend to go toward more spicier, warmer fragrances. I chose this:

It smells delicious and while it was a little expensive I feel so pretty and fresh when I wear it. I don't think it's too overpowering, which is great and it wears off well too.

After the first round of shopping, we planned a cookout. We bought chicken, hot dogs, ribs and corn. Sadly, the grill didn't work! I managed to cook everything OK in the oven but it would have been oh so good if we had the grill. Either way, it was fun.

LAST my sister's wedding dress came in. We drove down to Orange CT to pick it up and while she was checking out, my mother tried on dresses. I ended up picking out the dress she bought. In fact, it's the dress I wanted to buy for our bridesmaids gowns but it was too expensive. It's a beautiful deep purple with ruffles all down it. It's very elegant and she looks great it in. The only trouble is that they did not have it in her size. I asked them to call around to see if someone else would have it. Luckily, a store up here does and she called them to hold it for her. I'm picking it up today after work.

I'm tired just typing all of this! I got home around 9:30 last night and I think I was in bed by 10-which is very early for me. I still feel tired today, but it was a good weekend, so it's OK. What did you do this weekend?