Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Hello there!  I am so sorry that I haven't posted pictures like I said I would.  Truth be told, I'm exhausted.  This weekend really took a lot out of me and last night B1 and I had a nice dinner and then did work around the house.  So...those things too priority.  Then I was going to download the pictures here at work today, but I quickly realized they weren't appropriate.  Not that they are bad or anything but there are a few pictures of pictures of penises.  So...I'll wait to download those at home!  In any case, here are this weeks questions:

1.  You have to make a list.  It doesn't matter what the list is for, you just have to make it.  What do you write it on?

2.  What area code does your primary phone use?  Is it accurate to where you live, or is it a cell phone area code?

3.   What is the most unique thing currently in your freezer (or fridge)?

My answers...

1.  I'm a huge fan of post it notes but often transfer my original notes onto larger paper.  I have a bunch of scrap paper (old print outs ripped into quarters) at work and that seems to be my favorite.

2.  860...this is my old zip code from when I lived in CT...and it is a cell phone.

3.  Um....a bunch of generic yellow-ish freeze pops.  B1 and I must not like them very much b/c when you look in the box, there are a ton of them.  Oh-I also have a ton of dead banana's for banana bread.  They're not really dead, they're just too ripe to eat and so I froze them so I could use them for baking.  Now that the weather is cooler, I'll have to do that.


And Miles To Go... said...

LOL--forget the Tuesday ?'s!! I couldn't get past your statement about you having to weed out pictures of penises! LOL

"Lois Grebowski" said...

1. usually the back of an envelope. A habit I got from my mom.

2. my area code is 615, right where I am living.

3. pork schnitzels? but it's really not weird...

flipper said...

1) I always makes lists of things I have to do in the order I have to do them the next day or for that week. If I am trying to sleep I cant unless it is all written down
2) 860...good with where i live an cell
3)Hum I have frozen fruit in a bag I got to make smoothies but havent yet ... nothing too interesting I guess

p.s. Can I have some banana bread?

Clancypants said...

1- I don't usually make lists. Not much of a list girl. But I am a jotter. I jot things on whatever piece of paper is handy. I often have a little stack of various papers, bills etc. in front of my computer screen. Not organized. But, I'll make little lists or notes on the corners of those papers. I can always remember which paper whatever list or note is on. I think I have a partially photographic memory or something.

2- 208 is the area code for my cell phone and my home phone. That is the only area code for the whole state of Idaho and thus, mine. :)

3-Unique in my freezer? Umm... how about chewed gum? My mom told my kids to preserve the flavor of their gum and save it for the next day by putting it in the freezer. You can imagine how thrilled I was with this shared bit of knowledge. GROSS. Rohan is the champion gum saver. AND the champion at forgetting to chew his carefully saved gum ever again. Double gross. :-P