Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just a quick little post to give you an update on my personal cheffing situation. I was getting sad yesterday because The Mom did not email me back all day. She's usually really responsive and the fact that she didn't respond let me know she was upset. She finally wrote back in the evening and said that they know that "this wonderful arrangement" would not last forever and that we'd regroup on Tuesday when I see them. I offered to make them meals once a week so all they have to do is reheat them. It's not ideal, but I feel a little better knowing I offered it. I'm not sure they'll take me up on the offer though. We'll see.

I'm off to the gym and to run errands...I hope you all have a great Saturday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday

It's a beautiful morning!

Well...not really.  It's kind of gray and cold, but I have a job, a nice apartment, family and friends who love, it's a beautiful morning!  Last night was rough.  I've really become part of the family and those girls really love me.  I love them too and I recognize that my absence will put a huge burden on The Mom, who I also love.  But you're all right-I have to think of myself and I feel good about the decision.  Maybe next year I'll find another family to cook for-but for now, it's going to be all about me.  I'm letting them know today.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  Tonight I'm going out with a big group to a happy hour, Saturday I think I'm meeting a friend for drinks and then Sunday perhaps it's the St. Patrick's Day parade.  But that last one depends on the weather.  And whether or not I get laundry done before then...

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wow!  It's been a very busy day so far.  This is partially due to the fact that yesterday I was emailed a 66 page document to "reformat" (which I did) only to be told that "oops-that was the wrong one".  So I've been reformatting the new document as well as compiling a mailing list for a major upcoming event here on campus that I am in charge of.  I love being busy but today I'm annoyed because I was given extra work in error.  And I'll most likely get that first doc back at some point and will be asked to reformat it in some other way.  I'm also frustrated because I was planning on going to a monthly meeting that I have not yet attended.  It's a good way to get to know everyone and I'm really looking to get myself deeper into the workings of the school.  So not being able to go because of someone else's error is really annoying.

In other major news I think that I've come to a decision regarding my cooking job.  I think that I am going to leave it.  It breaks my heart to know that I won't be cooking on a regular basis now and that the girls will miss me, but I just can't keep up with this schedule.  I looked around my place when I got home last night at 9:15pm and it was a disaster.  I know that most of my day Saturday will be spent cleaning it up and that Sunday I'll have to go to do laundry which will take up a lot of time too.  And then there's the gym.  I don't ever get to go.  And I want to go like, every other day, so that this diet becomes really, really successful.  I'd like to lose at least 30 pounds by September-more if possible, but I know that's pushing it a bit.  I can't do that with just 2 or 3 days at the gym on only on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  My focus right now is on me getting healthy and I can't do that when I'm helping someone else's family be well 3 nights a week.  I just can't.

I can start making appointments after work again too, which means being able to get a haircut, going to the chiropractor, grocery shopping...everything that I always have to cram into Saturdays because it's my only really free day-I can now spread it out.  I think it's the right decision and even though I'll miss the family and miss the cooking (and miss the cash) I think in the long run, it's the right thing to do.

And so there you have it.  I will no longer be a working chef after this month.  I will tell them tonight. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I actually said, "He's a little hearth throb, huh?" about a student the other day. I'm old.

I have been trying to find tiki torch birthday candles and have been unsuccessful.

I rock at Apples to Apples.

Some might say Ronald Regan was a hero...

I got my clothes from Old Navy yesterday and boy is that sweater BRIGHT. The color's a little off from the website, but I like it.

I am seriously considering resigning from my cooking job. It's getting to be just too much with my day job. I often have trouble getting things done (like laundry, dishes, going to the gym...) because I have no time during the week. I know this means I will not be cooking so I have to think hard about that because it's what I love. But it's seriously tiring and I want to have time to get healthy.

I talked to a boy on the phone the other day. I was very excited to chat with him because our IM's were great and he was cute but when we got on the phone he was a weirdo. He over analyzed his words so closely that he almost stuttered. I finally just had to end the call. When I did, he said he was sorry for being so weird and boring. I felt badly, but...he was weird and boring.

Supper club is really, really dying. One person dropped out and the others have not responded. This is sad because I love it and also because it means I won't see those friends anymore. Which means my social circle just got a lot smaller.

They forgot to give me my cheese curls at Monday's appointment. They are my favorite and I'm sad I don't have them!

Lindsay Lohen suing Etrade because they used the name Lindsay is ridiculous.

I need to find a new signature perfume. I used to wear Armani Mania but I no longer want to wear that for personal reasons. Any suggestions?

And the Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who played along yesterday! With the amount of visitors I had, I'm surprised there were not more entrants, but nonetheless, I'm happy so many people came by. Here is how I picked the winner. I first made a list of all of you who played, based on when you commented. If you had a referral, I put your name in the list again right after the person's name who referred you. Here is the list:

Next I went to a website that picks a random number. I input the number of entrants (14) and hit "get random". The generator picked #8!

Which means, my friend Clancy is the winner! Clancy's about to have a new addition to her family and so I am very pleased that she won. Congratulations Clancy and thanks to everyone who reads this blog-whether you comment or not-I appreciate you.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Good Toosdae morning! Remember that at the end of the day today, I will have a winner, based on who answers these questions...take a few minutes to read the post below to find out how you can qualify for more than one entry...if you'd like to play along but you are not interested in baked goods please feel free-just please tell me not to enter you. Have fun, and thanks again for being such great readers and friends...

