Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It's December 16th for crying out loud-and I haven't seen any major snow yet! Grrr...

However, we ARE supposed to be getting some snow this weekend. Hopefully in the late afternoon/evening so that all of our travel will be uninterrupted.

This weekend is another busy one for us. Saturday we're heading down to CT for my Father's annual holiday party. It's a work function-he's one of the partners and he likes it when we can all make it. I like it too, it's mostly fun. There's an open bar, lots of good food and usually good music. This year he isn't going to play his guitar though, so I'm a little sad about that. But this year I have a date! :) It's going to be fun. There's a shuttle to and from the hotel we're staying in too, so we don't have to worry about driving. And there is also a pool and a hot tub, which we'll use before the party. Good times.

Sunday we have a holiday celebration with B1's Mom's side of the family. They're such fun, nice people and I'm looking forward to sharing this time with them. It's so lovely to have extended family and friends-holidays were always wonderful, but now they're even better.

It's no secret that I love the winter season and specifically Christmas. And I'm so excited to have someone to share it with.

Monday B1 took me on a date. We went to see a Christmas display at a local furniture store. It sounds weird, but this store has rides and attractions and movie theaters. It was so pretty and cute.

Afterward, we went and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants; IKEA. :) I'm only sort of kidding-it's not our favorite restaurant, but we have been known to have date nights at IKEA. It's a cheap date and fun, too! And c'mon-$0.50 hot dogs? You can't beat that!

Dinner was over and we headed to yet another holiday display. This one was at a shrine and had lights splayed out all over the grounds. It was so pretty. The pictures don't do it justice. I didn't take the time to change the settings on my camera because I was enjoying walking around in the cold air with my B1...but you'll get the idea:

So pretty! After we walked around a bit, B1 bought us hot cocoa and we made our way home.


I love him.


LceeL said...

I'm glad you have him to share it with. I am so glad you are happy. Mom says "Hey!" - and Merry Christmas.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

another 5 inches here overnight. You're more than welcome to come visit


I'm so glad you can spend christmas with someone you love. This makes me smile.

Linda said...

What gorgeous light displays and I love your date night - especially dinner at IKEA. I'm going to get there for a hot dog one of these days, and a cinnamon roll, too!

Have fun at your Dad's party this weekend and enjoy showing off that new man of yours!

Desert Songbird said...

We've often had "dates" at IKEA; my husband likes the cheap hotdogs, and I like the Swedish meatballs. What can I say? ;-)

It's past Christmas as I read this, so naturally I'm thinking, "She wanted snow, and boy did she get it!" Hope you're not buried underneath it!