Friday, September 03, 2010

...And I'm Back!

When I got into my car to go to work the other day, this is what I saw:

I thought, "What the heck did B1 put in my car?!? And WHY?" And then I realized what I was looking at...Since then I noticed that the mounting arm and the charger to my GPS were stolen. Luckily I keep the GPS in my pocketbook so they didn't get that, but I currently can't use it b/c the battery is dying.

The window is now fixed too...

That same morning we woke up to no cable or internet. This was mildly annoying because I was stuck at home waiting for the insurance company to come take pictures and to give me an estimate. It's amazing how cut off from the world you feel when you can't look up a phone number or the name of the person you talk to at the insurance agency.

The cable guy came today-it's all fixed, but he told me that the line was cut. As he said this, an eerie feeling swept over me. It's probably a coincidence that my car was broken into the same night my cable was cut, but it's still a crappy feeling to think that someone is specifically targeting you. (We really do think this is random-nothing in my car has my current address on it and also, the number of wires coming into this apartment is astounding. They couldn't know it was "the" wire.")

Anyway, I'm glad it's fixed. Hopefully this'll be the last of the violence against our household.

I've been working on my little sisters wedding veil. I'm supposed to be giving it to her today when I go pick up Rye Bread, but I'm not quite done. (Almost!) I'm going to bring it down so she can see it and then give it to her finished on Monday when Rye goes home. I've forgotten how long it takes to bead things. I still have some finishing work to do on it too-like snipping little threads and putting a drop of no-fray stuff on each knot. It doesn't look like much in my pictures, but it's really sparkly...

Today I had to have a little minor outpatient "surgery". I say this in parenthesis because the doctor doesn't really consider it surgery, but it involves cutting, needles and this time stitches so I'm calling it surgery. It's in a very...delicate area. And it's the 2nd time I had to have this done. If it comes back again, I'm going to have to go in for real surgery in a real operating room. Pray that this doesn't have to happen! I'm hoping to feel better by tomorrow and that the stitches stop hurting by the end of the day.

B1 and I have Rye Bread for the weekend-so I'm not likely to be near the computer much. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend-and if you're near the storm, be careful!


And Miles To Go... said...

the veil is beautiful. I'm sure the cut cable is random too as well as the car theft. I had my GPS stolen a few months ago and I DID have it in the car. BUT they left the arm and I had the charging cord hidden so they can't use it for long--got a nice, sweet new one though.

So sorry to hear about another "procedure" You will be in my thoughts. Have a great long weekend.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Ouch... hope it's not going to result in real surgery :-(

That's sucky about the GPS thing... just plain sucky...

The veil is beautiful! Such beading talent. I know she'll like it.

Melisa with one S said...

So sorry about your car!

The veil is GORGEOUS!!!

Hope you have a great weekend and that you're feeling better from your "surgery". :)

SilverNeurotic said...

My sister's car had the radio stolen, then someone egged and keyed my brother's car (though, he's pretty sure who did it) and my car had the mirror pulled or hit off. Not a fun time.

Palm Springs Savant said...

crime makes me so angry. I was mugged a few weeks ago in Atlanta and boy was I ticked off.

hope the "procedure" nipped that once and for all!

Desert Songbird said...

I don't understand people doing damage to other's property. I just don't get it. I hope that is the end of this for you, too.

A few months ago, I had, too, had some incision work done in a "delicate" area. It's not fun, and certainly not fun waiting for the healing process. Ugh. I that ends for you, too.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Linda said...

Ok, so if the GPS itself wasn't in your car, why take the arm and the charger? Just out of spite? And the cable being cut, too? Good thing you have B1 there with you or I'd be getting very nervous for you.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with Rye Bread and the veil looks great!!