1. Name 3 things you are happy about today.

2. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

3. When you are at home, do you walk around barefoot, with socks, with slippers or with shoes on? Is this the same if you have company?

My answers...

1. The sun is shining and I can read on the quad during lunch. (2) A very large debt that was sprung on me recently just disappeared (3) My kitty loves me.

2. Clothes! That is why I am SO excited to lose this weight...I will finally be able to buy pretty clothes in normal stores again! (Eventually)

3. I usually walk around with socks on but in the summer I sometimes go barefoot. I always take my shoes off at the door though, even with company over.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Celebrating over 100,000 Visitors!

At some point over the weekend I hit 100K visitors here at this little blog of mine. My secret plan was to find out who that visitor was and then send them a prize. This backfired, however, because I seem to have MANY lurkers and without knowing who you are, I can not thank you with tasty treats. Besides, I feel like the people who should really get the prize are those of you who comment. Which is why tomorrow's post is so important....

Being that tomorrow is Toosdae, I'll post this week's questions up at 6am EST like I usually do. If you answer the questions, you will receive one entry. If you send someone over here to answer the questions (be sure they tell me that YOU sent them) you will receive another entry. Last, if you post a Tweet directing people over here, you will receive one last entry. (You MUST post a link to your Tweet here in comments).

This will be a fast and furious contest because I've already hit the milestone. The contest will end at 11pm EST on Toosdae 3/9/10. The winner will be announced in my Randomivity post on Wednesday morning.

This contest is open to US residents only. (However, International friends CAN come over as a referral for you-they just don't get an entry.) I'm very sorry for this...because the prize is baked goods, I can only ship within the United States. If you are the winner, you must be willing to provide me with your real name and shipping address. I will contact the winner on 3/10/10 via email. Winner must respond by midnight 3/11/10...if this does not occur, the prize will go to the runner up.

So...what do you win? BAKED GOODS! You will have your choice of a Lemon Friendship cake or a Rum Cake-both are best sellers on my Etsy site and are proven favorites of my family and friends.

A little over a year ago I had a similar contest which I was unable to follow through on due to getting laid off. This time, I'm really looking forward to being able to send one of you a really tasty treat as a thank you for making Ms. Maggie Moo who she is today.

Good luck!


This weekend I was down in CT looking for bridesmaids dresses for my sister's wedding.  We also looked for her dress, as well.  The dress you see pictured here is the one that we that same color.  I'm pretty happy with the choice.  I think it looks good on all of us and we got a really great deal for it.  We paid only $79!  The reason we got it for such a great price is because David's Bridal sucks at customer service.

Knowing that it would be busy, we made an appointment.  The girl that was assigned to us was NOT helpful at all-in fact her standard answer was "We don't have that" and then she'd walk away.  We often picked dresses ourselves and when we needed her, we couldn't find her.  At the end of the process we decided to walk out without ordering the dresses from her so that she would not get the commission.

About 15 minutes later, we received a call from the manager.  She told us that if we came back to order the dresses, we would get $20 off of the price.  The dresses were on sale already so we jumped at the chance.  We were reluctant to walk back in because of the horrible girl, but luckily the manager helped us for the entire rest of the time we were there.  In fact, they were so helpful that they found my sister a dress too!  She told my sister that she wanted to make it worth her while as well and did she not see any dresses she liked?  My sister explained that she did see one but she didn't love it.  We showed the manager the picture of the dress she loved (which they didn't have) and then the dress she tried on and liked.  Somehow, more dresses appeared.  The manger showed her dresses from the "designer" collection-which was not even mentioned to us before-and that's where she found her dress!  She was offered a great deal and so she ordered it.

In addition, they gave my sister $100 in gift cards to a restaurant.  The weird thing is, it's not really $100.  We tried to redeem them so we could go out to dinner after shopping but the site said each restaurant gets to choose how much they give you!  So all in all, it doesn't seem as good as they sounded.

Another thing that I find "funny" is that my sister was given such a good "deal" on her dress.  She saved about $300-which is fantastic-but today I looked the dress up online and it's the same price!  They didn't offer her a deal b/c of the inconvenience, they offered the deal because it was ON SALE.  Still, I'm glad they doted on her and helped her find her dress, but still...I hate when people are dishonest.  Don't tell me you're giving me such a great deal-just tell me that I'm in luck b/c it's already on sale.  Ya know?  I mean, honestly.  She loved the dress, even when she thought it was full price.

All in all, even with the stress of the bitchy girl who helped us first, it was a great day.  I've never had such a successful shopping trip with so many people involved.  The four of us in her wedding got our dresses ordered (and we all love them!), Rye Bread got her flower girl dress (and loves it) and the bride also ordered a dress.  Can't beat that, really!!!  The only person who did not get a dress (and she kept letting us know this) was my mother.  But she made the decision not to try on dresses so really, it's her own fault.

In other news-as of yesterday I was down 9 pounds in about 1 1/2 weeks.  I have an official weigh in tonight and will know for sure how much I lost-but we went out to dinner last night before I came home to MA and it was not a good one diet-wise.  So we'll see.  My guess is it'll be about a total of 7 or so.  But I'm on my way!