Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

OK-I know I've been a very bad bloggy friend not clicking over to comment (again). I am, as always, very sorry about that...hopefully I'll be able to sit still long enough to start reading and relaxing at night again and that will up my comments...in any case, why not up YOUR comments and answer this weeks questions. :)

1. If you had to throw a dinner party this weekend, what would you serve?

2. You arrive at a dinner party and there are place cards indicating where you should sit. Does this annoy you or make you feel relieved that the guess work is done?

3. What is your favorite holiday cocktail? (Or non-alcoholic drink if you don't drink.)

1. Well...B1 and I are having our very first dinner party together (squee!) in a couple of weeks and we are serving: Mushroom Bouchees, Bacon wrapped scallops (per B1's request) and a cheese platter (with marinated feta skewers too, I think). Then we're serving my delicious squash soup, ossobucco over roasted garlic mashed potatoes (instead of the traditional risotto) and perhaps a green veg of some sort-maybe asparagus. For dessert I'm making my flourless chocolate cake with raspberry coulis and ginger whipped cream.

2. I've never been to a dinner party (other than a wedding) that had place cards but I suppose if they were there, I'd be OK with it. I'm trying to figure out if we should make some. It might be a fun project.

3. My ginger martini! Did I mention that the ginger vodka is steeping now? Last year it was a huge hit so I'm making it again for our "cocktail hour" before dinner...but I need to think of one more drink to add in addition to wine. Hence, the question. :)


LceeL said...

1. Given that I am a man of simple tastes, I would serve Filet Mignon, cooked to order, potatoes Au Gratin, steamed and buttered asparagus - and leading in, I'd go with Fideo soup - a Mexican dish of fine noddles in a thin tomamto base with onion.

2. I'd be okay with it - but I suppose it really depends on the occasion.

3. Frozen Margaritas. BUT. I would also have a bottle of Ron Zacapa Centenario, a 23 year old Guatemalan sipping rum, or Zaya, another excellent rum from Trinidad. These aged rums are as good as any fine cognac or brandy at less than half the cost.

Carrie said...

Let me begin by saying I feel completely unqualified to be answering these questions, but I'm going to anyway. So there! ;)

1. Billy makes a killer chicken and rice casserole, so probably that. Maybe chocolate cake for dessert. Good old Betty Crocker. :)

2. I would probably feel uncomfortable, I prefer to choose my place myself.

3. Sparkling white grape juice. I just love that stuff. :)

Danielle A. said...

1. We're hosting Thanksgiving this year - so I am hosting a dinner party this weekend. We're doing bacon & sweet onion bruschettas, hummus & pitas, and a couple of other appetizers. Dinner will be turkey (duh), my cornbread stuffing, mashed taters, rolls, green beans w/ almonds, baby carrots w/ butter & parsley, gravy, cranberry sauce. Dessert = pies.

2. Yes, I'm fine with place cards for a dinner party. Takes out the guess work. I'm making them for Thanksgiving dinner using these cute glittery pumpkins I got at Wal*Mart.

3. Egg Nog! Or mulled cider w/ rum. Mmmmm.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

1. For a casual dinner, I'd do a big pot of or a cream-based soup and a veggie-filled tossed green salad and hearty bread. Fancy dinner -- leg of of lamb with garlic and madiera wine, served with Major Greys. I'd do a simple boiled potato/parsley side dish, and some sort of vegetable sautee.Of course I'd serve it with a good heart bottle of red. Dessert would be hearty like a pumpkin bread pudding.

2. I think place cards are a nice touch.

3. I use a great punch recipe I found. It's white grape juice, ginger ale and club soda. Crisp and refreshing and not sicky sweet. Looks like champagne.

flipper said...

1) Not sure but I do wanna have one
2) I dont really like the idea if most people there know each other cause I feel like everyone should be able to sit where ever they want with who ever they feel like talking toto
3) mimosa's are a good exciting holiday drink that I look forward