Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a Job

I am having a really tough week.  I've had several minor health issues surrounding one specific area over the last 6 months and it's getting very tiring.  Some, like this last issue, is a direct result of the medicine I had to take for another issue I had two weeks ago.  I am VERY sick of having these issues and really don't know what I'll do if something else happens this year. 

In addition to being frustrated by said health issues (and the fact that I'm getting ANOTHER cold) I am very frustrated about work.  I've mentioned to you before that I really like my new boss and am excited about some of the things that she is allowing me to do.  I've learned so much in these past 2 months since her arrival than I have the entire year of being here.  It's great, and people are starting to see what I can do.  But then there is my coworker-I've mentioned her here before.  She's sort of a know it all and always has to have her hand in everything-even things that don't have to do with her.  She has to control everything and I hate that.  What's worse is that everyone here goes to her for answers because she has been here for ages.

Now, why does this bother me?  Well, I guess one reason is that I like to feel needed.  And I like to be known as someone who can do a great job and when someone else is trying to take that away because they are a control freak, it kind of pisses me off.  And also, I hate being bored.  I finally feel like I'm making progress and that I'm busy at work.  And she tries to "take things off of my plate" all of the time.

WTF.  NO!  You DON'T need to take anything.  I got it.  I'm good.  As B1 would say, "I can do it myself!"

Yesterday this person came to a meeting with me.  She'll be attending regularly as well-which I'm still confused about why-but whatever.  I sit in the corner of the room-not at the table-to take notes on the laptop.  I do interact with the committee now and then and up until yesterday it didn't bother me.  Until she came in.  And sat at the table with everyone.  It kind of sucked.  AND after the meeting instead of giving something to me one of the deans handed it to her.  What he handed her was something he should have given me.  This sort of thing happens all of the time and I'm pretty sick of it.

I know it's just a job.  I know that I should just come in, do the best I can and let everything else go away.  But I can't.  It is very frustrating and demeaning to have this happen.  It's like I'm good enough until she comes in, and then all of a sudden I'm not.  It doesn't make me feel good.  And it's not how I want to work. 

I have to figure it out.


LceeL said...

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Make her your "bestest friend ever". Get tight with her. Let her like you .. trust you.

Let her then go after someone else and leave you alone - because you are her 'buddy'.

Rocketstar said...

It sounds like you need to talk to your boss ass there needs to be better defined 'roles and resonsibilities'. Good luck Mags. See what your boss can help you with.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

I second rocketstar... just be sure to take the emotion out of it.

SilverNeurotic said...

I had a coworker like that. She was very intimidating, and I really disliked going into work, knowing that she would be there.

Granted, she wasn't horrible. She had her good points. But for the most part she was insufferable.

Luckily though, she transferred to a different area a few months after I started. And I took over her position. And well, I kind of understood why she acted the way she did sometimes.

Travis Cody said...

If you've developed a solid relationship with your Dean, then ask for a few minutes of her time to express an issue you have. You can make it clear that you just want to get some advice on how best to deal with the situation, emphasizing how much you enjoy your work and how much you're learning.

You can have the same informal discussion with someone in HR, provide the university has such a department.

I guess the point is, the person is creating a hostile work environment for you, whether she's doing it on purpose or not. So I think it's important to report that, even if it's just to get advice on how to insulate yourself from the things she does that bug you. Since you don't feel comfortable speaking with the person directly, talk to your supervisor. It's never good to internalize these things.

And if you don't speak up, then nothing can change for the better for you.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

See that guy Travis...he is a wise man and mentioned all the points I would have he saves me typing time