Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First Lecture

I did not get abducted by midgets as our friend Bond thought. Yay me! I DID find the gadget required to download photos so later tonight or tomorrow I'll post the shoe pictures...

Last night I attended a lecture on campus. Sadly, I don't want to talk specifically about it because I often worry that my blog will come up in searches for the university and people I work with will find it. I like to be able to talk openly about my life here and the more people who I know in real life read this blog, the less likely I am able to do that.

In any case...

The lecture was great. He is a well known speaker about race and race relations. He's written many books on the subject and was quite informative. More than that though, he was funny. And he was funny in such a way that we were able to take in some really heavy statistics without feeling really horrible about how we got here.

The one major point that he made was that while none of us directly made the "mess", we have a responsibility to make changes-to actively work to stop racism and to make the changes needed to really level the playing much as we can, anyway.

As I sat in the auditorium filled with a wide mix of students, I saw heads nodding and people sitting back to think about whatever numbers he spit out. Most of them were pretty sobering. And we all came together to listen, to think and hopefully to act upon them in a positive way.

I haven't mentioned to you yet that my new boss is allowing me to get more involved in campus activities and organizations. I now sit in on 2 big meetings weekly and am learning SO much about the university. In addition to the meetings, I asked for permission to get more involved in diversity programs here on campus. I no longer wish to simply attend events-I want to be a part of them and sit on the boards that help plan them. My boss, a black woman, was more than thrilled to hear my request. She immediately told me how excited she was that I would be involved and that I could represent this office. Next week I am meeting with the director of diversity eduction and development to discuss what programs I can be involved in. She told me yesterday that she already has some ideas for me.

This makes me very, very happy.


LceeL said...

This just keeps getting better all the time. Yay you!!!

Travis Cody said...

What a fantastic opportunity for you! Sounds like you have a progressive boss. Good luck!