Monday, November 01, 2010

Frighteningly Tired

What a weekend! I have not been this busy and this "in demand" during Halloween since...well, I don't think ever! It was a fun time and now, I am exhausted. I have a feeling that this week, I truly will be working for the weekend!

Friday started with a trip to Salem, MA. We went to see 2 bands play and then watched a really horrible zombie movie. It was fun to be out and the bands were pretty good but the movie made me angry it was so bad (and long!). At the end of the night I thanked B1 for a 95% fun night. :)

Saturday was perhaps my favorite day. It started out as a lazy Saturday. Since we didn't get home until about 2am on Saturday morning, we slept in late. The bed was so warm and snuggly-it was the perfect sleeping in bed scenario. We then got up and stayed in our PJ's and watched TV under a warm comforter while sipping coffee.


Time was ticking, however, and we needed to get our butts moving. I had to make these:

They're peanut butter cream cheese brownies. I made them for B1's football team. They were pretty good, but they were made with a box mix (because they were 10 for $10!) and I like mine better. But they boys didn't seem to mind after the game when they were eating them. :)

We also had to do this:

B1 is so good at drawing and sketching things. I found a picture online and showed it to him and he drew it pretty much exactly how I wanted it. AND he even added scary eyebrows like I wanted. He's so good.

After dinner (Homemade Chicken Makhani) I went upstairs to do this:

So that I could look like this:

Because we were invited to a Halloween party. Here is B1 and I all dressed up:

I took my feather headband off almost immediately. I liked it a lot better without it. There was another flapper there and I have to say I pretty much blew her out of the water. :) She was kinda lame. I kept leaving black feathers all around the house though and I felt terrible about it. After a few rounds of beer pong however, I cared a little bit less...

We're freakin' cute.

Sunday morning...B1 plays in a flag football league and Sunday was the last game of the regular season. Here are a few pictures of my hot man roughing up some boys:

The last thing B1 and I had to do this weekend was to go trick or treating with his God-daughter Maggie. We didn't want to dress up again (we did both Friday and Saturday nights) so he wore his "monkey suit" and I wore his football jersey. Here we are with Mags:

We had dinner with B1's aunt and cousins and then walked around the neighborhood a few times with the kiddos before heading back home to crash. B1 roasted our pumpkin seeds and we watched a movie in the dark (so we could appreciate our cool pumpkin, of course!) and then headed to bed.

It was quite a was yours?


And Miles To Go... said...

awesome pictures and you looked fabulous! I can relate about being tired--I am exhausted too. Have a great week although you wished it was still the weekend.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Spent in bed with a UR infection...

But I am thrilled yours was 98% fantastic

Travis Cody said...

Wow! I should feel bad because we just hung out at home and watched a ton of football.

NAH! Our weekend wasn't so busy, but it was still our kind of fun.

LceeL said...

My weekend? Not anywhere NEAR as fun as yours. Well done.