Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm Going!!

It's done...I AM GOING TO CHICAGO!!!!!

Finally.  I've wanted to go for a long, long time.  Two of my work buddies are from Chicago and have suggested TONS of places for me to get food, drinks...even a place to see some jazz and listen to the blues.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

My boss is going to Chicago on the very same day.  I did not plan this.  When I looked at his calendar, my heart dropped not because we'll be in the same city, but because I almost booked the same flight!  That would have been very awkward.  Luckily I of course have access to his flights, so I canceled them and re booked him on a different one.

I kid, I kid.  I just booked a different flight for myself.  Though we have a good working relationship, he is a rather odd bird and I couldn't imagine flying with him.  Even worse would be letting him know I was going to the same place he was...he'd for sure want to dine with me...not exactly the way I'd like to spend my first trip to Chicago.

I am SO excited....I even get to meet another blogger.  :)  (I'd like you but I'm posting remotely...I'll do that some other time.)

Now I just need to get a couple of outfits for my night time excursions...especially b/c I think I'll be going out alone.

Chicago Dogs

I am on the verge of booking an impromptu trip to Chicago...not SO impromptu-it would be in a few weeks, but it's still pretty last minute.  What do you think?  Should I do it?

Have any of you been to Chicago?  Is there anything you think I HAVE to see while I am there?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

Last night I was asked by a cute boy to go to Chicago.  Now, this was after I mentioned that I was thinking of taking an impromptu trip out there because I'm antsy to travel and have always wanted to visit the windy city, but he still asked.  I told him that would be one heck of a first date.  When he continued to ask, I told him we should meet here in Boston first.  I suppose that makes me a little bit of a party pooper and not much of an adventurer, but really?  Chicago?  What if I hate him?  And I'm pretty sure that would count as more than dinner and a movie and while he is very cute, I'm not gonna put out just because he bought me a deep dish pizza!

Truthfully though, this boy has promise.  He's well educated and well, he loves food and loves talking about food.  Clearly he has a sense of adventure which is nice, likes to travel which is a plus and he has a good job, also a plus.  The downfall is that he works nights.  But really, as long as we'd have some of the same days off, that'd be OK.  He's a baseball fan too, which is kind of a must.  And did I mention he's really cute?  (And tall!  I think he's 6'4)

Project Date is in full swing.  I'm actively initiating conversations with people and taking some chances regarding who I contact.  I used to limit myself based on who I thought would like me...mainly based on my body type.  Not anymore.  I've seen some really huge woman with thinner men and they seem very happy.  I don't like skinny guys, but I'm no longer only looking at the chubby ones.  I'm also not worrying about whether or not they are 1 inch shorter than I am.  I honestly can't go shorter than that, but if they are the same height, I think it will be OK.  My aunt married a shorter man and they've been married for quite some time.  I still can't go with baldies though...maybe in a little while, but not right now.  I just can't do it!

One thing I have to laugh at is when I am online and really young guys try to IM me.  Like, 19 year old guys.  They can't possibly be looking for anything more than sex with an older woman and/or someone to take care of them.  Listen little boys, I'm done with immature people and am looking for someone who wants to commit.  Plus, what on earth could we talk about!?!?  Craziness.

I've been chatting with one guy for about 2 or 3 weeks now.  He's nice and cute enough but he rarely asks anything about me.  I've asked him all of the "get to know you" questions, and given him the opportunity to reciprocate but he fails to do so.  In talking with one of my close male friends, I asked him with he thought about it.  He suggested that maybe he was just very polite and didn't want to scare me away and that I should just ask him flat out if there is anything he'd like to ask me.  So I did.  And he said that he doesn't know what to ask people in these situations and nothing was standing out to him at the moment.  I then asked him to tell me what he DID know.  His reply was that he'd have to go back and check through his emails.

What?  Really?  I could understand if we were just talking a few days, but 3 weeks and all you can tell me is that I am a chef and that I used to live in CT?  WTF?  Sorry honey, you're out.  I haven't spoken to him since.  To quote my friend, "What a total failure on his part."

I don't expect to find anyone worthy of a full out relationship anytime soon.  But so far it's been fun trying.  And hopefully, like everyone says, it'll happen when I least expect it.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I love my new car. Have I mentioned that? Yeah...I love it. The best word to describe it is "zippy". So fun to drive. I can't wait to use the sunroof!

I have decided that one of the worst fates in the history of the world is loving someone who does not love you back. Even worse, loving someone you hate because they didn't care enough about you to not hurt you.

Sometimes your neighbors can be douche bags.

My first part time job was working in a local pharmacy as a pharmacist's assistant. During my training, he walked me through the entire store-including the medical stuff they sold. One of the items was actually a douche bag. I remember trying to stifle my laugh when he said it.

Other neighbors can be utterly sweet and helpful.

You should never latch your door with a short chain.

The guy who sold me my car (in addition to being very hot) went to culinary school. It made for quite a fun conversation while I was doing the test drive. I wish I was the kind of girl who got asked out during test drives.

