Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I've been pretty uncomfortable lately because of my stitches.  It's hard to sit in a normal way and so working is rather hard.  Also, my back is really killing me because I've been sitting at a slant to alleviate pressure on my right side.  Not. Fun.

B1's God-daughter came to the zoo with us this weekend (Rye Bread was visiting).  What a relief it was that the 2 girls got along so well!  In fact, it resulted in a double sleepover.  I'm not sure B1 is used to a whole weekend with kiddo's around 24-7. :)

I'm trying to be less sensitive.

Having an impromptu un-birthday party is super fun. 

So far I've lost an additional 8 pounds since going back on Jenny.  Which is crazy because I've had a lot of "off program" days...with banana chocolate chip pancakes, pizza, ice cream and Olive Garden.

I found a dress for my sisters rehearsal dinner.  B1 says I look good in it, so that's a plus.  B1 thinks I look good in a lot of things I'm not sure he's the right person to ask! :)

B1 joined a flag football league.  An Asian flag football league...he's hoping he gets a cool nickname like "White Rice".  I'm hoping he doesn't crush the tiny men.

I get lost when navy blue is around...sweaters,'s just mesmerising.

My sister loves her veil.  Thank. God.

I worry sometimes that the past will screw up the future.  I pray every day that it doesn't.

Strapless bras suck.  I feel like my boobies are going to spill out.  Which kind of defeats the purpose.


And Miles To Go... said...

strapless bras...ugh. Even worse is underwire!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

OK my is the day you forget the crap from the past, because you have a FUTURE!

Desert Songbird said...

Like Vinny said. The past? Fuhgeddabouid.

Strapless bras are stupid. That's the truth.

Mags said...

Yes. I like to focus on the future.

G.W. said...

I instantly just thought of the song lyric "future's so bright...gotta wear shades". Mags you are my age so I hope you remember that song...or that line, or "Head of the Class" tv show that used it in the theme song.

ANYWAY...Great for B1 for joining a flag football league. I'm envious.

I have no experience with strapless bras so I can't comment on that. But because I forget sometimes that I'm not 12 years old, I giggled at "boobies"

"Lois Grebowski" said...

The lady at the LB told me to buy a cup size smaller than what I usually wear in a bra for a strapless... and it worked.

"White Rice"... I got a chuckle outta that one... Better that than pupu platter!

Travis Cody said...

If I could give you homework, I would assign figurative ditch digging. Here's how it works...

Close your eyes. Picture yourself digging a deep hole. Feel all the sensations associated with the physical activity of digging. Then gather in your thoughts a negative image from your past. Give it actual weight in your thoughts. Now drop it in the hole and watch it fall to the bottom. See it rest there. Then fill in the hole, all the time feeling the physical sensations associated with shoveling dirt into the hole. Pack it down solid. Repeat weekly with negative images from the past until you aren't haunted with them anymore.

If I could give you homework, that's what I'd assign.

Never worn a strapless bra, so can't help with that one.