Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm exhausted.

Everyday I go home and see boxes and disarray and I wish for a magic wand that would make it all go away. I want to go home and relax or paint-or do anything other than unpack boxes and put its contents away.

So I sit down and tell myself I deserve to read a chapter of my book or that watching a stupid re-run on TV is OK. And then I look around again. At the boxes. And I put the book down and unpack one. That leads to two. And by the third (they're big boxes) I'm really, really sick of it.

But it needs to get done. I miss knowing where everything is. I miss having a place that seems put together and homey. I know that I just moved on Saturday. I know that I am impatient with myself-with everything-and that I should relax and know that it can't all get done right away...but I so want it done. I hope I can finish most of it up by Sunday night.

The other reason why I am exhausted is because we have a little friend who plays on the roof. A squirrel, it seems, lives up there. He scampers and scratches and generally acts like a puppy on crack.

At like, 4am.

The other day I told B1 that I was worried we had rats. I was in our bedroom and I heard the scratching and it sounded like it was in the wall. This morning we both heard our friend the squirrel and I jumped up out of bed and exclaimed, "See!?!".

This lead to B1 getting up, getting dressed and proclaiming that he was going outside to see what was up there. He didn't go out, but instead, leaned out of the window in our nook. This confirmed that it was a crazy squirrel with beady eyes. It also lead to B1 proclaiming that he was going to get a sling shot. Or a bb gun. And then saying that it probably wasn't a good idea because the neighbors would call the police about the crazy man hanging out the window with a gun.

Did I mention that all of this took place at like, 4am? Well, it did...and that, my friends, is why I'm exhausted.


And Miles To Go... said...

you could get one of those fake, Styrofoam owls (buy them at Lowes) and put it on your roof. I THINK that keeps the squirrels away. Either that, or a slingshot would be much more entertaining.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Is his name Rocky? Does he fly?

If it was 4am when this all happened I am glad you were in the bedroom!

SilverNeurotic said...

You just gotta love wildlife.

Desert Songbird said...

I also have a furry creature that's keeping me awake with noises. Unfortunately I can't shoot it; it's my husband and his snoring. Sigh..........

Linda said...

Yep, that explains why you're tired! Nothing like being woken up at 4 a.m. to throw off your whole sleep schedule!

As for the unpacking, I still have boxes from when I moved here a year ago in February - I've learned to ignore them! Good luck on the rest of the unpacking!

Travis Cody said...

Take control of your stress! Look those boxes square in the flaps and tell them that you will unpack them in your own good time, and they'll deal with that and like it!

Then go read your book. Or enjoy a snuggle with B1 and the kitty.

Palm Springs Savant said...

all at 4 AM? Yikes no wonder you are sleepy! Try a nice afternoon nap, those always rock!

Amazing Gracie said...

Moving is such a grand adventure. Not...Once it's done it's wonderful but getting there sucks big time.