Monday, August 30, 2010

Office and Hallway Before/After

This weekend B1 and I painted. We've been going back and forth about what colors to choose and finally came up with the plan. I showed you last week that we chose purple for the accent wall in the hallway and a tan-ish color for the office. Both came out really, really well and I am very much looking forward to hanging up artwork and such this week to finish it up. We're slowly getting there and it feels wonderful. All we have to do is get B1 unpacked completely and paint the dining room (and the nook) and we're done.

As I posted these, I realized that I never shared "after" pictures of the kitchen. I was waiting for the wine racks to be hung and just never took pictures. I'll do that this week (maybe after we've hung things up!) and share them later...for now, here is a slideshow of the work we did.

(It shows up really small on here-if you click it, you'll go to their site and it's better)

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