Thursday, September 30, 2010

As You Lay Sleeping

As you lay sleeping
curled up like a child
in the bed we made together
I am at peace.

Your skin, smooth and warm
rises and falls-each breath you take-
a promise.

I want always to be where you are.

Burying my face into that
corner between your chin and your shoulder
I say a silent prayer: "Thank You God, for this man."
Your stubble tickles my cheek.

As I kiss your neck you stir,
rolling away to become the little spoon.
I smile because I know you like it.

I smile because I like it too.

It's during these times-
during our early morning dance-
when I am struck with how deeply
I love you. It hasn't been very long.

And yet. It's been forever.

Of a thousand favorite moments,
your sleepy morning smile tops the list;
you're happy to be waking up
to me.

And I, my love, am happy too.


And Miles To Go... said...


LceeL said...

Lovely. My favorite moments with LM (Love Muffin) involve sleeping, too. But the other end of sleeping.

My most favorite moments are when I'm reading to her and she puts her head on my chest and she falls asleep as I run my fingers through her hair.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

YAY love is bringing back to skilled writing of my friend...

Did I say YAY?

Travis Cody said...