Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend by Numbers

2 New Camping Chairs for
2 Excited Campers
8 the number of our campsite on "R" Road
3 Poles to put up the tent
8 (?) Beef Kabob's (from 2 Steaks)
200* Annoyingly loud and abrasive camping neighbors yelling over nature
36 Arcade tickets lost (or pick pocketed!)
2 Sparkly bracelets won
1 Carousel ride
2 Pastries bought from the bakery we forgot to go to
1 Rock wall followed
30 minutes sitting on a bench looking for frogs
6 (or 8) Shots of Tequila in a mini bottle
1 Pair of underwear lost for good
3 Mosquito bites B1 got on his body while looking for a place to nap
7million Thank yous and thoughts that life is perfect
1 Time I said it out loud
2 Eyebrows waxed
1 Face shaved

1 Perfect Weekend

*Not really 200, but there were a lot of them and we wanted to kill them!

I have pictures-but they are at home....I'll post some later tonight.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

1 items caught Lois" attention and made her laugh and wonder what happened, then she smiled. Knowing...

And Miles To Go... said...

*smile* you said it out loud, was it the first time? And I'll bet that other "1" was totally worth it!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

glad you had a good time...your underwear or his?

Marilyn said...

Lost underwear, under those circumstances, is the best kind.