But since I was not asked out on my test drive, I asked Mr. Saturn if he'd be interested in working with me on some catering gigs if I got any more in the area. He looked really excited, said yes and then gave me his digits. Now all I have to do is book a big job! We'd prep in my house, you know. ;)

I receive daily emails with offers for significant discounts around Boston. (Remember the ghetto pedicure? I can't find the post.) A few days ago I purchased for $20 a one month gym membership with 2 free personal training sessions. I use the university gym for free, so I basically just got it for the trainers...should be interesting.

The two little girls I cook for are so super cute I can't stand it. They hadn't seen me in two weeks and they were SO excited to see me. It was wonderful.

Going to breakfast today with my work crew. They just love the breakfast dates...I really am trying to get them to go out AFTER work instead. This girl needs her sleep!

I hate when people neglect to answer emails.

All polls indicate that dating someone older is OK...however when I asked the question, I was asking about someone younger. It's OK though, b/c I actually talked to him and well, let's just say, he was very immature.

I want a "and the rest, they say, is history" story.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

OK, so I have you a couple of weeks off, so you all should be ready and willing to go this week! They are simple questions that don't require any thought, really...except for a little math, maybe. But really, they're easy, so answer them, OK?

1. What do you consider to be an acceptable age difference between two people in a relationship?

2. What is the greatest age difference between you and someone you have been in a relationship with?

3. If you have a significant other, where did you meet them? If you do not have one, join me in a group hug.
1. I don't really have an answer for this, because I think it varies with different age groups. I think someone in their 20's has the greatest range choices and when you reach your 30's it becomes less OK to date someone in their 20's. Looking back at my 26 year old self, I'm not sure I could date a 33 year old and be OK with it...but then again, who am I to guess?

2. 5 Years-he was older.

3. As you know, I am single.

Monday, January 04, 2010


Today's the day-I pick up my NEW CAR in about 5 hours and I can not wait!!  I've got nowhere to go after I pick it up (except to the laundry mat!) but I'm sure I'll take the long way home just to drive it a bit.  I cleaned out my old car yesterday and wondered how the heck I managed to get all of that stuff in that little car.  It's not THAT little, but it's not really all that big either-and I had tons of crap in there.  Part of that was because in my old apartment I had very little storage space, so I used the trunk as a closet.  The other part was just laziness.  I'd bring something to a friends house and then leave it in the car by accident and then it just managed to stay in the back seat for ages.  Well, it's all out now and I am excited to be starting with a nice, fresh interior.  I will not be eating in this car unless I go on a long road trip.  Part of the reason my old car was so yucky was because we ate in it all of the time.  Soda and coffee have spilled and there were crumbs everywhere-even after I vacuumed it just never got clean enough.  And let's not even get started on the food that spilled on the seats and floor when I was in culinary school!

Well, that will not happen with this car.  I have vowed to not to eat or drink in the car unless it's water.  I'll try my best to keep that promise to myself because I'm going to try my best to keep this car for as long as I can.  This will also help me keep my promise to make my own coffee and to eat breakfast at my kitchen table instead of on the go.  So far, (day 1) I am doing great! :)

In other news, I am done looking back.  I have been coming to the slow realization that I never meant much to Greg and while if we were speaking he'd tell me otherwise, I know in my heart now that this is true.  He knew how I felt about him and he used that to his advantage.  He was ashamed of our relationship and hid me away like a leper.  He claimed we were nothing more than friends but looking back over the 4 years we spent together, I see it differently.  We spent extra time together, spoke frequently about very personal things, helped each other out during hard times, bought extra gifts for each other on holidays, spent extended weekends and used some vacation time together and most importantly, for 4 years we shared our bodies with each other.  But unfortunately the person I shared all of this with never saw it that way and I suppose that means that I wasted my life with someone who did not value me as a person.  And I can say this, because while we were together he tried dating other people.  Even after he saw how much it hurt me last year he did it again.  And actively slept with me while he did this.  And did this literally while I was with him.  And apparently his new girl is allowed to be known about and he is not ashamed of her.  And I am sick of wondering, number one, what kind of girl would date someone who was sleeping with another person while they were talking and number two why she is so much better than me that he threw away our apparent friendship for someone he barely knew at the time.  And I am sick of giving him any more of my heart and sick of loving him and sick of hating him and sick of being alone.  And I can not and will not find someone worthy of my love as long as I remain wistful and hopeful and therefore, that is why I am done looking back.  I am not important to him and it's time I got that through my heart.

In other news, I got through that entire paragraph without crying.  Which is a huge step.  And with that, I am done.

Over the last four days off I managed to paint the living room (which you saw) and also the trim.  It took a lot of work.  A lot.  This trim took 3 coats to cover for some reason and I unfortunately ran out of paint to finish completely.  I still have the top trim to paint and the 2 doors.  I'm not in a hurry to finish those though because the majority is done so I can relax a bit.  Perhaps over the long weekend for MLK day I'll finish that.  And then, I'm calling it done.

Done.  That seems like a good word for the day.