Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The most renowned cupcake bakery in town is right up the street...and I don't like them. I've had 5 of their cupcakes now, and all of them have been less than stellar. The majority of them are dry and tasteless. It kind of makes me want to open my own cupcake store. Across the street.

Good Mexican food, sangria, a good friend and B1 kind makes for a fun night.

The dynamic is quite different when B1 comes with us. In a good way-but different. We quickly become the entertainment. :)

I know I wrote a post about it, but I really love hiking with my love. It really makes my heart happy that I found someone who likes the outdoors and is willing to go with me.

I'm deliriously in love with B1. We know this. But this weekend I was really grateful for the fact that in addition to being lovers and partners, we're friends. We truly enjoy being with each other and have a great time just hanging out. It's pretty fantastic.

Don't freak out, but I showed B1 a ring I like. Hey-he asked about it, so it's not like I just went shopping and brought it up!

We're thinking of going on a trip in January or February. Instead of giving each other presents for Christmas, we'll take this won't be a long trip, and we're on a tight budget-any suggestions? I thought maybe cruise...

Sometimes a person just looks like a cute baby bear. Who happens to be crazy. ;)

When B1 is around, you have to watch out for falling nuts.


flipper said...

Jeremy and I were suppose to go on a cruise in january but pretty sure that aint happnen :(
pretty sure thats what I would pick if I was you guys.... where would you go?
favorite parts of this post:
- " all of them have been less than stellar"
- " im deliriously in love with b1"

LceeL said...

Cruises are good - A trip to Trinidad, staying at "Monique's" in the Maraval is excellent, as well.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

do travel together... another level of compatibility to discover.

I say open the cake store. I can be ur guinea pig for tasting....


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...


Having your love also truly being your best friend ROCKS!

We have a bunch of cupcake companies here in Memphis now...but a couple have already closed...what is it with this obsession with cupcakes all of a sudden?

Colette said...

If you both love the outdoors, a weekend/week away in the Blue Ridge Mountains this time of year is freaking beautiful! We went to a cabin in NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains for our honeymoon, check out my facebook pics for honeymoon/anniversary, you'll see! It's gorgeous! We won't get to go this year, but we would if we could!

Mrs. OrioleGal9 said...

I'm all for a trip to Florida!!!!

Lisa said...

Romantic getaway suggestions:

1. Niagara Falls, Canada side
2. Bar Harbor, ME (Bed and Breakfast!)
3. Adirondacks, NY

I opt for driveable destinations because the drive is half the fun. Talking, laughing, exploring together! It works for Mark and I.