Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

It's cold and dreary here today in Boston-how about where you are? Luckily the rain is supposed to leave New England by Friday-which is when my sister's celebrations begin. Friday is the rehearsal dinner and Saturday is the outdoor wedding. It's supposed to be in the high 60's and clear (but in the mid 40's in the evening-which is when we'll be outside! Yikes!!) I'm rambly today-sorry....here are the questions!

1. How often do you drive over the speed limit? What is your average

2. Do you generally wear clothing with patterns or designs or do you lean toward the plain? If you choose patterns, which is your favorite?

3. If you could make me a meal, what would you make?

1. Yes, I usually drive about 9 miles over the speed limit on the highway and about 5 miles over on smaller roads. Unless it's a school zone, then I usually drive under.

2. I tend to wear clothes without patterns though I do have a few argyle sweaters and skirts with polka dots. My favorite patter is plaid though-but I don't look good in it, so instead I date someone who wears it often. :)

3. This question doesn't work for me...since it's FOR me.


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

about 80 and sunny...going to be a beautiful week for the Music festival in Arkansas

OK, questions:

1) I could probably ask how often do I drive under the speed limit. I stay within 10 miles over

2) Vertical stripes on my shirts is really as far as I go...mostly solids

3) My Lasagna and Garlic Bread...

flipper said...

ya its shitty here too. i walked across campus with an umbrella in hand
1) I usually drive over the speed limit. I think about 75 is my average unless I am in a hurry then I put the petal to the metal lol
2) I wear both. I look better in plain cloths then add accessories usually but I usually wear whatever I like
3) hum. I think either chick parm or steak because I wanna know if I am good at it because I have only made it for jeremy and I dont think he would tell me if it wasnt good because he is so appreciative of the fact that I as a vegetarian made it just cause i love him. I know you would really tell me if I wanted to know lol ........ and I would make you lemon poppy seed muffins for dessert because you used to love them when I was little (do you sttill?) and I remember a specific time when you came to visit mom and dads and I was in the middle of making them for you and I was sad that you figured it out lol

Mags said...

Low turnout today-wow! Thanks Vinni and Lash for playing along this week. :)

"Lois Grebowski" said...

1. no comment... bwhahahahahha, nah, just about 8-9 miles

2. Plain Jane here

3. That would be a toughie... I would say I'd make a salmon recipe. Hubby made me this weight watcher's salmon dish that was so yummy! I just loved the flavors - poached salmon, cukes, yogurt, red onion, dill... with just a hint or horseradish. (just a hint!)

Amazing Gracie said...

Weather here was cool, cloudy and wonderful - but we're coming down after 100's last week.
~~I love a lead foot and very seldom go the speed limit - unless I'm near a school or bus. I always wanted to be a race car driver - stop laughing!!!
~~I love color and design, so I have the basics, but I love to add texture and pattern. I wear lots of abstracts and purples and cranberry. If something doesn't feel good to the touch, I won't wear it.
~~I'd love to fix you some Chili Rellenos!
Have a terrific sister-wedding!

Travis Cody said...

1. I'm not proud of it, but I'm usually 5-10 over.

2. I usually wear solids in basic colors.

3. My best effort is tuna casserole, so that's what I'd make you. If you're allergic to tuna, I can make it with chicken.